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Thread: ChitChat magazine, edition 25

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    ChitChat magazine, edition 25

    Omni-Pol harassment

    Recently, got some stories from people saying a new Omni-Pol's in town in Borealis, named Naughill.

    It seems this omni does nothing more than harass neutrals in Borealis, tell people to move on, and even try to get neutrals to get Reformed in to omnis, for being "neutral scum". Today even General Agrestus of Third Faction got beaten and kicked savagly by the omni, for not complying with his insane demands.

    Word on the street is omni-tek, and omni-pol has been increasingly harassive in Borealis, cause they feel they're losing grip of the city and its people.

    Will Omni-Pol harass more neutrals? Will the Borealis civilians rise up? Will Agrestus have enough band-aids? Read it all in upcoming ChitChat magazine editions!
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    hmm Naughill?Naughill? Nope not a name I know I'll have to ask my fiance about that one.. But as of now I'd say your a liar but thats just me.
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