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Thread: CoT press Release- Council Vote

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    CoT press Release- Council Vote

    As mentioned in our previous release, the vote for a new council speaker is underway.

    So if your guild is elegible to vote and has not done so as yet, please do no hesitate
    to cast your vote for which Legacy Leader that you wish to lead the CoT into the future with.

    The Candidates are.

    Xeavier Humbold, leader of New Dawn
    Hayden Okoli, leader of Terra Firma
    Sir Tristram Solis, leader of The Knights of Avalon
    Simon Silverstone, leader of The Sentinels
    Alan Jacobi, leader of Vanguards
    Aideen Landau, leader of the Unionists

    So if you have yet to cast your vote, please contact myself or Xeenah and nominate your candidate. and we look forward to announcing our new speaker at the next council meeting.

    Xenoclast "Steelyglint" Arai

    Veteran of Rising Pheniox

    CoT Clerical Staff

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    CoT Question

    Question... who sees to the CoT applications? Opposing Force was once a member years ago until most of us left for Earth, but we are beginning to return to RK and I have been to the CoT gridsite and requested an application.... been almost a month now and still no word... any tips on how /who to contact would be awesome! THX
    Marylynn "Rauri" Kozar
    President Opposing Force 2002 - 2010

    Raurie lvl 217 ***Doc
    Rauri lvl 215 for like EVER **Fixer
    Jedzia lvl 130 *MA
    Rorie lvl 129 *MP
    Just to name a few....
    ....... and 4 other "alt" accounts cause that's how I roll

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    No application form is needed, all you have to do is contact myself or xeenah, come to the meeting, pay the 1 million credit joining fee, you can make a small speech letting the chambers know who you are, who your primary and secondary reps are, and which legacy clan you wish to be affiliated with

    Our next meeting is on Saturday, August 30, 29482 (2008)
    Time: 18:00 RK time
    Location: Tower of Truth, Tir

    We Look forward to seeing yourself or your reps in the chambers.

    Xenoclast "Steelyglint" Arai

    Veteran of Rising Pheniox

    CoT Clerical Staff

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