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Thread: [RK2] Frelance: Omni-Pol Delivers a “Final Warning” to Smugglers

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    [RK2] Frelance: Omni-Pol Delivers a “Final Warning” to Smugglers

    Omni-Pol Delivers a “Final Warning” to Smugglers
    July 31, 29482 - [Rimor]

    IRRK Freelance - IRRK Freelance – Officers from Omni-Pol’s Bureau of Investigation deliver a “final warning” to smugglers as illegal weapons, armour and stims flood the markets.

    In a rare occasion Omni-Tek border control seems to have loosened its grip on smugglers. Thousands of illegal products are now flooding the Omni-Tek markets across Rubi-Ka. In response to this Captain "Gustavis" Caesar, the most Senior officer in the Bureau delivered a public speech in the Trade District last night at 19:00RST.

    As the crowd grew the Captain began his speech:

    “Welcome citizens, and thank you for coming. It has come to our attention that illegal products are becoming freely available on the markets. We at Omni-Pol urge citizens not to purchase these products and to report anyone selling them to us immediately. Not only is buying them illegal, but the majority of this equipment is not 100% safe and will have many faults. The number of citizens admitted to Omni-Med for weapon malfunction has been increasing since these products hit the market. If you are not happy with any equipment you have bought recently, bring it in and we will happily test it in a safe and controlled manor.

    We are now aiming to bring a complete halt to smuggling in our cities. We will achieve this by increasing our border controls, stopping and searching su****ious vehicles with heavy loads, as well as sending officers to all warehouses in the districts to ensure their legitimately. Anyone found of carrying, transporting or manufacturing illegal equipment will be subject to more severe punishments. Any smugglers out their can take this as your final warning. Stop, or be stopped!

    Thank you for your time and your co-operation.
    Omni-Tek Protects!”

    The crowd immediately cheered and applauded the Captain for his response to this outrage. After a moment of absorbing the cheers the Captain along with other Senior officers were transported away, where the crowd then dispersed.

    I asked a passerby who attended the speech of what she thought; she had the following to say:

    “I think it’s great that the Bureau of Investigation have acknowledged there is a problem and that they are going to do something about it. It really shows that Omni-Tek is our friend and that they do protect us. I just hope they find these smugglers before more of this dodgy equipment reaches our markets”

    It would seem that the Bureau have the backing of the public in this new large-scale project of theirs, and personally I do not blame them.

    More on this when it develops.

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    I am sorry but what kind of black market equipment is he talking about?

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    You know. The Shady kind.
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    Honestly i dont. This is one very odd press release without knowing what kind of equipment is in play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firestorm View Post
    Honestly i dont. This is one very odd press release without knowing what kind of equipment is in play.
    ((some new things like ql200 speed stims are now buyable in Hope, i think there are other 'shady' new vendors out there too))
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    ((As Letah))

    Omni has no authority to singlehandedly determine which stims are legal or not.
    Institutions themselfs are responsible for quality-controls of the medical and millitary equipment.

    We need those for fighting the aliens.

    ((As Minoque))

    This man wanna station officers around? We'll welcome them and gladly demonstrate our weapons work fine.

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