Whakka Scouting Report


Huge Atrox Enforcer, only known as "Porkchopp" becoming hugely popular among Clan Atrox communities. One of the founders of the up-and-coming "Whompa Rats", it is uncertain how this notariety has come about, and there is a great deal of mystery surrounding this new rising star on Rubi Ka 1.<stop>

Heralded by many warriors as the new "Patron Saint of Atrox", those who have associated with him speak very highly of him for his benevolence and mastery of melee. We are researching these rumors for validity. Will bring an update with our discoveries later...<stop>

If you come across this "Porkchopp" and have dealings with him, please let me know so I can perform a more thorough investigation. It would seem that there is a story here...<stop>


...let's be careful out there!

See you ingame!