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Thread: Dont read this thread!!!

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    Dont read this thread!!!

    I told you not to read this, moron!


    hm I'm bored ( servers are down )

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    I didn't read the previous post. Could someone please tell me what he said?

    pirates. with lasers.
    Are you having an argument on the internet, again?

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    No, I can't.

    I didn't read it either.

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    Not first time I've ever replied to a thread without reading it...
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    didn't read anything, just came to hug


    Lilnymph - Clan Fixer - RK1
    lilnymph wrote on November 21st, 2003 08:01:01:
    You may take our postcount threads, but you will never take our FREEDOM!!!!!
    Originally posted by Cz
    The post count is mine! All mine! Mwahahahah!

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    Read what?
    PS lilnymph you mean post pharm
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    Im glad you guys didnt read it, its a secret msg!

    shhh! dont tell anyone!
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    arg servers are down again!

    Posting another secret msg, dont read this!

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    um... question:
    If I have read the post... should I tell, or pretend like I didn't?

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    Woah, careful! Pretend you didn't read the text or else everyone will think you're an idiot!
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    *pretends he didn't read the first post*

    *whistles casually*

    *wanderes away*

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    omg that was the best post I ever read!
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    I would have to say that this is an typicall example of how an flame should not look like. You need to think things through and calm down before you try to write an flame... Im sorry but I would rate this flame with an 1. Aggression is to high, grammar and cursing isnt to well planned... Maybe he has an point somewhere in there but I dont even want to find it. - Centurion3


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