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    [RK1] IRRK: Reform: An Insight

    Reform: An Insight
    May 22, 29482 - Lisa Corahnay [Atlantean]

    IRRK - IRRK – A rare interview opportunity with one of Omni-Tek’s more secretive departments, Omni-Reform, leads to some interesting questions about the rumours and hearsay that surround the way in which Reform performs its duties.

    Omni-Reform. Two words that have a profound effect on anyone that hears them. Two words, for most, shrouded in a mysterious veil of rumour, intrigue and often fear. Every time someone mentions Omni-Reform, the conversation goes quiet. You get advised to drop the subject. Those that know me will realise that I’m not one to easily let go of a subject. And in this case, I didn’t.

    We’ve all heard the rumours of brainwashing, inhumane practices, or simply a disregard for the idea of free will. But where do these rumours come from? Whenever I ask someone what they think about this issue, they go strangely quiet. Either they have nothing to say, or are too scared to say it. Are they in fact ignorant of the truth, just going along with hearsay and rumour? Or maybe they know exactly what goes on.

    Omni-Reform workers are notoriously closed-mouthed about the Omni-Tek department. But to my surprise I found one employee more than willing to talk freely about his job as well as more than happy to have his words published. After the initial shock I managed to have an interesting conversation with him. The following interview involves myself, the (fairly handsome and charming) Reform worker Councillor Dologhon of Omni-Reform and my trusty recorder. After an initial chat about (the wonders of) being an Omni-Tek employee and a small attempt to recruit me. We got into some more serious conversation.

    What’s it like to work for Omni-Tek?

    "There is quite a bit of freedom within the corporation. Don’t let the clans fool you with their claims of freedom that are usually just a cover for anarchy and terrorism. There are some good people within the clans, but for the most part I find they are simply misguided in their ideas of the Corporation."

    Is it really all cakes and tea in Reform?

    "Well, we are here to help those who have problems with their lives. It can be as simple as being someone for a person to talk out their issues with, and get a clearer perspective on things It isn’t what many say.. that we use drugs and brainwashing."

    Is there a set program or is each... candidate given their own individual attention?

    "Each person is handled as an individual. We are there to help them get their life back on track from what ever problem they are dealing with. Each person is unique.. their perspectives and issues are also unique."

    What is the most difficult problem that one of your.. clients has had to deal with?

    "Well, I have had a couple who I would say who went through a lot. Former members of the Nanomage Liberation Front. They were in the process of a terrorist attack on Omni facilities, when things went bad for them. An explosion, that they set off themselves, but backfired on them, cased an almost complete loss of memory. We helped them a bit while they recovered from that. They were released and now live in the Neutral community again."

    In the Neutral community? Really? They returned to their neutral roots, even though, with loss of memory, Omni-Tek could have easily recruited them?

    "Yes, they were neutral citizens. And even though they were injured in the act of a terrorist action on Omni-Tek property, we did our best to help them. While I would have loved to work with them longer, as their attitude to the Corporation is still not what I would call positive, we decided that they didn’t show any tendency toward terrorism that had lead to the incident in the first place. And as neutral citizens, they were released. I am happy to say we have not had any reports of criminal activity from them since. They were definitely a unique case."

    What would you have done with them if you had had the time?

    "Well I would have loved to get to the bottom of their negative attitudes towards the Corporation, which they do still hold from some degree."

    Is that a part of your job description? Attitudes towards Omni-Tek?

    "I try to help people in understanding the Corporation's concern for them. Many times they are confused, and usually having someone to talk out some of those areas can be a great avenue for them to resolve those issues and once again be happy in their positions and lives."

    Sounds like a noble job. Are you happy with what you do?

    "Yes, I am. I am usually the person who gets to watch the employee as they settle back into their normal life after some trauma or other issue has disrupted it. It is very satisifying to help them settle back in and be happy again."

    How does it make you feel when people accuse Reform of using.. hmm.. inhumane methods?

    "I know the truth behind those claims. The methods we use are carefully laid out, and our policies have all been reviewed and approved by the ICC as well as Omni-Prime."

    If you had the chance to gather all the people with negative views of Reform into one room, what would you say to them?

    "Well, it would be hard to do with a room full. I tend to work with people one on one. I guess I would start with asking them what they felt was negative about Reform, and we would start with that. I have encountered a few, that usually hearing how we actually handle even extreme cases is not nearly as severe as they may have heard in gossip. And even those extreme cases, are very carefully reviewed all the way up to the Director herself, and are quite rare in actual fact. Bottom line of what Reform is about, is to help people return to productive and happy lives."

    To set the record straight then.. what does the treatment of these 'extreme cases' involve?

    "I am not usually involved with those treatments. So it would be irresponsible of me to try and detail what would occur in them. But Reform personnel are not the boogey men so many people seem to think we are."

    So there you are: not the Boogey Men. Case closed? Hardly. There are still lots of people out there who seem pretty disturbed by the idea of Omni-Reform. I was determined to find out where these rumours came from. This is no easy task. A number of shuns, rude words and ex-friends later I had come no closer in my investigation as to where people had gotten the idea of the evil of Omni-Reform from.

    I had been told stories of an ex Omni-Pol leader who may have been willing to talk to me about her experience. But try as I might this woman was untraceable, as if having disappeared from the surface of Rubi-Ka. A worrying thought. Others advised me that it was a futile exercise because anyone who has been 'successfully' reformed, will definitely not want to talk ill of the department. A fair point, but surely there is someone who knows something!

    After a further small loss of friends I found myself in the Rompa Bar in the Omni-1 Entertainment District being chatted up after a small incident involving an Omni-Pol investigator and some trivial ID issue had all but emptied the premises. Mr. Cynthrax’s sweet, but misguided flirting left something to be desired at the time, but fortunately for me, alcohol results in loose tongues. After the incident involving Detective McKallen and someone named Khiernan, I fortunately had my recording device turned on.

    "Omni-Reform, huh? I have heard horror stories of them. I have a friend who was taken to reform once. I can say she really changed after that... experience."

    Did she say anything about it?

    "Well, at first she was just like another person. It was like she was acting in a way. One night though she had some sort of nervous breakdown and... she admitted it was in fact a nightmare there... brainwashing. Mental torture she called it."

    What did she say they did?

    "She was not a close friend actually, just someone in my organization... she didn't give that many details. She just said there were interrogations. She had to sign another contract of loyalty to Omni-Tek and she also believes she was drugged. She has just vanished now. I haven't seen her in months. No one knows where she is..."

    What is her name?

    "No offence Lisa, but I am not sure she would like me to give her name to the press... If I see her around I will ask her if she's interested in an interview."

    And what about you, do you have objection to me using your name?

    "No, feel free to use. I don't fear them. They don't know where I live anyway."

    I made sure to turn off my recording device at that point as Mr. Cynthrax had started to talk about exactly where he lived, involving stories of his ex-wife.

    Mental torture, drugs, interrogations. So there was at least something behind these rumours. Who knows if these words had been exaggerated by drink, but here was someone who had a legitimate reason for believing the stories. How true they are, I never found out. I never was told the name of the mystery lady. But it seems to me that every time I get close to someone who has had first-hand experience of Omni-Reform, they have simply vanished. Either that is something very sinister… or they just don’t want to talk to me.

    Unfortunately, after a long investigation, I am still no closer to understanding whether the rumours of Reform are actually true. But, that said, maybe I have managed to clean up both sides of the coin for people to observe and make their own judgements on. We know that there are charming people like Councillor Dologhon working for Reform with a very sincere belief that he is simply helping people with their issues. On the other hand, we have the people who have felt like they lost something to Reform. A friend, a relative, maybe even an ally.

    I have discovered a lot and there is a lot to be discovered. And perhaps there is only one way to find out the complete truth. To be completely honest, I still would not wish that on anyone.
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    Interesting use of PR, i'd say you almost had for me about two seconds, then I got to wondering where the proof is.

    I mean put simply, a chemically altered state can produce the same testimonial. That the beauty of the brainwash, is that you can be sincere about your untruths.

    From my personsal experience, Reform needs to hire more believable people to do their fieldwork. I can think of two examples of reform people I'd personally like to put to task in a sewer.
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    Why is there a need for reform?

    ... because the system is weak and wrong.

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    Either way, rather Reforms method than the Clans. (someone has issues, just kill them...)

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    Yes, because imbeciles with loud tongues need be coddled and spoonfed and fawned over.

    We discipline our rabble, by means of pain and shame. Pain is the way of things. When an animal gets near a hot flame, and feels pain, it learns not to stick its face in fire. Shame is for the stupid. You shame stupid person for bringing unecessary pain and burden to others. That is how people learn from their mistakes. It is simple, less eloquent, and needs no frills.

    If the person in question does not learn from their mistakes, chances are nature will select this person to ruin.
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