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Thread: Bazzit has been mugged.

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    Bazzit has been mugged.

    Which one of you stole Bazzit's hood?
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    RUR denies any knowledge or responsibility regarding our esteemed competitor's loss of headwear.

    Personally I think he removed his hood because his head has got too big for his hat.
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    On behalf of our division of Omni-Pol, I would like to make note that no lost items form has been submitted by Mr Bazzit, nor have we any registered new items which fit the description of "hood".

    Should we gain any information, we will make it publically available and contact Mr Bazzit personally.

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    I guess if I want his hood back he wouldn't report it to a gang of turtles.....
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    Maybe he got hot with the hood on? I mean, he is in a desert.

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    maybe his hood got too dirty..I mean, he is in a desert...and brought it to a cleaner?

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    or perhaps he just took it off cos its summer and too hot for a hood?

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    he got threatened with an ASBO so had to remove it
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