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Thread: [RK1] IRRK Freelance: Newland's Peace Project Rejected by Omni-Tek

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuxcedo View Post
    ((I dont see your problem with rk2 omnies and clans making posts on RK1 threads, its almost the same there as here, omni hates clans are in war with them and the neuts are stuck in teh middle. cept for the fact you wont meet those guys online on rk1 (unless they make a toon), i tend to look at them as officers or clanners behind a desk, who dont like fresh air and wont come out to play ))
    ((I'd bet money on some deep seeded resentment of picking the wrong server or something. *shrugs*

    Quote Originally Posted by Official Forum Description
    Articles from IRRK, OTPC and FJRK, as well as news from the Events and Community Relations teams of ARK. While regular users are unable to make new threads here, everybody can comment on the threads.
    But as I keep saying, Until FUncom makes an RK1 News and RK2 News threads, we're all free to comment and I encourage all RK2'ers to keep it up. ))
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trousers View Post
    ((I'd bet money on some deep seeded resentment of picking the wrong server or something. *shrugs*

    But as I keep saying, Until FUncom makes an RK1 News and RK2 News threads, we're all free to comment and I encourage all RK2'ers to keep it up. ))
    (( no resentment to being on RK1, and i asked devdas for separate news sections but it was denied ))

    (( only resentment is that it's a story ABOUT RK1! and it's being excessively talked in by RK2ers only, making it about impossible for RK1ers to bring any useful line into it, as we'd look like the odd ones in it ))

    (( i don't go in ur RK2 threads too saying "yeah u know, i had some tea yesterday at neuters, man, it was some good tea but not warm enough sadly, i wonder when that tree will grow a bit longer too,as the grass grows longer than it, and the birds got no room in it anymore, blah blah ))
    Never knock on death's door, always ring the bell and run. Death really hates that.

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    ((Hey, I have a character on RK1! Swordbreaker on RK1

    And it has seniority over you, Playboyfixer, ha ha ha!111

    EDIT: Rechecked ingame, I remembered after a few that I deleted and rerolled the TOON sometime during 2006, so its current incarnation doesn't have seniority over j00! ))
    Last edited by Zudahh; May 26th, 2008 at 12:13:54.
    Executing Nano Program: Gift of Assurance. Target has not enough nano controlling units (NCU) left. Swordbreaker: Not enough NCU. O_o Fixichong: FFS Fixichong: ive failed as a fixer Fixichong: i quit

    One of the first of those people who put the Infused Dust Brigade Engineer Pistol (2,7k ME/EE making req) + Infused Master Engineer Pistol on the same Engineer before any updates that fixed anything (including the original sync issues inside the DB instance), lolz!11

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    ((OK both of you please stop this, it doesnt matter if its a RK 1 or a RK 2 news thread, anyone is allowed to reply to it, regardless of where they play, heck they can even reply to it if they dont even play the game, so stop argueing. The only time you should really get annoyed is if someone replys to it in a fashion they shouldn't be able to so if a RK2 person responded to it as if they where a RK1 affiliate or newland council person. Otherwise there is absolutly no reason for them not to be able to post a response. The [RK1] and [RK2] Tags are more for knowing where the storys happening so you can try and get involved in it with your character in game rather then who you can talk about it with on the forums.

    So please shut the heck up with all this complaining about forum threads as its doing more damage then having more roleplayers responding to the news...))

    Unfortunatly so much propaganda about the place that unless your part of one faction you will never really know what the other factions are like, however people should look at the history books about what truthfully happened rather then the propaganda about what there being told there like. Things havn't changed all that much since the start of things on rubi-ka....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zudahh View Post
    {Whole lot of knit-picking and missing the point [intensionally?] Blatant example:}

    Quote:3. The freedom to work in an environment that did not include my death as final severance.

    So the Clans have found the answer to mortality? Interesting.
    Good grief, how to even reply to that? What ever you say, it will get turned on its head and aimed in a complete tangent. Are you a defense lawyer for Omni-Tek? That is the only place I have ever seen such smoke, shadow and run tactics.

    (I play on both servers, if that has any relevance.)

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