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Thread: [RK2] Freelance: Children Saved by Brave Volunteers

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    [RK2] Freelance: Children Saved by Brave Volunteers

    Children Saved by Brave Volunteers
    June 03, 29482 - Marion Vein [Rimor]

    IRRK Freelance - HOLES IN THE WALL - The lives of dozens of Village children were saved from danger today, as volunteers from across Rubi-Ka put an end to the feral wolves plaguing the area.

    A villager known by the call name of "Nolandre" was seen appealing for help from the local populace as he stood beside the Wompahs in Newland City.

    Supposedly having been antagonized with feral wolves for over two months, and fearing for the lives of the uninsured children living nearby, the Holes in the Wall villager sought help in ridding the problem once and for all.

    At first, Comidoc, a battle surgeon from Omni-Med, was the lone combatant who agreed to help, however later others came from all factions to give their aid.
    Upon seeing the Village, I dreaded what would occur were the wolves to destroy such a peaceful, tranquil place. I am glad that I did not have to find out.

    Travelling a little way along the road, the party was ambushed by the wolf pack, ferocious and howling. The small group were hard-pressed to hold their ground, and indeed, several perished in the attempt. The battle proved arduous and difficult, with the beats seemingly with the upper hand.

    However, the tide turned when reinforcements arrived, which helped to deal the final blow needed to eliminate the threat. The combatants all fought valiantly, and at long last, triumphed against the threat.

    Nolandre handed out generous rewards of silver ingots to the participants for their effort and dedication.
    Feedback about the events that occurred were varied. Comidoc had this to say:

    "Damn, those there some pretty tough wolves for this area. Neutrals know that they can count on us with any problem they have, Omni-Tek protects."
    Nolandre felt "Pretty pleased" that the issue was now over and dealt with, and Ripclawz simply exclaimed "I survived!!!"

    Anyhow, we can all rest easy knowing that the children of the village will be tormented no more by these wild terrors, and that the area is at peace once more.

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    what the h*ll do you lot breed over there?

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    ... Ripclawz simply exclaimed "I survived!!!" ...
    Woot! ALLNEUT to the rescue!

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    what the h*ll do you lot breed over there?
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    In Mother Russia, you don't bump the thread; the thread bumps you!

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