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Thread: Message for Miss Portman

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    Message for Miss Portman

    Dear Miss Portman,

    Despite our differences in opinion, I've read and heard that you currently have a small pink problem.
    Seek no further!

    On behalf of the Borealis Discount Company we are glad to inform you we have found a suitable solution for your problem (and indirectly for Miss Jaunay):

    The Mister Curtis {How about this caidek? still inappropiate?}

    (for obvious reasons we couldn't name it Miss Curtis that would just not make any sense.)

    With kind regards

    Tuxcedo&The borealis Discount Company
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    wonder how long for whats left of his corpse to run up, after those two have finished with him....oh dear pink things again...


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    Pink this, pink that... All because of one little note!

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