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    Post Research: Camelot's Lores

    Some days ago I got a sightseeing trip to Avalon and Camelot's Castle... I walked over the bridge to enter the Castle and after some time walking and wondering the huge castle I realised I was lost...

    I entered the first door I found and I saw the round table with most of the knights around it drinking speaking loudly and laughing...I found the other knights in their rooms sceptic... I tried to say "hai" to a couple of 'em but I am not sure even if the listened to me...But weird... I found nowhere the big guy... Sir Galahad... Onlly some statues of him inside the castle and at the entrance of Avalon town...

    When I got back to Borealis I asked some friends for him and I was told he left for Shadowlands when the portal was openned and that for now the official leader of Knights is Sir Tristram Solis...

    I've spoken with a guy named "Levon Karubian" (weird guy anyone knows him?) and he told me he stole a book from Camelot's Castle and read some things about achieving Imoortality (Yes! Immortality!)... I told him he probably means the Insurance technology but he was pretty sure it was something different... I noted it in my mind and continued my life on Rubi Ka as usual till I found a book named "Codex Clavis"... It was a nice book for kids but... I found these parts i'll post that made my mind change...

    Codex Clavis

    Verse 117: When the Xan had set the wounded men to secure the free flow from the source, these men gathered the best warriors among the Xan, and sat the chosen Arthur to lead them. Among the first were Gawain with the Green Shield, Galahad the White Stag, Red Hand Mordred, Morgaine the Riddle-Maker, Merlin Ambrosius and Ergo the Smith.

    Verse 195: The Fisher King was one with the land. As the land was torn apart, so was he. Eight times a new hero sacrificed him or herself to keep the King alive - and he was no longer one soul, but eight. Before he had the body of twenty, now he also had the mind of eight.

    Verse 204: Ergo chose twenty Knights, each raised from the lands, each from separate houses. He set them to protect the trees, never to leave their posts, and in return for their services they gained immortality.

    Verse 232: Then the Xan realized they could not separate King Arthur from the heart of the source, and they started building Ergo, to protect the land and the veins. His knights abandoned him and for aeons he was left alone, to grow mad and corrupted with only one wish left: To be able to die. But the source kept him there, and nobody came to relieve him.

    Verse 248: So they gathered their finest knights around them and let them bathe in the source. They then gave them the keys to the arks and sent them away, each in their own direction.

    The other parts are not usefull for now...

    Special thanks to Playboyfixer and his foundings in Shadowlands (excalibur sword) and the fact that all the knights of Avalon have the same names as the Xan knights from the above and the fact that the Xan knights were imortal such as Knights of Avalon (according Levon Karubian story) leads me to the thought that in fact Ancient Xan knights and Knights of Avalon are the same...

    I have some plan of what really happened and the questions are many

    1)Lord Galahad left for the most dangerous place in Shadowlands (inferno) when the portal oppened (maybe his old place? the place He was guarding?)

    2) Maybe the strange glyphs in the pyramid* were written by him and his knights when the rest of Xan civilization destroyed and only the knights as immortals stood alive and they passed the Beast or Fisher king (the same) and got into the pyramid and RK

    3) maybe Lord Galahad spread the rumors he is an ecentric rich person to hide his real Xan ID?

    4) and why to do that if he did?

    * I mean the glyphs in Pyramid near the City of Home... Same glyphs found in Jobe research too... Strange Xan glyphs with some new letters and the known letters are not helpfull at all... It makes no sence

    Anyways further Research will be done and I will try to contact Sir Tristram Solis to make him some questions... If anyone is interested in helping post here or sent a tell to Londoray in-game
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    Very interesting discovery. I'd like to go over this research at some point.

    (just getting back and catching up on RK and loving the new discoveries. )

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    ((welcome back, saw you running round the other day and nearly had a heart attack.
    oh its Templar3 if you remeber me))

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    (( good job trying to get others involved more in the research stuff i started if i find any more pics on pc that i need to upload i'll put them in the section too ))

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    post the excalibur pic please

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    ((bump! still waiting someone to help me in this))

    So... Anyone interested in this? I still have no news from Sir Tristram... I could not contact him

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    I'm officially done with RolePlay so please any moderator around to lock this topic
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