In honour of the 27th of June Colonial Day festivities, Dabblez took a short break from work and treated herself to a single, light beer. As she returned to her task of installing an integrated microwave oven into a robot chef prototype, the effects of her reckless drinking resulted in her making a critical mistake with its Hessenberg-Ross frequency calibration.

And so it was that, on activation, the microwave oven brought into existence a Rosenvelt Chrono-vortex; an, up to that point, purely theoretical temporal phenomena that sucked Dabblez in and dropped her off exactly seven years into the past right in the middle of Omni Entertainment.

At first Dabblez was puzzled. Why were there so many people on the streets? Where had the Unicorns gone, or for that matter the transport ships in the sky? It was all very curious.

When at last it dawned on her where, or rather when, she was Dabblez was alarmed. The perils of time-travel were well known and she knew a simple misstep on her part could alter the entire course of history.

Sure in there was a lot of good she could do here in the past. She could prevent assassination of Phillip Ross or stop Neleb before Steps of Madness were created. She could warn the world of about alien threat - that would not actually prevent the invasion but at least people would think twice before buying land in the Coast of Peace.

But what of the risks? Would Rompa or Reets Retreat ever open if she tampered with the timeline? Would the neutrals never gain the right to assemble into organisations of their own? Would she lose forever her luxury Jobe apartment? No, this could not be.

Wasting no time, Dabblez stole away to an secluded location and built herself a cryogenic chamber in which she would lay asleep for the next seven years to resume her life exactly one minute after the Rosvenvelt Chrono-vortex had pulled her into the past. It is actually a fairly simple thing to build, if you know what you are doing.

When Dabblez woke up, back in the present, she had the mother of all hangovers. This was partly due to the time-travelling, partly a side-effect of the long sleep, but mostly because of the light beer she had drunk earlier.

The moral of this story is: don't drink and meddle with science.