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Thread: [RK2] Freelance: Link Dead Communications acquires two Last Ditch Companies

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    [RK2] Freelance: Link Dead Communications acquires two Last Ditch Companies

    Link Dead Communications acquires two Last Ditch Companies
    May 18, 29482 - Russell Cramer [Rimor]

    IRRK Freelance - Local technology company Link Dead Communications, known mostly for selling personal communication devices, said today it has reached agreements to acquire the news printing company The Stret West Gazette as well as gridvision broadcasting company RedRubi Network for an undisclosed sum of credits.

    Link Dead Communications said that the acquisition deals will not only boost their company's earnings, but it will also provide the citizens of Stret West Bank a more streamlined source for "Fair and Independent" news coverage.

    When asked for the comment President of Link Dead Communications, Jeffery Kavanaught, had this to say.

    "These are exciting times indeed! In my wildest dreams I never could have imagined that one day I'd be sitting here behind a desk signing off on a business deal that would turn my business – A business that I started in my parent's garage here in Last Ditch – Into one of this region's premiere media outlets."

    Asked how Mr. Kavanaught sees the future of the three businesses he went to add.

    "The Stret West Gazette and the RedRubi Network while fully held by Link Dead Communications will continue to work in a competitive fashion. The best, most accurate news is reported when the reporters have to fight tooth and nail to discover the truth before someone else, and the best entertainment programming and writing comes when companies are trying to persuade the same audiences – and who am I to want to change that. While those two companies continue to grow and expand their offerings to the public we here at Link Dead Communications will be working on improving our delivery methods. These new delivery methods include a new line of personal coms as well as delivery solutions for small to medium sized businesses."

    Clearly excited by the success of his business and prospect of bright future Mr. Kavanaught had the follow to say in closing.

    "Like I said earlier, these are very, very exciting times for us. Our business plan show us growing our market share in all three sectors we're competing in now for at least the next 10 years, which I'd like to add is the full length of the current business plan. I hope one day to hear people on the streets saying 'When I want the most accurate news and entertaining programming I don't just go anywhere, I go Link Dead!'"

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    I hear they're getting bigger and bigger.

    All my friends have been going link dead for quite some time now.....
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    Link Dead Communications, hahaha
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