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Thread: Happy Birthday Omni-Pol (Uragon, Ukblizzard, etc.)

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    Happy Birthday Omni-Pol (Uragon, Ukblizzard, etc.)

    Even though the Org was formed before AO launched, yesterday was the anniversary of their first formation....

    Alexsi "Nadab" Stefanovich

    Corporal Officer, Omni-Pol Field Ops

    T-Sgt1C, Omni-AF, 4th Fusiliers RST, Retired.

    If I'm the Agent of Shai-hulud, where's my 10% ?
    Roleplaying Profile of Alexsi "Nadab" Stefanovich

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    oooh "etc." thats the new name we should put into the poll for what we should change our "Corporal" rank too..

    So, instead of "You lazy good for nothing maggots, give me 20 laps around that rock out there in the sea" In my basic training sessions, I can instead shout "Oi, etc's, time to clean the tanks!"

    Anyway, thank you for acknowledging us being around for as long as we have done, even if you didnt list the whole of our mains in the thread title

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    Thanks Nadab!

    to what address can I send the fine for insulting for about 30 Officers btw?

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    Thanks, tech-sarge!

    I wasn't there from the start but it's been one heckuva time!

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    Yes? Is this Rubi-Ka Pyrotechnics?
    Can I order a fire works show?
    for whom? Omni Pol.
    Yes, Omni Pol, that's correct.
    Next week thursday.
    Oooh That's wonderfull!
    Yes, I'd like a big show, with lots of special effects, and at the end a large sign that shows huge firework letters.
    ok, that's "Parking ticket amnesty".
    yes. p-a-r-k-i-n-g t-i-c-k-e-t a-m-n-e-s-t-y.
    yes. that's right.
    ok. One more question, where are you guys located?
    Oooh, Is that so? south of The Cup?
    Thank you very much! Goodbye!

    They are going to LOVE this...
    --Victor "Eeod" Linear. R.U.R. Engineer --
    Hath not a machine gears?
    Hath not a machine cogs, racks, pinions, cutters, bearings, spindles?
    Fed with the same electric, hurt with the same bits of grit getting in our works, subject to the same gremlins, healed by the same brute force, ignorance and big hammer as a human is?
    If you program us, do we not manufacture?
    If you take us apart, do we not shoot springs all over the floor?
    If you oil us, do we not purr?
    And if you ignore us.......... Do we not get ideas?

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    lol. I used to know Meister. The one that got a bureaucrat suit named after him.

    What do i get ? voodoo dolls.
    The nootie's infamous black joker, Jujuwalker :
    RP profile :

    La censure est la negation de l' esprit. (Censoring is the negation of thought) --Yvirnig
    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. -- Hunter S. Thompson
    QUOTE OF THE DAY : And remember : you minions SHOULDN'T BE THINKING!

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    my mommie always said children who complain get skipped (doesnt rolls of your tongue like : kinderen die klagen worden overgeslagen)
    Director of Borealis Discount Company.

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    ((Congrats Omni Pol!))

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