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Thread: The Reck: Conspark's Guide to Our New Zone

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    The Reck: Conspark's Guide to Our New Zone

    Greetings. As of this edit, this guide is heavily WIP. For now, all it offers is a rough guide on where to find mobs in the Reck of a certain level and what bosses (if any) exist in those areas as well the notable loot for those bosses. I plan to expand this guide over time and turn it into a semi-comprehensive reference manual for the benefit of anyone using our newest leveling zone.

    Any "nothing of note" on drops is to the best of my knowledge. In fact, all of this is the best of my knowledge. I welcome (friendly) corrections.

    Locations are listed in very rough level order. There is no geographical sensibility with regard to level and location as far as I can tell (e.g.: the further south, the higher the level). Names of locations here match the names on Saavick's map. The Reck is a very large zone and I highly recommend either a Phasefront vehicle or a Yalmaha for getting around. You'll often run into mobs much higher than you while traveling on foot if you're at the lower end of The Reck's intended range.

    The Reck is not level-locked at this time and can be accessed from Tir or Omni-1 Trade whompahs.

    Abandoned Mining Outpost :: Southern tip
    Boss: None
    Level 95-120 (Entvined Soldiers)
    Drops: (Possibly?) Stripped Token Board, Experimental Optic Enhancer
    These drop from the Entvined General and their soldiers at New Thera, but I don't know if these lower ones have a chance to drop those also.

    Supply Station :: Northern half, east side
    Boss: None
    Level 100-110 (Mutants)
    Drops: Nothing of note
    These mobs are a daily quest kill objective.

    Mutant Camp :: Center North
    Boss: Huzzum, drops MA fist and MA attack
    Level 110~ (Mutants)
    Drops: Fist of Huzzum, Wizdom of Huzzum
    Drops only from Huzzum.

    Ruins / SANDSTORM Camp :: Southwest
    Boss: SANDSTORM Control Tower (level 150)
    Level 110-125~ (SANDSTORM Soldiers)
    Drops: Damaged Notum Tower Shield
    Drops from control tower. The control tower is a daily mission kill objective.

    Cyborg Prison Camp :: Center east, island
    Boss: Cyborg Executioner (higher than the rest - about 130)
    Level 115-120~ (Borgs)
    Drops: Cyborg C.O. Wrist Computer (evade, right-wrist, yesdrop)
    Drops from all, but most common from Cyborg Executioner

    Boulder Cliffs :: Southwest
    Boss: None
    WARNING Level 120-130 (Primal Chirops), 150-190 (Bog Golem… hecklers!)
    Drops: Nothing of note
    Notes: In my experience, Primal Chirops drop terrible XP for their level. In addition, Bog Golems are like their Shadowlands cousins in essentially every way: big agg radius, hard hitting, accurate, and tough - I have yet to take one on in a team appropriate for the level, but I would hope that their XP drops are as impressive as the real hecklers.

    Ruins / SANDSTORM Camp #2 :: Center east
    Boss: Wardog
    Level 120-135~ (SANDSTORM Soldiers, mechs)
    Drops: The Dog of War, Wardog's Heated Razor Gloves
    Drops from Wardog. Wardog is a daily quest kill objective.

    Statue Desert :: Southeast tip
    Boss: Lord of Sand (level 160)
    Level 130-150 (Wasteland Scavengers, Sand Worms)
    Drops: Gem of the Sands
    Drops are from Lord of Sand.

    Archipelago (not named on map) :: Center East/Northeast
    Boss: Blackgloom the Shunned (level 150 dyna boss)
    Level 130-140 (Mutants)
    Drops: Dyna loot

    Mutant Hideout :: Southeast
    Boss: Warchief Skawt
    Level 140-155~ (Mutants)
    Drops: Ranged Energy rifles
    Drops are from Skawt. Skawt is a daily quest kill objective.
    Notes: These guys hit pretty hard. 131 MA with a mix of Newcomer's and First Tier, I was taking about 300 to 475 per hit. On the plus side, they dropped around 50-60k XP with just Omni XP bonus for +XP%. These mobs also drop up to 3 monster parts at a time - something to keep in mind if you're considering monster parts -> blood plasma shop food.

    Port New Thera :: South
    Boss: Entvined General (level 210)
    Level 160-170~ (Entvined Soldiers)
    Drops: Stripped Token Board, Experimental Optic Enhancer
    Been told they drop rarely from all, but General has a 100% chance to drop at least one of the two.

    Island of the Dead :: Extreme southeast, island
    Boss: Abandoned Hope
    Level 160-200~ (Dragonclaw Knights, Lords of Pain)
    Drops: Death's Door, Vision of Destruction, Vision of Hope
    Drops from Abandoned Hope
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    SANDSTORM Control Tower drops , Damaged Notum Tower Shield, not that common
    Wardog drops the Wardog's Heated Razor Gloves also, seems slightly more common than the pistol.

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    Abandoned Hope also drops "Vision of Destruction" and "Vision of Hope".
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    thanks for this list, but links to items would be useful
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    Entvined Soldiers do drop scope & tokenboard, 7-10% chance would be rough estimates.
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    Conspark, I'd like to use some of the information you provided in the OP in a Reck guide on AOU. Can you send me a PM please. Thanks,
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