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Thread: Ooc: Calling All Rpers

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    Chapter eight is (mostly) up!

    find it here:
    Dr. Lasal Gerrick, PhD Advanced Nanotechnology

    Lance-Corporal Jonathan "Salivice" Bixby

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    Chapter nine intro is up!
    find it here:
    Dr. Lasal Gerrick, PhD Advanced Nanotechnology

    Lance-Corporal Jonathan "Salivice" Bixby

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    Coming soon:

    A new romance blossoms in an unexpected place.

    I will admit I had planned on killing Radady the engineer at some later date, but now that he has become involved in a romance with Mariabella (something I neither planned, nor expected), I don't quite have the heart to just kill him off.

    This 'romance' all happened pretty fast, but the details are drawn out over a whole day. For this purpose, the ending to chapter nine (the start of the romance) may be abridged to save on space. Not to mention there is no way in hell I'm typing out a full 12-hour stretch of interaction twice.

    This 'relationship' shows great promise, and feels 'realistic', i.e. theres good times, and bad, and its not the classic 'fake' sounding love story. It has classical elements, with a good deal of new elements.
    Dr. Lasal Gerrick, PhD Advanced Nanotechnology

    Lance-Corporal Jonathan "Salivice" Bixby

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    Heres a preview of chapter ten (its the intro)

    <Incoming Transmission>
    <From>” Veteran-Feltmarechal Jonathan “Salivice” Bixby, Affiliate, Omni-Pol.”<\from>
    <To> “Engineer 1st Class Radady “Break” Cardill.”<\to>
    <CC> “Ottokarma, Billharper, Dsnipe, Hadaaly”<\cc>
    <Secure Transmission Route:>
    [Conspiracy Group Inc. Comm Uplink 23227495 “Salivice” => Conspiracy Group Inc. Secure Router 44529 “Communications Department Router 429” => Conspiracy Group Inc. central router 00001 “CGIHQ-01 ‘Coast of Peace’” => Conspiracy Group Inc. Intraplanetary Subspace Transmission Encoder 842 “CSBE-842-29” =+=> Conspiracy Group Inc. Intraplanetary Subspace Transmission Router 0829 “CGISBSPCE-492” =+=> Coast of Peace Regional Intraplanetary Subspace Transmission Router Hub “CoP-229” =+=>> Newland City Concantated Discrete Subspace hub “NL CDS-32”(private hub) => Borealis Corporate Intraplanetary Subspace Transmission hub 42297 “BCD-CX-128940” => Borealis-Jobe InterDimensional Subspace Transmission Relay Hub 882 (owner ‘Conspiracy Group Inc.) “JR-4329” => Jobe Plaza Private IntraDimensional Subspace Transmission Hub 12829 (owner ‘Conspiracy Group Inc.’) “JPR-0024” => Jobe Plaza Lux. Tenement Building 3 Secondary Subspace Transmission Receiver (owner ‘JAME’) “JLSTR-032” => Jobe Plaza Lux. Tenement Building 3 Primary Subspace decoder relay 12 “JL03-SBD12” => Jobe Plaza Lux. Tenement Building 3 Central Communications Hub “JLA03-001” => Building 3 Level 6 Transmission Router “JLL -0306” => Jobe Luxury Apartment 129 Primary Communications router (secured) “Apartment 129 Communications router” => Droid Uplink (unit ‘T-33’) 1280i “T-33” => Personal Communications Uplink Decrypter 08249 “PCDR-442” => Conspiracy Group Inc. Personal Communications uplink 27492784 “Radady”]
    “CLASSIFIED: Omni-Reform Tech Reverse-Engineering Project (project ID ORTREP-1769, Codename ‘Devious Mind’)”
    <tab> Effective immediately you are assigned to ORTREP-1769’s re-education\reprogramming project (Codenamed “Devious Mind”). Devious Mind is in the final stages of its design operation, and our extensive testing has come back with increasingly promising results. You are to begin installation of the prototype Devious Mind into CGI Secured detention facility 732 in Rome Green, which shall henceforth be codenamed “Mind Breaker”, for the first field test on Detainee #732-477-296-587-73. The subject will undergo a full ‘interrogation’ from the “Pretentious Mind” prototype prior to testing Devious Mind on her. Please note that the detainee is to be left UNHARMED and UNMOLESTED. President Otto has big plans for the girl, and any screw-ups will be on YOUR head. You will be fully briefed upon arrival.<br>
    <tab> The Facilities’ official Designation changes from CSDF-732 to XMBF-0001. All information on Devious Mind is henceforth declared LEVEL 8 CLASSIFIED: EYES ONLY under Conspiracy Group Inc Presidential mandate CGI-XDVP-42. Henceforth any discussion of Devious Mind is prohibited, and violators may be punished according to Classified Information Security Mandate CGI-CISM-6270. All schematics and credentials needed are NOT included in this transmission. You must report to my office no later than 02/05/45. Failure to appear will result in disciplinary action. Included is the secure transmission code for reply. This code is SINGLE-USE ONLY. After one (1) use, the code becomes invalid and a new code issuance is required. Contact your Communications Department Representative for details.<br>
    On a personal note, Break,<br>
    <tab> It has been noted by myself and your superiors that your person has been spending an inordinate amount of time in the sole presence of multiple high-profile clanners at a certain bar. As your superiors, we find this unacceptable, and will thus take disciplinary action. Expect questioning from CGI-InternOps, and further, expect a dock in your pay. Cavorting with clanners is against CGI mandate, and you know it. Continue to flout CGI-OTCAM-91724 at your own risk.<br>
    On another note.<br>
    <tab> It has further been noted by myself and your superiors that you have been not reporting for your shifts, and sneaking off during your shift in order to spend time in the presence of the Dark Side Engineer “Mariabella”. Conspiracy Group Inc. maintains excellent relations with Dark Side and as such we cannot allow those relations to be jeopardized by the irresponsible actions of our members. It has come to our attention from Dark Side as well that Engineer Mariabella has on multiple occasions failed to report for shifts. Also note that a check of your apartment’s security recordings has revealed that you share intimate relations with this person, violating Mandate CGI-ICSRM-782 (Inter-Corporate Sexual Relations Mandate 782), which states that no Member of Conspiracy Group Inc. may share sexual relations with any personnel at the expense of Corporate Duties. It further states that unapproved relations with non-CGI Personnel are prohibited. Due to your violation of these Mandates, you are hereby ordered to discontinue any and all relations with Dark Side Engineer ‘Mariabella’ pending a CGI-InternOps Security Review of the relationship. If not approved, all contact between yourself and Mariabella must cease immediately. Failure to do so will result in the termination of your contract. If it IS approved, then you may continue relations so long as it does not interrupt your duties. To further ensure that communication does not continue pending the completion of the inquiry, you are hereby placed on a 24-hour on-site shift until further notice. You will lodge in CGI HQ and be on call 24 hours a day until further notice.<br>
    Note also that I did manage to get those droid schematics you asked for from Chief Engineer Hadaaly. I’ve included them in this transmission.<br>
    As always,<br>
    -Veteran-Feltmarechal Jonathan ‘Salivice’ Bixby, Communications, Affiliate, Omni-Pol, Conspiracy Group Inc.<br>
    Serving Omni-Tek since 23842.<br>
    Omni-Tek Protects<br>
    Omni-Tek Succeeds<br>
    Omni-Tek is Watching<br>
    Omni-Tek is your Friend.<br>”
    <Attached> “WD-89 War Droid Schematics.sce” , “CGI Relay Reply Transmission Authorization code (transmission ID CGI-DM-224792).cde”
    <End Transmission.>
    Dr. Lasal Gerrick, PhD Advanced Nanotechnology

    Lance-Corporal Jonathan "Salivice" Bixby

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    Chapter nine is FINISHED!!!!
    Find it HERE:
    Dr. Lasal Gerrick, PhD Advanced Nanotechnology

    Lance-Corporal Jonathan "Salivice" Bixby

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    From here on in, Chapters will come at a bit slower pace, but will be much, much longer, and have a lot more in them. This is mainly due to things at school picking up, and the availability of long lengths of time to put together bits and pieces of the chapters (during school).
    Anyway, See yall when I post chapter ten!
    Dr. Lasal Gerrick, PhD Advanced Nanotechnology

    Lance-Corporal Jonathan "Salivice" Bixby

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    Chapter Ten is up! Find it here:

    note that its 16 pages long.
    Dr. Lasal Gerrick, PhD Advanced Nanotechnology

    Lance-Corporal Jonathan "Salivice" Bixby

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