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Thread: Council of Truth Press release - New speaker vote

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    Council of Truth Press release - New speaker vote

    This weekends CoT meeting brings the vote for a new speaker for the council.

    The current speakers term has lasted somewhat longer than it should have been due to the vote being either over looked or forgotten about by the previous clerical staff. The current speaker is Mr Landau of the unionists.

    All representitives are encouraged to come along and let your clans voices be heard on what direction YOU wish to see the council head in, be it pro or anti war or pro or anti neut ect, as the speaker will set the tone for the duration his or her term. but of course the direction of the council also depends on the votes of the member clans on the issues that come to hand. the current tally of votes stands as this.-

    The Knights of Avalon, led by Sir Tristram Solis: 5 votes from 6 supporting clans.

    The Unionists, led by Aideen Landau: 4 votes from 4 supporting clans

    The Sentinels, led by Simon Silverstone: 3 votes from 7 supporting clans

    Terra Firma, led by Hayden Okoli: 3 votes from 3 supporting clans

    Vanguards, led by Alan Jacobi: 1 votes from 1 supporting clans

    There is currently 23 clans member of the Council, 2 of which didn't declare their affiliation
    We encourage the clans to insure their status is up to date and to make sure they have duly appointed representatives. Clans who didn't declare their affiliation yet will need to do so to vote

    All current representitives have had their access fixed so anyone who was elegible, but unable to view the reps only section can now do so.

    Xenoclast "Steelyglint" Arai

    Veteran of Rising Pheniox

    CoT Clerical Staff

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    sure... blame the previous clerical staff.

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