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Thread: [RK2] IRRK: Fate of Harland Retoolkit Bregetty revealed!

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    [RK2] IRRK: Fate of Harland Retoolkit Bregetty revealed!

    Fate of Harland Retoolkit Bregetty revealed!
    August 18, 29482 - Selcha Doree [Rimor]

    IRRK - A secret meeting of clan and neutral representatives with Harland "Retoolkit" Bregetty in Camelot Castle in Avalon leads to surprising revelation about his intentions for the nearest future.

    Engineer Harland "Retoolkit" Bregetty has been thrown back and forth by the factions like a rag doll. First arrested by Omni-Tek, then saved from certain death of mind in the hands of Omni Reform by a coalition of clan and neutral forces. What are the terrible crimes he committed for which he suffered such fate? He cared for his city - Borealis.

    His tragedy began with a desire to protect Borealis with the use of bots made from junk and used robot parts. He managed to accomplish the almost impossible -- build an army of patchwork droids. Of course, his work was not appreciated by the omni occupant forces in the city. He was told the whole work he had done would be destroyed. Nobody even tried to determine the efficiency of the engineer's solution. The sheer arrogance of that decision led to a riot in the streets of the city.

    Outcast, his trusted assistant seriously wounded, he had the courage to strike back at the Omni-Tek oppressors. This action lead to his capture. His future looked grim --- he was to be taken to Omni Reform facility where he would be transformed into a "good citizen" -- devoid of independent thought, his very personality altered.

    At this point in time another force came into play: Red Freedom. For a reason known only to them they decided to free the engineer. In the end, a coalition of clan and neutral forces managed to overwhelm the prison transport. Bregetty was free. Or was he?

    Red Freedom stated clearly they would not let him go. The Knights of Avalon said he was under their "care". Even some of the members of the clans were concerned he was once again a prisoner.

    Certain neutrals, whose names will not be mentioned so as not to jeopardize their safety, insisted on a meeting to be arranged with Bregetty to ensure he was not being mistreated. It all came to fruition after the last Council of Truth meeting. A delegation of clan and neutral citizens travelled to Camelot Castle where they met Retoolkit.

    According to witnesses the engineer seemed in good health albeit not in the best of moods: he seemed sad. No signs of torture, violence being recently used against him or drug usage were visible. As it was pointed out by someone who used to know Bregetty personally, his usual quirks of character were present which suggested he had not been altered by Reform most probably. It is safe to assume then that Harland "Retoolkit" Bregetty had escaped the worst fate: death of personality at the hands of Reform executioners.

    The statement he made during the meeting is very surprising in light of this. He clearly expressed his loyalty towards the clan forces that freed him and desire to repay them for what they did for him. It is especially controversial because some radical clan groups involved in rescuing him do not hold neutrals in high regard, to put it nicely, and they have been known to attack and mercilessly kill neutral citizens without warning. Whether their policy towards neutrals has changed or not remains to be seen.

    After the meeting Retoolkit left the castle on his own to meet a transport that took him to an undisclosed location. One can only suppose he is under protection of the radical clan group now. He does not appear to have much choice though. He will either stay with them or his very personality will be altered by Reform.

    He is considered a threat by one faction and a useful tool by another. His fate and the possible effect it will have on the neutral population remain to be seen. One can only hope his work will not be used against the very city he loves.

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    Life is fulla hard choices, and not all of us have the benefit of the best of outcomes all at once. Sometimes one must take a step back, in order to take two bold steps forward.

    I wasn't to sure how this would end, once Red Freedom said they wouldn't release him. I understood later, why. Considering the man has vaulted himself onto the high list of crimes, and clearly NOT a soldier for anyone, one has to secure him so that he can continue to make his choices from a position of advantage.

    Glad to have you on board, and welcome.
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    Let us hope this brings some balance to the friendships that could exist. Two friends are better than one.

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    ((As Letah))

    I hope he can continue his work in protecting the citizens against the Alien-threat.

    We have still to analyse the potential of his bots in Alien-defence.

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