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Thread: Council of Truth Press Release

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    Council of Truth Press Release

    Council of Truth Press Release.

    Meeting Date - May 31st, 29482

    After somewhat of a hiatus, we, the CoT clerical staff, are happy to announce the return of the post meeting press release. We believe this important piece of publication has been somewhat over looked for sometime now and we are pleased to be able to present the wrap-up of discussions that were held, and hopefully get the message out there for every clanner all over the planet, be it in the battle stations or in Inferno to stay up to date with what is going on in the Atlantean Chamber.

    Topics discussed included Omni-Tek's incursions in the 4 Holes mining facility, a giant robot attack on Old Athen, discussions on various aspects of the continuing Alien assaults upon our planet and a brief refreshing of rules and proceedings of the meetings for anyone who was unfamilar or was not aware of the chamber etiquette.

    Mr. Landau, leader of The Unionists, was quizzed on the recent incursions by Omni-Tek's assault forces in 4 Holes. Damages to the facility were quickly repaired and offers of spare parts and machinery at competitive prices were made by Mr. Jacobi. When asked what ordinary clanners can do to assist, Mr. Landau's response was to urge the clans to drive Omni-Tek from the planet.

    The Aliens, proving as persistant as ever, have launched several assaults on Old Athen over the past few weeks. The valiant efforts of the clans' defense forces successfully drove the invaders out on each occasion. An observation was made by Posmanic of Serendipity that no alien general was present to lead their assault on those occasions, therefore raising the question of the Aliens command structure. If anyone has any insights available on this matter, they are urged to present it to the Council, as any information to counter the threat is valuable to the defense of the planet.

    We would also like to thank the Member Clans that attended and braved myself and Xeenah's first chairing. as the very essence of the Council is the participation and input of all its Members.

    The full meeting log can be found here

    Xenoclast "Steelyglint" Arai
    Clerical Staff, Council of Truth
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    What the council does is and has always been funneled to the masses via second hand rumors. Why oh why would you put what they do in public! We can't maintain our low attendance with information like this getting to the masses!

    I wonder about you new Clerical Staff reps.

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    Ooops sorry, looks like i'll have to remember to cancel the next press release after we have penned it, cant go breaking with convention now can we, i would hate to be encouraging people to be bringing their ideas along, and ka forbid we let them say something that isn't one of our idea's.

    Xenoclast "Steelyglint" Arai
    Clerical Staff, Council of Truth

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