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Thread: OOC: The Return of Reporter "Noticiero" Rivera

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    Thumbs up OOC: The Return of Reporter "Noticiero" Rivera

    As posted in "Meanwhile on Rubi-Ka" Noticiero is "back" on Rubi-Ka officially.

    In other words, Noti is returning to his old gig, the notorious and #1 reporter on Rubi-Ka (yeah, still #1!!!).

    If you lead a RP org expect me to pounce... I mean contact you for an interview to feature your org.

    If you got a juicy RP storyline or event going on, PM me and I will try my best to help you get a spotlight on it through an article.

    Please keep in mind that I can publish things much faster through AO Universe in my own section "A Rubi-Ka Exclusive". Because the Reporter Support System can take from days to weeks to publish an article (I speak from experience, unless that has changed in the past 10 months).

    I will try to publish articles through the RSS and my AOU section at the same time, that way I cover the entire RP Community in Atlantean that check these forums and the AOU news/forums.

    If you got any OOC questions, post them here please.

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    welcome back

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    Nice to see you here again!

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