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Thread: Boltgun's testament

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    Boltgun's letter

    “Ah, finally. I must admit that you gave me quite a chase. How much of my agents did you kill during these years?”

    Boltgun could barely stand that arrogant man. Investigator Bergondi, a man so obviously clueless.

    “You thought you could run away forever? You are a beast, you belong to a cage. It’s been 5 years already and Var never recovered. Aafter all you did, it will never recover.”

    Boltgun could resist easily, a few shots and he can go back home. But on the other hand, Bergondi is right. Boltgun met him for two reasons. First because he didn’t want to drag the neutrals in his troubles, and also because he wanted to go back to his home world, to see it one last time.

    “So, Vincent Delage, the Boltgun they call you right? Are you ready to face justice?”

    Without a world Boltgun slowly gets on his knees and puts his hands on his head. His desire to go back to Var is too strong. He wants to understand the reasons behind his actions. As painful it is, he surrender to a Sol Banking investigator who went far in Omni Tek territories to fulfill the desire of a few leaders.

    “I warn you!” Boltgun finally says “Many things happened to me on this planet. If I ever escape your grasp...”

    The investigator hesitates a second before slapping the soldier.

    “Monster! I look toward your trial! Now you’re coming with me, we have a ship to take.”
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    If you are reading this letter, it means that I am dead. If I’m not dead I’ll be probably be away from Rubi Ka for a long time.

    I spent time leading an org and defending Newland but that was only vacations for me. The truth is that I’m evil, the kind of evil guy who did not hesitate to sacrifice friends, family and his lover to the altar of war, to satiate his urges. And I do not have any valid excuse for that.

    I’m from a planet named Var. It’s a planet under lease for Sol Banking. There is a really nice weather most of the year, making it a nice place to retire. 90% of the surface is an ocean, two moons preventing cycles. When you see the beaches, the wonderful plains and the cliffs crashing in a bright blue sea, the tropical isles, and the high mountains covered with snow, you want to stay here. There are nice minerals resources in its mountains, used in the research project of "create better plating, destroy said plating". This project was an important piece in the design of the mechs you’re driving; I could see the beta versions there back in the day. Needless to say, the military presence and equipment is oversized considering the planet size.

    The CEO in charge had some funny plans for the planet. He made the life of everyone living there as terrible as possible with a constant display of power, showing armored vehicles like toys and using them in police jobs. Harsh laws were voted ‘to make the life of tourists easier’. The wonderful coasts and islands was one by one taken away to create luxury resorts, closed and guarded. You know the pattern already, Rubi Ka is quite an inspiration around the galaxy.

    What about me? My father was a Sol Banking general, Ange Delage, the kind of guy listening to will help you. We lived a good sheltered life with my brother back then, but I found this boring somehow. I was young, stupid, and wanted to go fight against whoever bringing down freedom on my world. You know that kind of ideas only a clanner may hide behind. Using a false identity, I joined a militia preparing a coup d’État against Sol Banking. It was called Azure Liberators, such a stupid name, led by a self proclaimed general named Duval. He's quite a strong guy when you look at him, complete with inspiring speeches and all, and I could follow him to Inferno.

    When I told my father my plans, he was so angry, but he was still my father and didn’t want to lose me. So he had a full set of implants installed in me, and gave me the best ncu you can have on a notum-less world. This equipment really put me above others. No one else had any kind of nanotechnology or knew of what it can do. The capabilities of such setup are laughable from your point of view: a mirror shield that last 5 seconds, and bandage nano programs. But getting hit and live to tell about it is an incredible ability.

    It might be a good occasion to remind you Rubi Kans that there is no such thing as reclaim in Var.

    Thanks to these implants, I was able to use the high caliber gauss guns, the ones usually placed on static positions. But me, I could use them while running, jumping, and most importantly, I could bring it behind a vehicle and hit its weakest spot. These guns are called boltguns, since we don’t really bother to know each other names, I was “the boltgun” for Duval.

    After a ridiculously short training, we went ahead on our world building business. The fights were easy at first. We cut supplies, took equipment, captured mines and bases. Then the dead started to form a real statistic, and more resources were piled against us. Things went pretty bad; people had to flee this wonderful planet. I myself led assault against places full of civilians, and blew up precious places like it was nothing.

    I was secretly enjoying that, developing an addiction to violence that never left me. Nothing was more exciting then the feeling you have while assaulting, killing soldiers by dozens and blowing up tanks. I forgot about my ideals and my family, periods of peace were painful. Allies and enemies alike died under my orders for my enjoyment. The peak was the battle of Telo Martius that ruined the city: ten hours of battle during which I was wounded and left in coma.

    During my absence, an assault on the capital city of Lutece succeeded and the rebels took control of the Sol Banking HQ. The rebellion won, and general Duval was in charge. And what a success, a série of executions followed. Almost all the Sol generals were killed… including my father, shot in front of the cameras, nothing more. I was crushed and fled while I still could, my false identity gave me an exit ticket, and went for a planet that would shelter someone who feel the need to fight everyday. Rubi Ka.

    There I lived by myself until the neutrals gave me a shelter, no question asked. Kirum gave me a place to live and put me back on my feet.
    Hopefully when Jobe opened I realized my brother was still alive and was working as an explorer in the Shadowlands. Since that time things went better.
    And then there is Toog, in the council I was able to give some help back, in my own way. And put my urges towards something brighter.

    Sol Banking made a treaty with the general Duval, and Var remained in a vague state of business. Rebels became corporates, corporates became rebels. Because Var never remained stable, I suppose Sol Banking never really trusted Duval, and so he never had the resources to have me arrested. But the planet is worse then before. Turned upside down.

    In any case I want to thank everyone in this planet, even Omni Pol, and even the Sentinels. You gave me the occasion to stop and think about what I was doing. Whatever will happen now is okay, if I die there will be less violence on Var and if I don’t, who knows what I’ll do…

    Until then, never change Rubi Ka. Stay the same wartorn world in constant anarchy, I love it.

    Vincent “Boltgun” Delage
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    ((OOC: 4 years of playing spawned this, I hope it wasn’t an hassle to read. I may be back to celebrate the new engine and hopefully a new population of players.
    Still I feel like I got punched in the guts announcing this long break.

    Hall of fame

    Dabblez, for making me go from RK2 to RK1 for the cyborg token board events and introducing me to rp.

    Kirum, for inviting me in The Kindred out of random at 2 am.

    The Kindred, and Zsaruisa for being Zsaruisa.

    Neutrals, all of them. Maybe Pyro more, despise what some says. Rodro, ça y est t’est 220 ?

    Devdas, for not forgetting neutrals. I know we’re not crawling in application but please keep faith. Proper credits to the event teams for everything from the manifesto to the shadows, along with the legionaries and the LTCs. You guys even went ahead and placed characters only for me to speak with.

    Aazamon, one minute of silence for you creator of the greatest rp org of the game.

    Virta, Tethien, and that other guy, for gasing me while I complained that you arrested pbf. What do you mean I was pointing a rocket launcher at you?

    Playboyfixer, banned now. Seriously what.

    I’ll still check around on my froob account, to see how the story goes.
    Have fun! ))
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    ((Gl with ladies...and career))
    "War may be Hell....but it's good for business!"
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    [Kintaii]: I came to accept this many years ago and am much happier for it. XD
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    ((Enjoy the career and the ladies... ))
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    *salutes with Mekh*

    ((Good luck And most of all, have fun!))

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    ((so long bolt had some fun times with you. Seems like the only Kindred member still there when I joined is Zsaruisa. Oh well I'll make sure the Kindred stays around if you ever return)

    *Alex looks over the letter that was sent to many people that Boltgun met over he stay, he switches his comm over to the private channel his father set up for him to conduct less public interactions.

    He contacts a informant that Alex knows has proven very ideal for the task ahead.
    "I wont you to get me any and all Sol Banking records on a Vincent Delage, also known as Boltgun i some circles. Transport records, bounty claims and who issued them and any other inquires made by others about him"

    the screen goes black and Alex leans back in his chair and mulls over things.
    Yes Bolt was always known for taking the extreme modes to resolve a conflict and there where a few times that he had to talk the man down, but beyond what Boltgun thinks of him self Alex always saw him as a loyal friend and Alex always helps his friends... Even if they don't want the help.
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    *cheekish smile*

    ((good luck Bolt. with your career and the ladies ))
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    ((bye bye bolt have fun with your new job, and don't spend to much money on the girlies! as we did talk about earlier.. they are a bit more expensive than a ao sub, so even if you could afford more subs to AO, try to keep it to only one girlie! hard to dual logg there GL in the real world! ))
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    I come back from my time off planet and now Bolt is in prison?

    Lets break him out and shoot up omni 1 while we are doing that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iaitoo View Post
    ((bye bye bolt have fun with your new job, and don't spend to much money on the girlies! as we did talk about earlier.. they are a bit more expensive than a ao sub, so even if you could afford more subs to AO, try to keep it to only one girlie! hard to dual logg there GL in the real world! ))
    ((What you are asking me is impossible, hehe.))
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    Take care Boltgun and don't feel bad. The one thing that hold true about all players is that one day they have to leave, be it after 5 weeks, 5 months or 5 years. It's all part of the journey.
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    Toodles my Bolt friend. Sad to see you leave, but completely understand the reasons. Don't be a stranger....

    The Tig (tm)

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    Gunfytr re-read the letter, and frowned. Thoughtful, he keyed his comm.

    < Yeah, Boss? >
    < Theres a Planet named Var, find it, research it. >
    < Copy that, Boss >

    Hmm. Gun leans back in his chair and ponders. Nodding his head, he comes to a decision.

    " Nah, I really dont think cant keep a wild animal in a cage."

    He leans back with a small smile. This may take a little while, but this needed to be done.

    (( When ur ready, call me....we'll get u out))
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kintaii View Post
    Because we said so.
    Quote Originally Posted by Anarrina View Post
    I am unamused. I strongly suggest you don't unamuse me further
    Quote Originally Posted by Means View Post
    This nano blocks CH. This is intended.

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    Frowning to herself as she overhears the news on an old and static filled comm, sad to see another friend pulled away.. she knows that when the time is right that there are some good professionals for the job of relieving the prison of Boltgun and bringing him back home to Rubi-ka.

    ((Sorry to see you go Bolt but understand as well.. good luck on RK4 and all your endeavors Hope to see you back some after the new engine launch ^^))
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    ((take care and stay safe, my friend!))
    Elite Operations
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    ((Take care))
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    Pas vrai.

    Je revenais la. T'aurais pas pu attendre un peu ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jujuwalker View Post

    Pas vrai.

    Je revenais la. T'aurais pas pu attendre un peu ?
    ((Haha, c'est l'été. C'est clair que le timing est bof mais bon tu peux ptet maintenir le conseil de Newland en vie, si tu veux. Il y a un nouveau ministre de la défence pour le moment. Mais bon comme toujours, faut chopper Toog.

    That said I play on my froob account sometimes, the char is Nikaia. If you see me online don't hesitate to give me a tell.))
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