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    Officer of The Black


    Nothing can be seen and very little more can be heard. The sound of breathing layered over a persistent muffled roar is all that exists in this darkness. That is until a single red light, no larger then the tip of an eraser, sprang to life.

    The little light flickered at first, struggling to stay alive, but quickly gained strength and established itself among the darkness. The little red light was not alone in the darkness however - Soon a new sound would join it.

    “Alright.” A deep voice said. “Punch it.”

    Darkness again consumed the little red light as it was concealed by a foreign object. The concealment was brief and when the little red light was reveled it was, in fact, no longer red at all. Bright green and shining its metamorphosis would soon spread to consume the darkness that once consumed it.

    In an instant banks of monitors flashed to life in every direction traveling out from the little green light. Following the monitors ambient lighting flicked a half dozen times before coming online and pushing what remained of the darkness into the very furthest recesses of the now visible room the little green light occupied.

    “That was fun.” The deep voice said as the foreign object that once covered the little green light does so again, however this time the object can be clearly defined as a gloved hand, and as quickly as the little light came into existence it was gone when the hand moved away.

    “Wasn’t the easiest one we’ve run, but I guess it was exciting.” A different voice answered.

    “Computer. Time.” Commanded the first man.

    “The time is currently fourteen-hundred and twenty-two minutes.” Replied the computer. “Time remaining to target: Three Minutes.”

    “Alright, Steve..” The first man said, “Let’s do this.”

    “Aye, Captain.” Steve replies as he pushes an amber colored button on the dashboard close to the now dead little green light.

    The room where the two men were seated is instantly bathed in orange light as the wall in front of them began to open. A blaze of fire lapped at the notum-coated glass in a vein attempt to penetrate the room what is now clearly a cockpit. Beyond the receding fire is a torrent of fast moving, cream colored clouds.

    “Assuming manual control.” The Captain states. “Get a lock on our target.”

    Both men flip several switches on the console and the computer begins to speak again.

    “Searching for qualifying targets…One target found.”

    “Identify.” Steve replied.

    “Omni-Tek Naval Training and Deployment Facility Victor-Alpha-Foxtrot-November-Seven-Seven-Zero-Three.”


    “New Philadelphia Station”

    “That’s it.” Steve says to the Captain. “Acquire Target.”

    “Targeted Acquired.” The computer replies

    “I’m bringing her in.” The captain states as he sternly moves his flight yoke. “We’re in the pipe, five by five.”

    “Copy, Sir. Arming the payload.”

    “Warning.” The computer speaks up. “Bomb bays one, two, three and four are now open.”

    “Warning. Ordinance racks one, two, three and four are now armed”

    “Thirty seconds.” The captain says as Steve lifts the cover on the hat switch labeled by a small piece of paper that reads, “Have a nice day”

    * * *

    “And in conclusion, Class of 29416, I would ask you to live up to the great standards of those who have gone before you.” A portly man, dressed in a clean white uniform marked with Omni-Tek logos and medals, shouts into a booming sound system from a stage covered in corporate banners. “Reflect honor on your Service and to this Corporation. Know that Omni-Tek profoundly appreciates your sense of duty and honor, and your deep love of your Family. And never forget that you have our pride, our support, and our respect in the mighty tasks which the coming years are surely going to bring to you. Congratulations to each and every one of you and God speed in your voyages.”

    The roar of the audience was deafening to the group of freshly commissioned naval officers, but not loud enough to drown out the droning, bubbling sound of an incoming heavy bomber’s six engines.

    The black, lumbering giant was dropping in steeply on the open air auditorium where the officers, their friends, family and superiors were all gathered. Before anyone had time to think or react the bomber was on top of them, pulling up and releasing it’s payload.

    * * *

    “Well, I’ll be damned.” One of the male officers in the crowd said to a man next to him. “I’ve seen a lot of things, Bill, but nothing quite like this.”

    Above the gathered crowd was a shimmering nebula of Blue, Silver, Black and White confetti swirling in the Venus winds and cross-draft created by the bomber as it made it’s accent.

    “I can’t either.” Bill replied. “We’ve only been officers for a minute and already we’re being carpet bombed.”

    The two men shared a hearty chuckle as both the confetti and the crowd converged on the Officers in a spectacle of celebration.
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    Nothing can be seen in the depths of space except for the thousand points of light that make up the visible pieces of the galaxy. The darkness is peaceful and serene devoid of all movement and sound – at least for a moment it is.

    “Ghost Leader. This is Ghost-Two. Do you copy? Over.”

    “Go ahead.”

    “We have two inbound markers which are identifying as Sun Cargo liners.”

    “Have you confirmed the IDs?”

    “Negative, Sir, but they’re traveling way too fast for that to check out.”

    “Copy that. Ghost-Seven are you listening in?”

    “I’m here, Bill.”

    “I need for you to deploy the bait and wait. I’m going to get in position now.”

    “Aye Aye.”

    Slowly a face appears in space illuminated from by the faint glow of controls below it. Moments later four small burners engage on the aft of what can now be roughly identified as small space craft painted flat black with no other outboard lights.

    “Attention.” A computerized woman’s voice speaks up. “Distress Signal located … Omni-Tek Barracuda-Class Freighter … Reporting Hull Breech … Severe Casualties Reported … Distance to Distress Call … 0.87 Klicks … Calculating Intercept course.”

    “Abort.” Bill replies.

    “Warning.” The computer retorts. “Ignoring a distress call from an Omni-Tek vessel is a breech of Omni-Tek Armed Forces Peacetime Maritime Protocol. Failure to respond will result in disciplinary action.”

    “Confirm Abort.” Bill Replies.


    “Ghost-Leader. This is Ghost-Two. Do you copy? Over.”

    Sighing slightly, “Go ahead, Ghost-Two.”

    “The Sun Cargo Liners have changed trajectory. They’re en route to the distress call. ETA four minutes.”

    “Copy That.” Bill replies as his four engines go dead and smaller boosters on the front of the vessel slow him to a stop. “

    “Now,” Ghost-Seven says dramatically, “we wait.”
    OTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTO|||||||||||||||||||||Serve Omni-Tek

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