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Thread: The SoS Presents: A Night at the Rompa, Vol. 2

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    The SoS Presents: A Night at the Rompa, Vol. 2

    Title: A Night at the Rompa, Vol. 2: Ode to the Rompa
    Time: 2000 RST, Saturday, July 12, 29482
    Location: The Rompa Bar

    Event Description: The Rompa Bar continues to suffer from woefully low attendance. Revenue continues to decline, despite the history of this august institution. This would seem a terrible slight for an establishment with so many memories associated.

    To encourage people to make the Rompa Bar a more frequently utilized location for relaxation and entertainment, the Society of Salvation is hosting another party at the Rompa Bar on Saturday, July 12, 29482, at 2000 RST. Music will be provided by DJ Lykeios of Gridstream Productions. The Society of Salvation will be encouraging those in attendance to share their fondest or most interesting memories of events that have occurred inside the doors of the Rompa Bar. And, as always, there will be contests and prizes.
    Ferrex "Sanqq" Baldwin
    Department of Entertainment
    ~Society of Salvation~

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    Thats today. Come and party with us!
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    I love parties! Any chance to buy and wear new shoes and party clothes!
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