Rome Green
March 29, 29482

Fellow Employees:

Near the end of 29480, Tarkhan Zora gave a speech from Omni-Trans' doorstep. The State of the Corporation speech was a rallying cry for some. It merely set others on edge, waiting to see what would come of Zora's proclamation that not only Clanners should be shot on sight but some neutrals as well if they chose not to sign up with Omni-Tek. His words definitely stirred the pot.

I've spent some time off-world, as some of you already know. However, unless I've had a few too many cold ones that's the last time I remember hearing anything from him. I know the man is busy, but certainly he can spare ten minutes a year to give us a progress report. If someone else has heard news from Zora since his unofficial inauguration over a year ago, let me know.