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Thread: [RK1] IRRK: Interview with Captain Agrestus Wright

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    [RK1] IRRK: Interview with Captain Agrestus Wright

    Interview with Captain Agrestus Wright
    July 31, 29482 - Selcha Doree [Atlantean]

    IRRK - Exclusive interview with Newland City Council Captain "Agrestus" Wright who has recently applied for a position on Newland City Council.

    Could you state your name and what position are you applying for for the readers, please?

    General Agrestus Wright, Third Faction. Applying for the Newland Minister of Security.

    Could you give the readers a bit of background about yourself?

    I have been with the neutral community ever since I first arrived on Rubi-Ka. It was rather an... unexpected landing, and it certainly did involve a lot of adventures before finally arriving at a safe place. That was Newland several years ago.

    Why did you decide to stay in Newland?

    It's such a beautiful place. A city, full of free people. And what a difference in scenery when you compare it to Borealis.

    Why did you apply for the position?

    Being with Third Faction, we swear our oaths and serve our duties to protect and help each and every neutral to the best of our ability. And seeing as Newland has been my home for quite some time, I felt I should apply for that position.

    Do you have any plans regarding your position, should you receive it?

    I plan on reviewing the current level of security in Newland, and spending some time with the milita to check up on how they are doing. I also plan to resume where Mr Delage left off, by investigating those strange kidnappings.

    Strange kidnappings?

    Several people were kidnapped, using a strange teleporting device emitting a blue light. There hasn't been much evidence or trails for this case, and I hope to look into it further. Any threat of Newland is a concern of mine.

    What do you think are the biggest challenges of the Security position?

    All things related to such a position is a challenge, but all challenges are meant to be overcome.

    I would like to ask you more generally, about your relation to Newland. If you could change one thing in the city, anything, what would it be?

    That's a difficult question. I'd say... a few monuments and a little bit more plants. That would really make it stand out against the harsh desert. Security is not an issue when it is properly managed.

    How does the Newland council relate to other neutral cities, in your opinion?

    Well, I always thought of the Newland council as quite clever regarding to other neutral cities, such as Borealis. If they tried to get involved too far with that messy situation, it could risk the safety of Newland. A city council must always ensure its own city is safe above all.

    Is there anything you would like to add?

    If any neutral has any concerns, questions or suggestions, I'm always available to hear them.

    Thank you very much for the interview.

    Not a problem.

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    Third Faction? I have heard they know which end of a gun to hold.

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    hmm.. this could be fun.
    The Red Brotherhood

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