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Thread: [RK2] Freelance: Hug an Alien!

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    [RK2] Freelance: Hug an Alien!

    Hug an Alien!
    September 07, 29482 - Marion Vein [Rimor]

    IRRK Freelance - NEWLAND - Members of the Alien Solidarity League (ASL) held protests through the cities of Newland and Borealis, to spread a controversial message of care and love for the alien race.

    In the latest of several protests held by the radical group, the League's message was presented by "Dodargo", who stated: "Long live the green ones from the stars! They come to explore and Omni-Tek shoots at them! They come to explore and we kill them needlessly!"

    "Hug an alien, make peace with them!", came a shout from fellow ASL member "Gerentio".

    Intrigued by the fervor with which such misinformation was given, I decided to investigate. The group was asked whether they had themselves ever hugged, learned from, and/or spoken with the aliens, to whom they would only answer that all citizens must join under their banner before peace would be possible.

    Fortunately, the voice of sanity came resoundingly clear from citizens of all factions and affiliations (with the notable exception of "Sgtbigballs", who seemed rather taken at the prospect of meeting female aliens), who reminded us all of the devastation which the invaders have wrought over the planet, including accounts of the many negative results attained by citizens who have attempted alien-hugging.

    “No blood for viral bots, no hide for armor! Long live the aliens!" was ironically declared as people dispersed for a raid in the Outland. The party then proceeded to march through Borealis, leaving through the grid terminal.

    Whether the aliens truly have more to teach us is up to debate. For now, though, the Alien Solidarity League marches on.

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    ((As Letah))

    Some people never learn, it's an everending battle of territory between species.

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    Gerenito, the next few aliens i kill, i'll kill in your name, consider it my gift to you :-D
    ALTS: Alienhunter, Moonglum, Quellist, Quellcrist, Jesharet

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    It's kinda hard to hug something that's ripping your intestines out. But hey who am I to judge? If they want to make peace...well whatever floats their boat.
    Tresa "Cylie" Burke

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