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Thread: [RK1] Freelance: Omni-Tek Board of Directors Meeting, April 12th, 49482

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    [RK1] Freelance: Omni-Tek Board of Directors Meeting, April 12th, 49482

    Omni-Tek Board of Directors Meeting, April 12th, 49482
    May 22, 29482 - Roger [Atlantean]

    IRRK Freelance - IRRK Freelance - IRRK Freelance - Have you ever wondered just what goes on in the board meetings of the Omni-Tek Affiliates? Have you even been curious about just those famous Directors and Affiliates are talking about?

    Wonder no longer. As part of a new Omni-Reform campaign, we at Omni-Tek are introducing you to some of the high-level politics of Omni-Tek. To aid in understanding just what goes on when the elite of Rubi-Ka meet, we will publish the minutes of the April 29482 meeting of the Omni-Tek Affiliates.

    This meeting took place on April 12th, 29482. The late publication of the minutes and the partially censored protocol are such for reasons of security. If you want to know every detail of it, take part in your sub-department's command structure and join the Affiliate Meetings. See this gridlink for more instructions.

    Minutes from the April 12th, 49282 Monthly Meeting of the Omni-Tek Board of Directors.

    Directors in Attendance:

    Darius "Zeiler" --- Omni-Admin
    Channing "McVert" --- Omni-RD
    Rita "Prestin" --- Omni-Med
    Jessica "Lonare" --- Omni-Admin
    Eva "Pourais" --- Omni-Reform

    Affiliate Organization Representatives in Attendance:
    Emil "Stanislaw" Cervenak --- R.U. R. (Rubi-ka Universal Robots)
    "Kashta" Nagala --- Omni-Mining (IC)
    Soifon "Themajor" Saito --- Omni-Pol
    "Tethien" Cebrae --- Omni-Pol
    Alexsi "Nadab" Stefanovich --- Riders of the Lost Org
    Hikari "Aerya" Hirano --- First Order

    Jacob Stroud

    Zeiler: Greetings fellow employees, welcome to the monthly Omni-Tek Affiliate Meeting, we are happy to have you all here. Mister Stroud, the floor is yours.

    Aerya: <sets the wrist pad to silent mode>
    Jacob Stroud: Good evening, and thank you for attending the thirty-first Omni-Tek Affiliate Meeting. I would have all affiliates note that proper meeting protocol must be adhered to at all times. Questions and comments may only be made during appropriate parts of the meeting. If you wish to ask a question during those periods, you must contact me ((by /tell)) to request an opportunity to do so. I will prompt you to ask your questions in the order that they were requested. If you ask your question out of turn, you will likely be ignored. If you are asked a question by one of the department heads, be certain to note when you are finished with your response. ((by typing "Done"))

    Jacob Stroud: We will now proceed with the reports. If you have a report you wish to make, please send me a tell now. Mr. Stefanovich will be making the first report. You have the floor.

    Nadab: Thank-you. I'm reporting today on the preliminary recon of 4 Holes for a raid there to disrupt the clans Notum supply.
    Nadab: I forwarded a copy to all the Department heads from Gunfytr and his Pathfinders. The primary option would to take out the Foreman, the Agitator and plant a few explosives to disrupt their ability to mine notum for the short term... This would lead to a small 5-7% rise in our profits as the Clans would not be able to meet their demands. I propose that OTAF affiliates plan on doing a similar raid at lease once per quarter to further annoy the clans... This will give us time to plan for a more permanent solution to 4 Holes. I have copies of the report is other members would like one. (done)
    Jacob Stroud: Are there any comments on this report?
    Nadab: Oh... the first raid will probably be the 19th....
    Jacob Stroud: Director MAX, you have the floor.

    Max: I have reviewed the report and will comment as Lt General Rosuma is not present. The report is through, and the plan appears well thought out. We do not have the General's input on this, and I might also mention that the equipment you are planing on destroying is actually Omni-Tek property. But I do applaud the initiative you are taking to annoy the clans.
    Nadab: Sir... as mentioned in the report, damage would be minimal... more of an annoyance factor than real damage... just enough to cause disruption to their supply line... nothing permanent.
    Max: This may give us valuable information as well, to aid in a more involved action in the future
    Nadab: Profit is the bottom line sir. If we annoy the Unionists enough, they will move elsewhere!
    Max: Please keep us informed on your initiative, and its results, such raids may prove very useful.
    Nadab: Sir! Yes, Sir.
    Max: That is all I wished to say.
    Jacob Stroud: Are there any further comments on this matter?
    Jacob Stroud: There are no further comments at this time. Thank you Mr. Stefanovich for you and your team's efforts to put pressure on the criminal Unionists.
    Nadab: Thank you sir.

    Jacob Stroud: The next report will be from Mr. Cervenak of R.U.R. You have the floor.
    Stanislaw: Oh goodie... Ladies and gentlemen of the Omni-Tek Board of Directors,
    Good thing so many of you are here today,
    Nadab: <mumbles.... this should be good.>
    Stanislaw: Because I will need the help of each and everyone of you
    Tethien: <sighs>
    Stanislaw: The thought came to me about a fun way to boost moralem and obvious answer was "animatronics." Which got me thinking....
    Tethien: <raises an eyebrow>
    Themajor: <'s corner of the mouth show the faintest hint of a smirk>
    Stanislaw: I would like to propose we build a theme park right near the mini-Galway
    Call it Omni-Land.. or something. And it will contain animatronic versions of all you OT-RK directors, and you can teach the visitors important lessons on Omni citizenship, while performing an Irish line dance.... The dance is kind of important if we want to draw in the crowds!
    Aerya: <suppress a laughter>
    Nadab: <coughs into his hand "hahahahhahah">
    Stanislaw: You prepare the speeches, I'll record them and build the robots and program the dance routine. I will need funding of course. So? When can I schedule you in?

    Zeiler: right.... lets start with the basics of your idea
    Zeiler: lets see...
    Pourais: Let me get this straight.. you want to build animations of us and have them dance around ?
    Zeiler: I don't think so.
    Stanislaw: Irish line dancing. Very dignified
    Zeiler: Mister Stroud, who is up next?
    Stanislaw: We are not talking pole dancing
    Themajor: <grunts while trying to suppress her laughter>
    Stanislaw: So... like you want to sleep on it?
    Jacob Stroud: If I may, I would like to comment.
    Jacob Stroud: It's true that this idea seems absolutely preposterous, however...
    Zeiler: And Director Pourais, please see that Mister Cervenak gets an appointment in an alcohol rehabilitation clinic
    Jacob Stroud: is also true that the common citizens love animatronics. And dancing.
    Lonare: <smiles>
    Jacob Stroud: We have been looking for new ways to deliver propaganda to the public, and this idea is so stupid it just might work.
    Stanislaw: Ohi!
    Themajor: <laughs out loud and stifles it with her hand>
    Jacob Stroud: I think we need focus groups to take a look at this.
    Stanislaw: Who you calling "stupid"?
    Pourais: I will see to his rehabilitation and we can possibly discuss some useful ways R.U.R. can be of more help to the corporation
    Jacob Stroud: Also, committees. Lots of committees and focus groups.

    Jacob Stroud: I am done. The next comment will be from Ms. Hirano. You have the floor.
    Aerya: Thank you
    Aerya: I doubt that making fun of our esteemed leaders is a positive to omni morale... for clam morale it would do wounders.... but that is not good for us...
    Aerya: So I think that is a bad ideea... Make animatronics with the clan leaders and make them dance> I'd love to see Silverstone dance )... and kick him....
    Aerya: grins
    Aerya: that is all I wanted to say
    Jacob Stroud: Thank you. Are there any further comments on this topic?

    Jacob Stroud: Since there are no further comments, are there any other reports?
    Jacob Stroud: Since there are no further reports, I will now turn the floor over to Director Zeiler for assignments.

    New Business
    Zeiler: Thank you Mister Stroud
    Zeiler: Miss Lonare, you got the floor

    Lonare: <smiles>
    Lonare: Thank you.
    Lonare: As expected, recent events in Borealis have attracted certain attention.
    We've had individuals identifying themselves with ICC looking into matters there surrounding certain publicity problems we've suffered. We're naturally handling this with caution, and ensuring we're open and above board regarding everything. After all, we have nothing to hide. All matters were handled by the book, and we have detailed files on every protocol that was followed, so ICC will see this. If there are any further instructions for my team I have handling this matter sir...?
    Zeiler: Thank you, you are handling the issue perfectly.

    Zeiler: Director Pourais?
    Pourais: On a related issue... This engineer Harland Retoolkit Bregetty,

    **********<1.58 Megabytes of text Censored by Omni-Reform>*************

    Tethien: <nods>
    Themajor: Ma'am, yes, ma'am!
    Pourais: That is all.

    Zeiler: Thank you
    Zeiler: Are their any other topics that need to be brought to the board's attention?
    Zeiler: Go ahead, Max.

    ********<1.25 Megabytes of text Censored by Omni-InternOps for security purposes>************

    Zeiler: Is there anything else for today?
    Jacob Stroud: There are no further comments for this meeting. Thank you all for attending.
    Zeiler: Since there is nothing else for today, lets call it a day.

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    Eva should be ashamed that the OTPC did not release these.
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    Very intresting info on it...
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