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Thread: [RK1] Freelance: Clinique Plastique, a blessing or a curse?

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    [RK1] Freelance: Clinique Plastique, a blessing or a curse?

    Clinique Plastique, a blessing or a curse?
    August 31, 29482 - Noticiero Rivera [Atlantean]

    IRRK Freelance - We're in the 30th millennia and we're all familiar with the wonders of nanotechnology in the medical field. But have we gone too far?

    Implants can enhance our strength, agility, senses, stamina and even our intelligence and psychic abilities.

    Nanoformulas can temporarily enhance our skills and there is even an agent nano that can change the appearance of the user's face and hairstyle!

    There are Stationary Automated Surgery Clinics at most shops that even new arrivals can use to install implants in their own bodies. Anyone can purchase a Portable Surgery Clinic.

    This is not counting the unauthorized yet common modifications made to some of this equipment that can easily be learned with a simple search on the gridnet.

    Among all these things there is one place few people mention since its introduction years ago.

    The Clinique Plastique. It was probably overlooked because it was introduced right around the time the aliens arrived. A deal was made to include them in organizations' headquarters.

    The original price for its use was 100 million, then it went down to 50 million and now it's at 25 million credits.

    A small room with very high tech medical equipment that can change your appearance completely. Height, weight, face features, hair color and style.

    Anywhere else in the universe this kind of service would cost hundreds of millions. But here on Rubi-Ka the price is lower because the main component for these machines is manufactured here. Notum is much more affordable when you can practically find it all over the planet.

    A Dr. Jefferson is in charge of collecting the fee for the use of the Clinique Plastique, and I did a hidden scan of him. This "doctor" is a humanoid droid! You will find a Dr. Jefferson at every headquarters with the same exact appearance and short answers.

    Where are all these millions going? God knows, and that is sure to be in my list of upcoming investigations.

    Back to the topic, this Clinique Plastique can change the way anybody looks. Imagine someone defecting their faction and switching to the other side with important intel. One visit to the Clinique and he's unrecognizable. Sell out and get away with it.

    Same goes for common criminals looking to escape justice.

    On the other hand, there are people who unfortunately weren't born with the best of genes and could use a change of look.

    I count myself in that group. I was a short, overweight and balding man. Until a few days ago. A female friend of mine recommended going to the Clinique.

    She was... a great person to converse and be friends with, but she was a bit unattractive. Now wherever she goes, men's eyes follow her every step.

    I wasn't looking to become a model, but I did want to have a better appeal as a reporter.

    Now I'm tall, fit, handsome and blond. I have a healthy diet and exercise plan to keep my current figure.

    My self esteem got a little boost and some people have even been more willing to speak to me for interviews.

    These days 25 million credits is not a lot for a hardworking Rubi-Kan. Anyone can have a new face, a new body and new hairstyle.

    But how shallow are we that even in this era we need such machines? How long until our society will ignore looks and count what is within us, our personality.

    Maybe we'll reach that in another few millennia or so.

    Until then, the Clinique Plastique can be either a blessing or a curse to us all.

    The choice is yours to make.

    This is Reporter 'Noticiero' Rivera, and this has been 'A Rubi-Ka Exclusive'!

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    Speaking with Dr. Jefferson
    About to change my face
    One last look at the old me
    A new face, hair color and body!
    Same Noticiero, different look

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    High technology self reshaping clothes not included.

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