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Thread: [RK2] Freelance: Burt Hits Back At Miiir

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    [RK2] Freelance: Burt Hits Back At Miiir

    Burt Hits Back At Miiir
    July 31, 29482 - [Rimor]

    IRRK Freelance - Angered Burt the Atrox finally gets his revenge on Miiir from the incident last year, which resulted in his arrest.

    Burt always said after Miiir refused to offer clothing for Neuters which led to an incident which involved Burt being arrested, that he would get revenge on the Miiir shop in Rome. Well now Burt has followed up on the threat!

    Late last night Burt was caught on a security camera breaking into the Miiir shop. Omni-Pol Bureau’s of Investigation was sent to the scene to apprehend Burt. When officers arrived at the shop they found Burt and a strange companion; A mini-bronto! The officers stunned by the unlikely couple stood for a moment as Burt and the mini-bronto continued to trash and eat the clothing in the store. After a few seconds the officers arrested Burt who began screaming; “Burt didn’t do it. Bronto did! Burt no like prison, arrest bronto!”.

    The officers obviously not taking this as lightly as Burt moved Burt to the nearby prison facility where he is currently awaiting a full check-up from Omni-Med, as well as an assessment from Omni-Reform. The mini-bronto was taken from the store and was delivered to a bronto burger factory.

    Lieutenant "Jonneal" Hawkswoth, the officer in charge of the response was able to give a quick statement before he left the scene:

    “As strange as that was I am glad to report we was at the scene within minutes and the arrest was near to perfect. I have heard of Burt and the incident last year, but I can admit that I was not expecting this! I think this was a first for us, and hopefully a last. Burt will be undergoing some checkups from Omni-Med I do believe, and I suspect Reform will want to take a look.”

    With that the officers went back to their duties.

    Another strange yet fairly humorous occurrence with Burt the Atrox, and will bring more if and when it develops.

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    Well, the next batch of bronto burgers are at least fresh meat and they should be high in fibre. *winks*

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