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Thread: (OOC) PBF's research journal

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    (OOC) PBF's research journal

    11 april 29482,

    The glyph connections between the ShadowLands and Rubi-Ka still puzzle me...

    Not only do the words make no sense at all in our tongue, but from time to time they even appear mirrored. As of yet nothing has been heard of any of my scouts or anything either... this seems indeed to be a deep reach into the dark.

    The worries... so far i haven't been able to get any new information out of Ergo either, his pre-programmed dialogues seem to be the only retrievable information in his... THEIR entire database.

    I am planning to go into the outzones again, and find out what the Kyr'Ozch connection to this whole notum mystery is too... Somehow i got a feeling they might not be as evil as we all think, besides the fact we both attack each other on sight.

    I'll have to keep thinking up theories and write them down to filter out wrong info... Luckily i got the letter from Eco Warrior Kisra to keep me motivated...

    (( I'll try to put down some of these short journal entries, to hopefully get other people intrested to join in on the research stuff, and keep them (and myself) up-to-date on what's supposedly going on in the research event scheme (ps: i'm crappy at making up such kind of stories ;p) ))
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    From the pages of Chit-Chat magazine, Spring Special

    It's official Shadowland glyphs can be bad for you! Reading Shadowland glyph's have been linked with ulcers, hysterical pregnancies. and "brain bleed". These glyphs, apparently, form patterns which fool human DNA into thinking it's a Friday afternoon, even on a Monday morning! An unnamed expert revealed he thinks this was part of the Xan's master plan to make everyday a week-end thus turning the Shadowlands into a real paradise, but we all know how that went!

    Another unnamed expert advised that the only safe way to read Shadowland glyphs is using 3D goggles, the kind with blue and red lens you sometimes get at movie theatres. Either that, or make sure it really is Friday afternoon.

    Bottom line, reading Shadowland glyph's is dangerous for your health. In fact, reading in general is unhealthy, that is unless it is Chit-Chat magazine of course!
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    eh? i don't get it xD especially as this is meant to be viewed OOC
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    (( It's just Dabblez adding in some of her tongue-in-cheek humor ))
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    (( RUR... faulty bots & cheeky lines ))

    12 april 29482,

    This is amazing!

    Having wandered in Elysium, i found a very old and somewhat eroded statue of a man leaning on an axe! A MAN! in the shadowlands...

    Somehow the figure seemed strangely familiar to me too... but i couldn't remember where, till i was about to get some rest, then it struck me! The statue is at ICC HeadQuarters! AND it's said to be the statue of Philip Ross! This is an amazing find indeed... i'll check back today in the ShadowLands if i can find more links to Rubi-Ka and ShadowLands
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    Now i have found even more proof Rubi-Ka and the ShadowLands are somehow linked to each other... i'll be parsing my holofeeds tonight and backing them up safely, you never know what might happen during field-work.

    I've finally come to research more of Ergo, and his Yuttos. Somehow i got a feeling they might not be as nice as they might claim or show to be... there is so much circumstantial evidence pointing otherwise, and the Yuttos seem so reluctant to be exposed to light...
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    thanks for reminding me

    save you some trouble in case you get to this and need some help.


    ((don't want this link lost.))

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    "This time the honor goes to Playboyfixer and his Xan alphabet"

    i got some from translating in gardens, the DB wall, and other roaming (ran over 1/4th of SL thoroughly so far i think )
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    16 april 29482,

    Once more i found more links from Shadowlands to Rubi-KA, or vice-versa... i think it's time for me to recapitulate most info i got, should something happen to me and someone finds my journal...

    1) there are so many links of shadowlands to rubi-ka and opposite:
    i have found glyph writings, and even doors in several shadowland sections that are found in Broken Shores too, not to mention the ruins and ancient writings in the Dust Brigade Digsites

    2) The beast:
    i have gone on several "beast raids", where large groups jump into the source's core, and kill The Beast, better known to some node as The Guardian of the Source... that node explained to me that when the Beast is killed, "they" could get free access to the source core, and bad stuff might happen...

    3) Ergo:
    Everytime i go in one of ergo's caves, i see the dark structural buildings identical to the unredeemed, not to mention the same machinery... He also seems quite eager to let us deeper into the ShadowLands too, and even gives us a task of killing The Beast for a special reward, yet the node claims killing the beast means bad stuff could happen...

    My feel is Ergo might not be all that nice as he seems, but he might be set at those locations so we could go kill The Beast, and "they" can use us as their tool without us knowing it...

    4) The Aliens:
    linking to the killing of The Beast, the warnings of the node, and "they" might be using us to get their evil schemes done, why have the aliens suddenly come here?... for our notum? maybe, but i got a theory it might not be so simple...

    What if, as i discovered while meeting an alien in one of the outzone sectors once, they really do try to "come in peace", and are actually just here to prevent "them" from getting to the Source, what if that would turn into catastrophic bad stuff for the entire galaxy, ofcourse they'd feel prone to "invade" us and try to stop us, as they're living in the same galaxy too after all...

    It just doesn't make sense... the Aliens should and would have given up long ago if they were just trying to get notum, and they see apparently we're too strong for them to get rid of us.

    Anyway, i'm tired now, been digging in old datacubes all day trying to get more info, digging deeper, and i need to go investigate in the shadowlands more...
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