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Thread: Boltgun's testament

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    Sol Banking Var Press Corp – Vincent Delage arrested!
    June 20, 29482

    SBVPC – For the citizens of Var, it became personal. Investigator Bergondi confirmed the rumors that the number 1 public enemy of Var is behind the bars.

    While celebrations can be seen on the streets, the families of the victims of the Azurean coup d’etat asked for a minute of silence for those who died at the hands of “Boltgun”.

    “It is important for us to follow the rules!” announced Mr Bergondi in direct answer of those who asked an immediate execution, “As I have lost relatives in the demonstration, I extend the need to understand and bring justice to this story, in order to bring peace in our world.”

    As many questioned the abilities of Sol Banking Var to keep the planet at peace, intern ops tracked Vincent Delage all the way to the planet Rubi Ka, under claim by Omni Tek. This planet famous for being the source of notum powering nanotechnology to new heights has been in war for generations.

    “He was hiding in a planet in constant turmoil." explained Mr Bergondi about his journey to Rubi Ka "I can’t hide my despair in front of the scenery this planet gave me. Violence was everywhere.”

    For security reasons, no information about the location where the criminal is held or the date of the trial has been issued.
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    (( Profites-en bien, bon courage ))

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    (( good luck Bolt, its been a blast.))
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    *makes a note on her holopad, then nests her chin between her thumb and index*

    ~Hmm, that will likely change quite a few things with Newland now...~

    (( C'est dommage de voir partir des bons joueurs... Je te souhaite du plaisir sur RK4 et bonne continuation. *tips hat*

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    (( was our time anyway Guill u can come with me to Star Wars Galaxies have some pwnage there ))
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