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Thread: Visit from the advisors. When?

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    Visit from the advisors. When?

    I wonder when they will come and for how long, the invitation on there gridpage only says April 18th 2008 and that they will have "Contests, Prizes, a Petting Zoo and More!!!"

    Gridstream Productions will broadcast from 6pm RKST, but is that also the time the ARKs will come?

    Further more I hope they can control the petting zoo, as far as I have meet the ARK they are rather fund of terrifying monsters and releasing thousands of leets into the public street.

    We wouldn't want a public scandal.

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    PS. I have heard nothing from Omni-Tek or ICC about this, is it a sanctioned party/petting zoo?
    or is it just a couple of Genetic Manipulators yet again having fun on OT-owned Rubi-Ka?

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    yes, and at 6 pm GMt there's also the Clan remembrance day party in Tir
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    Red face

    It seem's as if the Petting zoo was well tamed this evenings last event & took place at reet's retreat however I am very worryed the animals have suffererd in door air population problems. All those Animals Caged in a room.. What would the Mayor of Newland say ?
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