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Thread: [RK1] IRRK: Third Faction stage protest inside Omni-1 bar

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    [RK1] IRRK: Third Faction stage protest inside Omni-1 bar

    Third Faction stage protest inside Omni-1 bar.
    May 20, 29482 - Lisa Corahnay [Atlantean]

    Omni-1 Entertainment (IRRK) – 20th April – The neutral organisation, Third Faction, are seriously reprimanded by Omni-Pol for staging an ‘occupation’ of Omni-Tek social premises in attempt to gain sympathy for the situation in Borealis. Investigation draws questions into Third Faction’s possible affiliations with militant clans and rumours of the engineer, Retoolkit.

    On a typical day in Borealis it’s loud. The hubbub of the general people traffic provides an ambient background for the shouts of traders and occasional clash of metal as duels turn so easily into small riots. This day seemed no different at first as I headed into the city to investigate a tip-off that a group of people in red armour were causing some kind of disruption. I was half expecting to teleport into the middle of a battlefield and to have to step over bodies to get a glimpse of Red Freedom soldiers. But fortunately that wasn’t the case. I strolled around for a couple of minutes, hearing the occasional garbled shout and was wondering if I’d been misinformed, when suddenly I was all but trampled by a scarlet stampede that rounded the corner in front of me. This wasn’t Red Freedom, this was Third Faction.

    As I struggled to keep up with the fast paced and noisy group as they made their way out of Borealis and into Omni territory. My questions weren’t getting answered by the determined crowd, but what I did learn was that they were not happy about the occupation of Borealis (No surprise there), they appeared to be being led a woman who was taking them deep into Omni towns, all the while shouting the usual things you’d hear at a ‘Free Borealis’ protest and yes, their armour did indeed appear to be very similar to that of Red Freedom. Curious.

    The Omni-Tek employees we passed were obviously not happy with the protest being brought so close to their homes but at this point no one seemed very eager to escalate the tension. Things soon took on a different tone. The shouts for freedom became something altogether different, taking on a vengeful air as the procession turned into the Entertainment district. “Let’s see how you like being occupied!” I heard someone shout. It soon became apparent that this was slightly more than a peaceful protest, this was a small invasion; of the Rompa bar.

    Sparks flew as the bar was declared Neutral Territory. And, as expected, a visit from Omni-Pol was not far away. I still was not able to ask some of the questions I would have liked to have asked as the preoccupied Third Faction faced-off with a (let’s give them credit here) pretty brave couple of Omni-Pol officers. Brave as they may be though, they soon saw sense and retreated, presumably to wait for backup.

    It didn’t take long for backup to arrive in the form of a lone officer in riot-gear. Let me say that this one was not at all afraid to get straight to the point. The point being Third Faction’s near immediate and forceful removal from the Rompa bar via their insurance policies. I can only describe the massacre as the Omni-Pol officer stepped up to each Third Faction member in turn and asked them once if they would leave. Each declined and each was escorted off the premises by the airwaves. I say I can only describe this to you and it is the truth. Unfortunately, although I got some excellent shots of the removal, my camera was seized as evidence. Omni-Pol guaranteed its return but ‘regrettably’ were not able to accept responsibility for any damage or loss of data.

    As were asked to leave the area, it turned out that Third Faction had made a swift, if slightly groggy, regroup outside the bar. I sensed it was about to get heated again and discreetly left the city by the quickest means I could find. I did, however catch up to Third Faction to discover what had happened next. A Third Faction officer, Captain Tamara "Lasliana" McCovery answered my questions:

    “Well the Omni-Pol, asked each of our officers whether we would accept responsibility for the actions of our members in Rompa. After each of us did we were warped into a secure facility. He also warped a number of our members into the holding cell with us. He then offered us terms which were a one day ban from Rompa... The officers, myself included, declined but urged our members to do so, and be thus released. We continued to refuse and were held over night... I did however manage to escape for a time along with generals Agrestus and Latradeja.”

    How did you manage that?

    “Well they never bothered to search us. So I still had a lock pick handy. I managed to pick the cell doors lock on the first attempt. We then proceeded to attempt a full escape, but at the exit to the facility we caused it to go into lockdown, which was interesting. With no way of escaping we searched around a bit for a…”

    At this point we were interrupted by crossfire from a pair whose argument seemed to have spilled into violence. That would be my fault for having the interview in Borealis of course. But we continued nonetheless…

    “We looked around, hoping we would find Retoolkit in a cell... But we didn’t. So I guess he is being held in a different facility to the one we were in. well we went back to our cell, and the door actually locked fully behind us. We continued to refuse their offers and in the end were threatened with being held for a week before being sent to omni reform...”

    Never a nice thought.

    “We continued to decline their offers until finally the Omni-Pol trooper got orders from above to hold us for the rest of the night before releasing us in the morning, which he did. So the omni reform threat was a total bluff it seems.”

    Who else was with you?

    “General Agrestus, General Latradeja, Squad Commander Baylorr, we shared the cell for the night.”

    Sounds Cosy.

    “It wasn’t. Just a sofa, with threadbare cushions and a table and we were also given no food or water.”

    Are you happy with the way it went?

    “I think that in future we will only be doing the protest march part, and will not be occupying anything apart from Borealis. But it did show how much Omni-Tek does not like having any of their territory occupied, which was the main point of the sit in at Rompas.”

    About the Red colour… I’ve been told it symbolises neutral blood spilt in defence of Borealis.

    “Yes it does, and the black the dark times ahead... it was decided upon by Admiral Nohva for those reasons as well as it being readily available.”

    Did you ever think it might be associated with the clan Red Freedom?

    “I have yes, and so have a few of our members. Luckily I suppose we have not met red freedom, and have yet to be mistaken for them… But I believe it would be in the best interests of our members to stay well clear of them, as well as any other neutral. We are in no way affiliated, similar or in contact with Red Freedom, anyone who says otherwise is lying. We do not stand for the same ideals as Red Freedom and I hope never will.”

    Anything that you'd like to make the public aware of?

    “The occupying of Rompas was to show Omni-Tek what it is like to have your home occupied by foreign forces, like they do in Borealis. It showed in their reaction. Also it was Omni-Pol who escalated the situation and began the violence. We tried to calm the situation down, as it was supposed to be peaceful. And of course… Neutral Freedom! Neutral Forever! Neutral for Life!”

    Interesting thoughts from one of Third Faction’s leaders. Interestingly enough, despite the words from Lasliana, I have since been hearing rumours of Third Faction’s involvement in a Red Freedom operation. So far I haven’t managed to get many to comment on that hearsay. Apart from one Third Faction member named Bandarra. I will leave you with our conversation and you can make up your own mind. (I have yet to ask General Agrestus about this.)

    What's this I heard about Third Faction helping in a Red Freedom operation?

    ”I am not aware of any such thing.”

    Really? Interesting, I heard that it was just over a week ago, on Saturday.

    ”Ah, I see now what you refer to. Please address queries about that to General Agrestus, I was not there.”

    So you know a bit about what happened then?

    ”A bit, yes, the freeing of Retoolkit?”

    Retoolkit? I'm not sure I heard about that. I've only heard rumours.

    ”Just what I heard from others. Please address further questions to someone of rank. Thanks for your interest.”

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    Considering the bars in Ent are a public place, it's open for anyone to use, there's no risk of someone of a different faction getting shot there, even clans can usually go in and the worst that happens is the bartenders refuse to serve them. Not much of an "occupation" imho...

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    I once occupied a bathroom stall. Then it got liberated and occupied by someone else. This must be the logic they applied to standing in a public venue.
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    well that report took its time to be published..but i suppose at least it was published, before omni PR could but an exagerated spin on it like,
    'Third Faction along with Red Freedom invade Omni Ent! City of the Great and Good'

    It was also nice of Omni Tek to over react to somthing they could have chosen to simply ignore, at the time. If anything it shows a little of how scared they are, and how much theyre control freaks.

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    yeah las surprised ur not linked to RF with the armor
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    Well there is a shortage of decent military uniforms readily available, in my opinion.

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    bathing suits?
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    Ill send Portman the left overs of my stock of pink tutu's, Then she too have an original uniform instead of stealing the design from us neutrals.

    ...altho with a pink tutu she will have playboy fixer all over her...oh well who cares.

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    nah, swim suits dont offer enough protection and arent practical, i thought you would have learnt that from 4 Holes?

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    Validius picks up the paper and reads the contents, looking out of the window of his shuttle.

    = Captain "Arthazar" Harcrow (Captain of The Phoenix Fortune)
    = Reporter "Lucetta" Phoenix (IRRK Freelance Reporter)
    = Sir "Sterlings" Furlocke (The Old English Trading Co.)
    = Dr. Malcom "Cormack" Ardman (University of Borealis)
    = "Paulon" McPhasefront, "Georj" Hairyson, "Johnar" Lemon & "Morninn" Starr (The Leetles)
    = "Gridfeed" (Camera Drone)
    = Director "Dartello" Marello (Black-Net)
    = DCI "Validius" Hunt (Department of Investigations)
    = DS John "Streller" (Department of Investigations)

    = Major "Jimako" Jones (OTAF)
    = Mack "Teffler" Falloway (Clan hunter/trader)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lasliana View Post
    nah, swim suits dont offer enough protection and arent practical, i thought you would have learnt that from 4 Holes?
    that was planned that way! yes.... that's it... all planned....
    Never knock on death's door, always ring the bell and run. Death really hates that.

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    General Saito read the IRRK news rarely. This time, however, colleagues pointed out one article for her "reading pleasure", since it concerned the Rompa bar incident.

    She shut the door on the grinning officer and her lips formed a thin line, betraying her tenseness. There was really no point in reading it, she thought in resignation.

    The woman walked across her office and, after a brief moment of hesitation, sat down on the desk to activate the terminal.

    “Well. No surprise here”, she said out loud. It hadn’t taken her long to realise the status quo on Rubi-Ka, after her arrival. This war had gone on for so long that the fronts were just as rigid and non-moving as the minds of the people involved in it.

    The clans had their stance. The neutrals had their differing opinions. The corporation had its goals and gave its orders. As long as neither party was ready for compromise, the situation would remain irreconcilable. Be that as it may, she reminded herself, global politics were not her domain.

    Her job was to keep this Omni-Pol subdivision running smoothly. To maintain order on the streets, so employees could live out their lives safely and productively. The Pol would always step on people’s toes, regardless of their affiliation.

    But Third Faction... they had done things that were on the verge to clan terrorism. In her opinion, they had already crossed the line. But the Board intended to “investigate the matter more closely” before making a decision. She was aware of the implications. The neutral community would take a kill-on-sight declaration on their most vocal defenders hard. She didn’t understand the Board's decision, though. Did the directors want to avoid a war on two fronts simultaneously? While the neutrals’ efforts were commendably courageous and some of them skilled soldiers, they were dwarfed by the unlimited resources Omni-Tek had at its disposal. Some other processes must have been at work here, which she was unaware of.

    She pondered whether to comment in the public discussion forum. A warning would only be fair. She reconsidered, though. No. No use trying to argue. She had tried it that night when Agrestus had caught her alone, jogging.

    Still, she admired the man for trying to keep up the talks. Even after she had attacked and wounded him at Rompa’s. There was just nothing she could do. “We have no personal beef with Omni-Pol”, he had told her. Perhaps it was so. But Third Faction brought her into a position where it was her job to interfere with their ambitions. Unauthorised demonstrations would not happen on her shift.

    Instead, she wrote the following lines:

    Dear concerned employees. The forceful removal of the neutral Third Faction was in accordance with Omni-Tek law. I assure you that none of the measures taken to achieve said removal were unnecessarily brutal or cruel. The protesters were given verbal warnings and ample time to leave the premises on their own accord. The situation could not be resolved in any other way.
    Signed: General Saito, Omni-Pol

    It was not her duty to care what the clans or neutrals thought. But it was a personal concern of hers that the people she swore to protect and serve would understand that they did the right thing.

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    Phaw! Omni-Tek "law" is what ever is good for Omni-Tek at the time!

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    no explosions? if 3F really were a RF group, I guess there would have been some dead omnis after that incident.
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    See, peaceful. Even in the face of violence they did not turn and kill anyone. This shows their true metal, untarnished as ever.

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    BUT, it wouldn't have hurt anyone if they had to carry away a few omnis in body bags!
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    Like General Saito kindly pointed out Iaitoo, we have no personal "beef" with Omni-Pol. I'd rather make my point to the directors rather than take my anger out on the brave officers. Misguided, maybe, but they still have lives and a family. And so do we.

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    neither did I say you have, I just pointed out that it would make me happy if there was some dead omnis after the incident.
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    There is no reason for Omni to further continue it's occupation of Borealis. The neutrals can protect themselves from any alien threat without assistance thank you.
    neutral Third Faction

    May the farce be with you.

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    <Q> /afk (I'm a keeper now)

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    Alien "threat" since we have to invite them under false pretenses of a tea party. When was the last time any dared come into Borealius or New Lands? Last one I saw was outside New Lands, huge to be sure but it died like all the rest.

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