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    *tap, tap* *crackle*

    Is this thing on?

    Hello? (I can’t believe I have forgotten how to use a com link)

    ...While she waited quietly if not with nervous anticipation wondering who if any of her old organization would be a live and still on Rubi-ka, Rauri thought back to the day she left Rubi-ka and headed back to Earth (she thought for good.)

    It was a melancholy day one of sadness as she said her farewells to the people she called family not knowing if she would ever see them again, but it was also one of expectation and excitement at what life on Earth would bring her. Flintforge her devoted husband, Moonsi, Katiejane and Sadomas were going with her to Earth along with a few other faithful followers who insisted it was necessary to have protection from Omni Tek even on Earth.

    She almost smiled at the thought of her late husband, after his death 2 years ago Rauri needed to get involved in something she felt passionate about or else she would go have gone insane with grief. So she got involved in the humanitarian efforts on Earth helping refugees fleeing Rubi-ka.

    Earth was never her home… her family had moved to Rubi-ka before she was born… it was only time before she felt the calling to return home… home to Rubi-ka and hopefully she would find her friends and family waiting on her.
    Marylynn "Rauri" Kozar
    President Opposing Force 2002 - 2010

    Raurie lvl 217 ***Doc
    Rauri lvl 215 for like EVER **Fixer
    Jedzia lvl 130 *MA
    Rorie lvl 129 *MP
    Just to name a few....
    ....... and 4 other "alt" accounts cause that's how I roll

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    ((Welcome back!))

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