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Thread: [RK1] IRRK: Go away Omni-Reform!

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    [RK1] IRRK: Go away Omni-Reform!

    Go away Omni-Reform!
    September 11, 29482 Selcha Doree - [Atlantean]

    IRRK - IRRK - Newland - Omni-Reform officers decided to meddle in internal neutral affairs when they appeared in Newland and started questioning Nathan "Wammie" Elijah about his orphanage and the children. The alarmed citizens still debate the motives behind their actions.

    Most Newland citizens know Wammie as the founder of Newland Orphanage. It has managed to gain a good reputation in the city. The children seem to be well taken care of and happy and their guardian earned the trust of many. Unfortunately, these views are not shared by some of the Omni-Reform officers.

    "I first saw one of them in Borealis, whilst I was standing at my organization's meeting place" Tamara "Lasliana" McCovery related. "She asked if I knew of an orphanage in Newland, and where it is located. From what I remember I spotted her uniform and immediately recognised it. It's a bit hard to miss the OT logo with Omni-Reform below... Well that put me on edge and immediately made me su****ious. I told her I did not know of an orphanage in Newland as I didn't think it would be a good idea for Omni-Reform to be dropping by."

    Soon after, the intruders were seen in Newland looking for Wammie and the children. They were approached by Captain "Agrestus" Wright and when asked by him if they had any official business in the city, they denied.
    "They then approached Wammie and their intrusive questions were proving quite intimidating to the orphans" Captain Wright continued his relation. "The Neutrals in the area thought that enough was enough, as one of the orphans was about to cry. They [the Reform officers] effectively pinned Wammie and the orphans down outside Neuters."

    According to witnesses the Reform officers' questions were quite intrusive. "Housing conditions, where they get their schooling" Nathan "Wammie" Elijah describes the questions he was asked. "They were especially pushy on the location of my home and orphanage. If it were not for the locals, I do not think I would've made it."

    "They were afraid." Mr Elijah describes the children's reaction. "It was my brave Lynard that really saved them. He rallied the kids up and rushed them home whilst I distracted the Agents." According to Minister Agrestus several Neutrals managed to occupy and turn the agents' attention towards them allowing Wammie to retreat with the orphans to safety.

    Soon after, the Reform officers left the city. The debate among the Newland citizens about the meaning and possible motives behind the visit continued though.

    "This was not an official visit by any means" stated Omni-Reform Officer Cardonte in a later interview. "We were merely concerned fellow inhabitants of Rubi-Ka. I am always looking out for the welfare of our future generations and once I had learned of Mr. Elijah's efforts, I merely wished to commend him and learn of his success. Of course, we were all Off-Duty and off the record in Newland. Of course, you should know that we would not be able to be there on official business without notifying the proper authorities. I am not one to break rules."

    Is he though? The officers were wearing uniforms and they came in the force of three. According to officer Cardonte, they were all friends joined by the same noble goal: to ensure the safety and well-being of the orphanage children.

    "I'd like to thank Mr. Elijah for taking his time and money to support and educate these children" the officer commented. "I also would like to thank the people of Newland for the warm welcome and I urge for Mr. Elijah to contact me so we can work together to ensure a proper life for these children."

    The citizens of Newland have some great news for the concerned employees. The children are safe and under good care.

    "The orphans are well cared for in my opinion" said Minister Wright.

    "We've gone on numerous donation drives to ensure they have plenty of clothes and food" the children's guardian, Mr Elijah stated. "Truly we owe everything to the people of Newland and Borealis. These are their children more than mine."

    The neutral citizens are not happy about the intrusion into their internal matters. "I reckon they should leave Newland matters to the Newland Council and focus on this war they're supposed to be fighting with the clans. Isn't there supposed to be a war on?" Ms McCovery gave her comment after the incident.

    Minister Wright is concerned about the reaction of the public to the incident. "If Reform ever return again, with or without a permit, I'm not sure the citizens of Newland will take it lightly."

    Whether acting against the regulations under the guise of being "concerned citizens" or simply acting as bullies after work for fun the Reform officers managed to achieve one thing -- they antagonised a lot of the neutral citizens of Newland City. Their current attitude could be described as the following:

    Go away Omni-Reform! We are capable of taking care of our own children, thank you.

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    I call shenanigans on Omni-Reform. Uniformed Agents have no business in Newland City - An official apology should be issued to the Mayor.
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    It takes real metal to get all dressed up, show up to make an entire orphanage and its caretaker nervous, and then just pretend like it was some sorta social call.

    I call shenanigans too. Is reform bored these days? If so, I suggest gardening.
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