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Thread: Chit-chat magazine?

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    Chit-chat magazine?

    I realized I'd been missing something lately. Then the issue with Bazzit hit me, there's lack of yellow print with Playboyfixer being MIA.

    So, any news or info on his whereabouts?
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    um yeah,
    wheres that rag i use to wipe my.... i mean that interesting magazine i read to find out what is really going on?

    ((any news would be nice))

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    Playboyfixer got himself banned. I don't know the full story and it probably would not be a good idea to discuss it here anyway. With him goes Chit-Chat, which all things considered was one of the best roleplaying initiatives of recent times.
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    "Good job, guys, I thought its been quieter around RK."

    Gun smiles at the two Agents standing in front of his desk. "Take the weekend off."

    "Yes, Chief"

    The two agents disappear. Gun sighs, "Hmm, wonder how long it will take him to get out THIS time."

    He knows you cant keep a fixer locked up for any amount of time, but plans to enjoy the quiet while he can.
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