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Thread: Ooc: Calling All Rpers

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    Ooc: Calling All Rpers

    Ok I have written out a basic storyline for a large-scale RP I'm working on. The story centers around my character, Lasal, a Nanomage NT who finds himself on the wrong side of a secretive sect that seeks the death of All nanomages, the destruction of Notum, and the destruction of all nanotechnology. Sort of an Anti-NLF if you will.
    ALL are welcome, on ANY character, to join in, (mind there are a few events that are set, but there is no clear indication as to how one must get there), this story will only consist of REAL characters in-game, as it will be played out there, and written down In the thread where i've been posting the story in the CGI Forums (Conspiracy Group, Inc, address is CGI.FORUM5.COM, under series, Control Phreak) after-the-fact. I also though need some fresh faces to fill out the ranks of this secretive sect, you may create a new character, but heres some character rules for the bad guys (the anti-NLF sorta):
    They MUST hate Nanomages, nanotech, and notum in general
    They MUST not be nanomage
    The MUST be Notum repulsors (if your froob and cant get this perk you can just fake it by not using nanos)
    they MUST not be a nano-dependent profession
    Prefered not to be an engineered breed (Atrox, opi,) but they can be allowed.

    Heres Chapter one btw:

    Here is the story so far: (this is chapter two mind, ch 1 was the introduction)

    "Control Phreak

    Part 1:
    Bad Blood

    Chapter 2:
    A minor mismalfunction.

    Thursday, June 27

    I awoke at 8:00 AM sharp as I always did on that fateful day. I rose, proceeded to the bathroom, washed, and by 8:15 i was dressing into my lab clothes. I had a relaxing breakfast in my usual style, and then proceeded to leave my Jobe luxury apartment to begin the long walk to my Lab in Omni-1 Trade.

    Upon Arriving at my lab, however, it became immediately apparent something was wrong. The security door that prevented unauthorized access to my lab hung loosely from a single bolt, having been simply ripped from its place and tossed aside. I hesitantly entered the lab, steeling myself against whatever might have caused such damage. SARA greeted me as i entered, but her voice changed constantly from the omni-standard cool female voice to the system default, which was a low male voice. "Good MORning Dr. Gerrick" said she as her holographic image flickered into view before me.
    "For the sake of Ka what has happened?" I asked stunned, looking around. The lab itself had been devastated. Broken equipment or pieces of equipment lay scattered around in every direction, windows had been broken, and not a single object had been spared. The computerized Image of the female opifex flickered for a moment as her system attempted to process the information. "Error. User Query Denied. The subsystems necesary for your query may have been damaged or destroyed. "

    My mind was reeling from this blow. A search of the lab revealed that indeed, naught had been spared the savage destruction at the hands of the vandals which had caused this. Running to my vaults I found a sight which made my heart stop.

    The Vault doors were gone.
    And so was everything in the Vault.

    No remains, no marks that may hint at they're passing, nothing. Seven tons of pure carbon crystal simply gone. As i stood there in the doorway of my Vault, I heard my wrist datapad begin to beep, and its environmental hazard warning sounded. "Warning: Radiation levels Detected. Please exit the area." Turning, i sought to leave the lab until i had contracted a crew to clean and decontaminate it, I was stopped by another warning from my datapad, followed by a dizzy sensation. "Warning: Notum Feild Fluctuation detected. Vital signs are dropping."

    This warning became louder and louder as it continued, or at least it was supposed to have. To me it only got softer and softer, but this may have been due to my weakening body. I turned to make for the door before i became incapacitated by a lack of notum when my feet simply froze, and my head swam. My vision blurred, and i collapsed to my hands and knees, trying desperately to crawl away. My Wrist datapad issued the final warning i heard. "Warning. Notum Void zone detected. Vital Signs dropping. Activating emergency beacon...." I collapsed and tried to roll over. As my vision blurred and faded to black, I could swear i saw the outline of a man standing over me. Then my eyes rolled into the back of my head and i knew no more.

    My Next Conscious memory was of voices speaking above me. I could not yet see or move, so weak was I, but I could hear they're words nonetheless.
    "He's lucky to be alive" Said a deep, male voice in a concerned tone.
    "Alive? He'll be lucky to escape without brain damage, the poor dear." Said another voice, this one a light female voice, presumably nanobreed.
    "Aye, but I'm more interested in knowing how in the name of Ka this happened. We found him in a dumpster, deprived of notum. The dumpster had notum void field projectors attacked to it. Now who in the name of the goddess puts notum void field projectors on a dumpster?" Said a gruff Male voice.
    "Im not sure I take your meaning doctor," said the female voice, "but I think he's returning to consciousness."
    "Aye, brain activity levels have rose." said the gruff male voice
    "have *risen* Doctor." said the female voice
    "Aye, that." came the gruff voice again.

    My first thought at this point was 'Oh WONDERFUL. I'm being cared for by a moron.' My second, however, was much more curious. Who DOES put Notum Void Field projectors in a dumpster, and how did I end up there in the first place?

    My strength at this point had returned to me, so I opened my eyes and looked around. I appeared to be in a hospital containment room, with three people standing nearby checking my vitals. One was a young female nanomage, whom i can only assess as belonging to the light female voice. Another was a Solitus with a beard and a lab coat. I could only assume he was the source of the gruff voice. The fourth was a smiling young man in a lab coat, who i could only assume to be the source of the deep voice. I assumed these to be the medical staff assigned to me.

    "Ah, so your awake, Mr. Gerrick." Said the young man.
    "I seem to be, yes." I replied quietly, my voice slightly hoarse.

    I then attempted to stand up, when the female nanomage (the nurse, i assume) rushed over and stopped me.

    "Not so fast sir, you've been through a lot dear, and you'll need time to recooperate."

    I insisted myself to be fine, and struggled to my feet.

    "Where am I?" I queried.

    "Rome Green Medical Facility. We found you in a dumpster in Omni-1, deprived of Notum. Do you have any Idea how you came to be there?" Said the bearded solitus.

    "None. Last i remember I was inspecting what was left of my lab, when my datapad went off telling me there was a notum void... then..." I stopped, as i remembered the figure of the man standing over me. Something about the whole situation seemed off, like someone had DELIBERATELY tried to kill me....
    "Sir you must be delusional. There are no labs in the area where you were found, and its impossible for you to have been moved from the closest lab in the area without you dieing. Are you sure perhaps you didn't fall in?" the nurse said with a kind smile that told me she thought me to be crazy.

    "I'm quite sure I-" I was cut off in mid speech by a commotion outside the door. Heated voices could be heard beyond.

    "No you can't come in here! Stop before I call Omni-Pol!" said a male voice, with great dismay.

    "I am Omni-Pol Citizen, out of the way." A sharp, but somewhat rough male voice shot back.

    "I have seen no ID! No! you must stop thats a sealed room!" The other voice squeaked in dismay

    "You see this? This is my ID! now shove off before I throw you into a cell for obstructing an officer!" The rough voice returned with just a hint of anger.

    "You still can't bring HIM in!" the other voice squeaked again, his voice getting tinier and tinier, as the person became more and more timid.

    "I'll do what i wish and you'll not Argue with an officer!" The rough voice roared back.

    The small voice finally squeaked in acceptance, and the door burst open. A rather rough-looking Solitus in an Omni-Pol Combat uniform carrying an alarmingly large weapon came bursting into the room, followed by a tall, quiet nanomage in a crisp suit carrying a briefcase.
    "you, you, and you, Out, Now." the Solitus said to my attendants.
    They hurried out of the room and the Solitus Closed the door behind them. He then stood by the door, as if listening intently. The nanomage Straightened his suit while his companion listened. After a few minutes, the Solitus took his ear from the door and said, "Alright Boss, I think we're good."

    "Excelent work Mr. Sal. Perhaps you should introduce yourself first." Said the nanomage, a smile curling itself around his lips.
    "Yes boss"

    The Solitus rounded on me, and i felt a twinge of fear.

    "My name is Investigator Jonathan Salivice Bixby, Independent Investigator for Omni-Pol, and loyal member of Conspiracy Group, Inc." He said, his blue eyes looking at me piercingly.

    "And my Name is Brett "Ottokarma" Wittbrodt, President of Conspiracy Group, Inc." Said the nanomage, a heavy Germanic accent painfully obvious in his speech.

    "But you may call me Otto, if you wish." He said further.

    "And you can call me Sal, or Salivice." Said the man with the Gun.

    "Hush Mr. Sal."

    "Yes Boss."

    "Now you, my dear freind, have gotten yourself into a very deep load of trouble with some very dangerous people" said Otto, as a smile worked its way even further onto his lips.

    Tune in for chapter Three."

    I have some of my own chars in this other than lasal as minor characters in the role, nothing too godly ofc...

    ALL are welcome to join in! I've been runnin this past people for a bit and everyone seems to like it so enjoy!
    -Salivice, or lasal whicher you wanna use
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    Dr. Lasal Gerrick, PhD Advanced Nanotechnology

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    WTB replies PST
    Dr. Lasal Gerrick, PhD Advanced Nanotechnology

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    Gun stares at his comp screen in disbelief. Anti-nano terrorists? On RK??? Thats as bad as Hydrophobes on a water planet, and made as much sense. He scrolls back up. And who is this "CGI"? He quickly opens a new window and types. Hmm, no listing found. Ok, another "Black" unit. Lots of those runnin 'round here. Well, Nano-tangoes definately constitute a threat to OT, and any threat to OT falls under Pathfinders baliwick. Now, how to link up with this CGI bunch.....
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    This nano blocks CH. This is intended.

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    CGI stands for Conspiracy Group, Inc. one may contact us via either myself, (lasal, Salivice, etc ) Otto, (Ottokarma, Hadaaly, Totenkat, Ninjamatik, Akumado, etc ) or
    Kitty (Lylth, Hellskitty).


    before i take it down cus im not entirely happy /w it.
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    As of now I'm back in school again. However i WILL NOT be stopping work on this.

    Looking for suggestions as to a name for this sect, AND STILL LOOKING FOR PEOPLE TO JOIN THE RP.

    So far I have the following people involved: (if on an alt i will indicate)

    Agrestus(he will roll an alt, which will be the leader of the sect)

    Lasliana(shes got a shade for the sect, herak or something like that)

    Validius (As himself, as well as all the ICC DOI)

    Omni-Pol (As a police force they will be invariably involved, and they're fight with DOI over who gets the case is an important feature in this story, as it adds a critical layer of depth)

    Gunfytr also has expressed interest in this. I will ask him that if im not online to please leave a message for me, OOC of course.

    Please note that most, if not all, info discussed here is primarily OOC, and unless otherwise informed about it In-Character, of course i do not need to remind anyone that metagaming and godmodding is in bad taste.

    List of Characters that are my alts or members of Conspiracy Group, Inc.:

    My alts:
    Salivice (Jonathan "Salivice" Bixby, generaly arrogant type who will serve as Dr. Gerrick's Primary protection in some situations. )

    Lasal (Dr. Lasal Gerrick, main character of this story)

    Bellene (Shade, is Salivice's love interest/pelvic affiliate through most of the story. His interest in her causes him to occaisionally fail at protecting Dr. Gerrick. Other times she will serve as a useful font of information, and a connection to Dr. Gerrick's past.)

    Radady (Jack "Radady" Bolston, studying for a degree in robotics, has a robotic right arm that he gained prior to his arrival on Rubi-Ka. Will occaisionally appear in certain scenes.)

    CGI Members:

    Ottokarma (President of CGI. acts as the mysterious head of the organization that is the first to provide aid to Dr. Gerrick in his struggle with the mysterious sect.)

    Will continue on next post!
    Dr. Lasal Gerrick, PhD Advanced Nanotechnology

    Lance-Corporal Jonathan "Salivice" Bixby

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    ok time for another update!

    Chapter four will be going up as soon as i have the time to write it, as Omni-Pol and DOI under Mr. Validius Hunt have performed admirably and I'm now ready to translate both of their inspections of the lab into chapter four, starring:

    Validius Hunt, ICC DOI

    Doctor Velysia, Medical Officer ICC DOI

    Officer Chaupin, Omni-Pol

    Herak, the Shade

    I hope everyone looks forward to the next installment, and I hope to see a lot more participation and feedback! So far has been great, those involved have been very supportive, and those not have also been very supportive

    Until next post and Chapter Four, Adios!
    Dr. Lasal Gerrick, PhD Advanced Nanotechnology

    Lance-Corporal Jonathan "Salivice" Bixby

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    This seems really interesting at a first glance- I'll see if I'm still interested after reading everything more thoroughly... though it might be a while anyways, I'm having some computer problems that'll need sorting out, but now I'm just rambling.

    Just lettin' you know I'm interested!

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    Ok guys chapter four is up! Our first introduction to the mysterious leader of the anti-nanomage sect, and the DOI Examines lasal's Lab! Find it HERE:

    Until Chapter five!
    Dr. Lasal Gerrick, PhD Advanced Nanotechnology

    Lance-Corporal Jonathan "Salivice" Bixby

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    ((lasal is this a dairy or just ooc IC info to inform other oocish about whats happening? eq. can we use info written here for IC or not?))
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    ((what happened to this? havent seen Lasal in ages))

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    i'd say OOC till stated otherwise as main title has (ooc)

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    it isnt a journal, its a full scale RP. I've been a bit busy, but thats changing. I've got part of chapter five up, I'll finish it as soon as I can find the rest of the logs. as of now the events are moving out of in-house RPs, and are moving out into the REAL world!!!

    find chapter five here:

    note: this is mostly OOC, can't use it IC, but if your interested in participating, lemme know, and I'll try and move you into the storyline.

    characters thus far:

    Ok, the organization that wants to kill nanomages now has a name:
    O.N.E., or Organization for Nanomage Extermination.

    O.N.E. Characters(thus far):

    Robert "Vareson" Garlin-Ruthless leader of the organization. A skilled combatant and orator, Vareson's hatred for the nanomage breed is matched only by his foolish listening to the advice of his headstrong luietenant, Erecht von Stechtson. Vareson is unusual in that he is one of the few natural 'Notum Repulsors', e.g., Nanotechnology neither works for him, nor against him. However, in absence of nanotechnology, his body has had some unusual changes, due to his unusual affinity for novictum. For one, his eyes are completely black, and may occaisionally glow according to his mood. Vareson prefers to carry an energy crossbow, and is known to use perma-kill bolts on occaision. (note that in the story, only characters I make will end up dieing for good, I wouldn't permakill someone else without they're permission.)

    Lt. Erecht von Stechtson-A short, headstrong soldier of germanic decent, Erecht's temper matches his stature. While a skilled combatant with a sound tactical mind, his temper often leads him into situations he cannot win. A trusted friend and ally of Vareson, Erecht is the second-in-command in O.N.E. . Erecht prefers to shoot first and ask questions later, and gets angry when people call him 'short', 'vertically challenged', or make any references to his height. Erecht is rarely seen in anything other than full combat gear, and has an almost obsessive tendency to maintain not only his equipment, but his combat prowess. Erecht prefers to use Permakill rounds, but in his shortsightedness, he often forgets to pack them.

    Sergei "Dochev" Calypsev- chief among the many assassins under long-term contracts with O.N.E., Dochev is a cold, heartless, and ruthless killer. Cold, Calculating, and careful, Dochev is significantly more careful than Erecht, and while cannot match Vareson in Intelligence, Operations planned out by Dochev rarely go awry, or fail outright. Dochev rarely speaks, but when he does, his words often carry the most weight. Dochev is of russian decent, in fact coming from the same planet as Omni-Pol Director Ivan "The Terrible" Sergeyich, although they are of no relation whatsoever. Dochev is also the ultimate mercernary. Because he is under contract, He cares first whether he gets paid. This tendency could mean problems in the future. Dochev is always looking to sweeten the deal for himself, and is one of the few in O.N.E. that cares nothing about the organization's cause, and even less about nanomages. Dochev has been responsible for the planning of the sack of Dr. Gerrick's Lab, and the original attempt on his life. Dochev prefers to cover his tracks, and considers Erecht to be a foolish thug, and Vareson to be too niave.

    'Barge' "Bargeic"-An atrox of massive size and strength and minimal intelligence, Barge is the personal Muscle of O.N.E.'s upper echelon. Horrifically stupid but incredibly loyal, Barge will follow any order given to him by Erecht or Vareson. Barge was rescued from a batch of 'sub-standard' atroxes bound for the notum Mines. While he cares little and knows even less about Vareson's cause, he is nonetheless fiercely loyal to Vareson. He has a basic knowledge of the use of assault rifles, but prefers to smash his opponents to pieces than shoot them. Barge often saves Erecht and Vareson's necks when Erecht's bull-headedness gets them into trouble situations. Barge is also incredibly tough, and bullets, lasers, and blades just seem to bounce off him.

    "Zokretz"-A O.N.E. Member. No information at this time.

    "Herak"-A shade in the service of O.N.E.. Highly Fanatical, but little else is known at this time.

    Omni-Pol Characters who are involved:

    Nuetral characters involved:

    Clan characters involved:

    If your interested in joining up, contact Lasal, Salivice, or Agrestus in-game (OOC though, please.)

    I'm particularly interested in gaining some more members for O.N.E.:
    Here are some requirements:
    Must NOT be Nanomage
    Prefer NOT to be a nanotech-dependent proff
    MUST be evil!!
    Must NOT be there just to betray the org!!
    MUST be within the confines of reality in-game!
    Must NOT be a god-mod!!! I mean it!

    thanks for the support,
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    Character Update:
    Eugene "Slarens" Bourgoin (Fixer, Opifex male) - A fixer in O.N.E., Slarens views nanomages as the genetic inferior to the Opifex. Slarens is a Rubi-Ka Native, but an orphan. He was placed in a foster family along with Several Nanomages. While Skilled and competent in his own right, Slarens was always overshadowed by his Nanomage siblings, who always did so much better than he did. Slarens eventually grew to hate his adopted siblings, and at the age of 16, left his foster home to strike out on his own and make his own fortunes. He is now 22. Slarens is impatient, and prefers moving to standing around or sitting. Slarens absolutely hates sitting still without doing something, something which has gotten him in trouble before. Slarens is often at odds with Dochev, as the two are polar Opposites. Dochev is calm, patient, and calculating, while Slarens is impatient, hyperactive, and brash. But while Slarens gets into trouble Often, He has great skill in getting OUT of trouble just as fast, and in fact is relied upon to extract O.N.E. Members in danger of being captured or killed, although his inattentiveness occasionally leads to mishaps.

    O.N.E. Trooperscoming soon, I hope)

    Corporal "Darius8724" Molhoun (Solitus, Male, Tall, med. build, soldier, age 26) - Orphaned as a boy, Darius' parents were killed trying to protect a nanomage child (who later grew up to become Doctor Lasal Gerrick) from Cyborg troopers. Darius was adopted by Vareson, and raised by the then-younger mastermind. Darius has a particular Hatred for Gerrick, and its this hatred which caused Gerrick to be targeted in the first place. On the other hand, Darius has great respect for and even some admiration for Cyborgs, and has striven, with his adopted father's support, to become almost like them. Darius has replaced much of himself with mechanical implants and cybernetic implants, becoming almost a cyborg himself. This makes him a formidable opponent, and as such, Vareson has given him combat of a special unit in O.N.E., which is made up entirely of cybernetics-enhanced troopers, with Darius being the most modified of the lot.

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    some more O.N.E. Characters:

    Private "Elchin" Binz (Male, solitus, 22, tal, med build)- One of the elite cyberkinetic soldiers under Darius' Command. more info to come later.
    Dr. Lasal Gerrick, PhD Advanced Nanotechnology

    Lance-Corporal Jonathan "Salivice" Bixby

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    O.N.E. Characters (yes, more of them):

    Private "Lyrena" Bennet(solitus, soldier, female,tall, slender build) -a former mercernary who desparetely wants to prove she's as good as, if not better than, the other soldiers in O.N.E., and while doesn't have a true hatred for Nanomages, she follows the crowd. She seems gentle, and kind, but has a tough streak. She often pities Bargeic, and has done her best to become freinds with him. She often feels guilty about hurting nanomages, but doesn't want to say anything, for fear the men of O.N.E. will think her weak. She secretly has a crush on Darius, but is torn between him and doing what she knows in her heart is right. Darius is, in fact, the original reason why she joined O.N.E. She is unusually tall, and slender, but very strong and fit. She is a competant combatant, perhaps even skilled than Darius, and is also desperate to prove it, as well.

    Lieutenant "Antianetta" Cotrosky(solitus, female, tall, Medium Build)- A fiery redhead with a temper to match, Antianetta is one of the only female officers in O.N.E., and the only officer with command of her own squadron. Antianetta, or Anne as she is often called by the other officers of O.N.E., is cold-hearted, hot-tempered, and ruthless. She does not care what the cost is to get a job done, and for this she has been rewarded by Vareson, as her squadron is one of the more reliable and effective squadrons in one, second only to Darius' elite squad of cyberkinetic soldiers. As an officer, Antianetta is not without Cyberkinetic Implants and enhancements, as all the officers of O.N.E. have cyberkinetic Improvements of some kind, she has the fewest implants, and absolutely no complete replacements. (fully mechanical limps, etc.) While she has been criticized for this, She still forcefully maintains that true combatants need no artificial enhancements, an attitude Vareson highly approves of. She runs her unit with an Iron fist, and is the toughest of all the unit leaders in O.N.E..

    Doctor Vera "Mismeds" Garlin(Solitus, Female, Doctor, short, slender build)-A (reletively) kindhearted, and short doctor with a long mess of hair, Mismeds is one of the kinder souls in O.N.E.. She is Vareson's older sister, and only surviving relative, and joined O.N.E. to keep an eye on her little brother. Vareson and his sister are polar Opposites, with Vareson being quiet, vengeful, cruel, and calculating, and Mismeds being kind, friendly, and talkative. Mismeds, does, however, possess an unusual penchant for blood, and takes an almost devious delight in watching her enemies bleed. However, she often chastises Vareson when he's careless, and when his men get hurt, as she is the chief medical Officer in O.N.E..

    Some other New characters:
    Doctor "Mirette" Carlotta(Nanomage, female, Nanotech, Omni, short, slender build)-A scientist and former classmate of Dr. Lasal Gerrick, Mirette has always been Friendlier than her former classmate, and inadvertently became friends with Lyrena, further fueling her inner conflict about O.N.E.. Mirette Graduated the University of Jobe the same year Lasal did, but left and never returned to become a scientist for Omni-Tek. She has lived quietly in Omni-1 for some years, but the recent events with O.N.E. have caused her trouble. Like Lasal, she is usually calm, and articulate.
    Dr. Lasal Gerrick, PhD Advanced Nanotechnology

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    Chapter six is up! the introduction of some new dynamics is in here!

    go see it here:

    Lasal Gerrick gets kidnapped, along with another OT nanomage, by ONE!
    Dr. Lasal Gerrick, PhD Advanced Nanotechnology

    Lance-Corporal Jonathan "Salivice" Bixby

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    Chapter seven is up! Dr. Gerrick meets his captors, and a new life is at stake!

    See it here:

    Dr. Lasal Gerrick, PhD Advanced Nanotechnology

    Lance-Corporal Jonathan "Salivice" Bixby

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    Got an addendum to chapter 7 up, a hint as to where gerrick may be located.
    find it here:
    Dr. Lasal Gerrick, PhD Advanced Nanotechnology

    Lance-Corporal Jonathan "Salivice" Bixby

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    ((erm, tips are nice but since most and even you wrote this all under the "ooc" how can someone use these tips IC? ))
    The Red Brotherhood

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    Its not for those who care IC, lol, its for the people who have been following the story, and find it a good read. RPers aren't the only people who have been reading my stories, you know. Besides, the info which tipped Salivice off was taken in by Omni-Pol as well. Sometime soon There may be a call for help ^.^
    Dr. Lasal Gerrick, PhD Advanced Nanotechnology

    Lance-Corporal Jonathan "Salivice" Bixby

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