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Thread: question about freedom arms chapman

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    question about freedom arms chapman

    so i have some free time this year, and want to farm some treatment pistols for myself, and to sell if i get lucky and find more than 2.

    my question is, what is the best way to farm the ql 150 ones?

    more specifically, do they only drop from "want some old-school loot" missions or should i be doing "halloween dolls and lanterns" missions as well?

    also noticed the pumpkinheads are a couple levels lower than the character you got the mission with. so im guessing a lvl 150 is not a good character to farm them with? or am i wrong about that?
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    you have 2 possibilities, 1 is to farm 120-200 Grieving Pumpkin Heads and risk pvp(unless you enjoy it) or farm the new solo instance for halloween.

    *IF* the current item ql range issue isn't fixed for the new instance than you will have hundreds of 150s(and a bunch of other qls) by the time halloween ends *IF* fixed than you should come out with several still.

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    so they dont drop from solo missions anymore?

    or do you mean he missions by solo instance?
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    *solo missions =/= solo instance, completely different things.
    They still drop in solo missions but the chance isn't high and ql range is a lot higher than what is currently in the new solo instance. Pistols drop more often in solo instance (I've had over 5 drop in just 1 run).
    If you have test downloaded you can ask Draculeet for "something new" and "buried loot" for a quest for instance.

    example: level 200s doing the new instance get ql 190-196 armor/weapons over 95% of the time atm meaning a level 156 toon doing them would get mostly ql150-155 loot (ql150-155 chapmans).

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    Just had a drop today in notum mines 101-150 . I dont think drop rate is good on greiving pumpkins , the ganking is most likely and i think last year was 4 hour spawn on that mob . And mines are 0% gas so your faction can also attack you

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    ah ok the solo instance isnt on live servers yet i guess.

    so there no point farming the pistols for creds anymore but u'll have an easier time farming them for urself then
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    I had three drop in "buried loot" on my first attempt at it yesterday on testlive.

    IIRC the Halloween Event usually lasts for 12 days starting the Tuesday or Thursday before the 31st.
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    uphs are up, leets are there, you can do enigma already.

    everythings live except the solo instance.
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    Guess I didn't recall correctly-- Halloween will run long this year. More excited about the impending (soon tm) Steam Apocalypse. Much pain but after the dust settles we'll be better off.

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    People must be lucky on pistol drops, I've done 10 missions (total on a couple 100s and a few 150s) and I've had 0 pistol drops.
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    I got zero pistols on level 150 chars.
    I got loads of the Stamina pistols on my 167 though, but the QL was always around 164-165, so would need to be 158~160 at the top end for treatment pistols by the look of it.

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    did 1 150 mish, 4 pistols, 3 of them QL 143, 1 QL 144....
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    Completed it on with my 220 soldier. 1 random drop ql 200 treatment pistol. other random non- social, 3 bps, 3 miy's armor and 3 sunbursts. Ignored all of the social but if you're looking for that missing piece of your costume, this would be the place to farm it. Final boss just had miy's and lya's ql226. Glad I did it but don't think I'll revisit.

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    Level 165 was a nogo... only got QL 164 pistols.... too bad I don't have any toons between 150-165 :/
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    150 dont help there you get only 144-146 Mobs/loot ^^ looks its intended because of the many 150 Twinks who are still around .

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    as I said in my post a few posts up here
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    It appears that a character around level 152 is optimal for farming the right QL. The loot level (and mob level) scaling seems to change at around that point.

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    155 toons get 149 loot mostly(on my 155 adv) so the best level is 156/157

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    what are you on about?
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    i have a pretty good idea, since i started the topic.
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