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    The other day

    About 2 weeks ago a old figure appeared in OA that had been gone for a while.

    He had been offplanet spending quiet quality time with his girl friend that is a Neutral Jobian scientist who is part of the neutral organization that will be named as Wolf.

    They had grown tired of the constant warfare on RK and the loss of friends and family to the guns of all sides in the conflict ...Clan, Omni, and Neutral...... Thry had made the decision to leave and to pursue a quiet life together as a couple living on a peaceful planet. One night they had gone to a club for a party and ran into several friends from Rk among them Regidoc with which they spent a great deal of time. These conversations had brought back a flood of memories about their time on RK and the people they had left behind to enjoy their quiet lives.

    In Jobe a call had gone out due to some research gone awry and the neutral scientist had been called back to sort out the mess caused by the accident. Carogelw couldn't bear the thought of his love coming back to RK into the conflict by herself. He booked passage for them on a freighter under assumed names and they hid out in the depths of the Shadowlands for a long time with clandestine trips to their apartment in Jobe to check on their pets and to straighten up and to investigate the conditions in the cities of RK.

    He entered Old Athen under an assumed name with a false identity to check and see how the war was going as his love was staying in the Shadowlands due to her job.

    Once he had returned to OA he breathed a heavy sigh and opened his comm link for the first time in a long time and spoke up under his own call sign in the normal clan channels hoping to hear from those he had fought beside in the war.
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