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Thread: ChitChat magazine, edition 21

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    ChitChat magazine, edition 21

    Borealis: booming trade-metropolis or smouldering crater?

    Borealis, the city everyone knows, or knew, as the metropolis of trade. Be it legal, illegal, exotic stands, black market corners, large-scale shipping or parcel delivery, it all went through Borealis. Even their small shopping street brought multiple times more revenues than Old Athen's Shopping avenue, until Omni-Tek invaded.

    The mass-corporation invaded Borealis under the false pretences of defending it from aliens, in which they failed many times as they either summoned aliens themselves, or Retoolkit's robots did a better job, as well as reducing crime in Borealis, yet again something they failed at, as from the moment OT invaded, crime rose exponentially.

    That being recapitulated, recently the OT administrator in Borealis had a speech, which once again knowing Omni-Tek, ended out badly and in a killing spree, with OT bringing out a juggernaut tank to try and kill off the neutrals, and later on even threatening to blast an orbital strike onto Borealis if they wouldn't disperse.

    And now again, Borealis is at the edge of destruction, but this time not by Omni-Tek, but by it's former inhabitants and owners, the Neutrals, offering OT time till 21 december 29486 to pack up and leave Borealis, or they'll unleash a "doomsday weapon" that will totally wipe Borealis off the map, including the sattelite, the beautiful lakes, the soothing waterfalls and all living creatures in the "blast-zone" at that time.

    Will Omni-Tek leave Borealis? Will the Neutrals deploy their weapon? Why is Omni-Tek so bad at keeping order? Read it all in ChitChat magazines!
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    Borealis was my home, but now it's just been going down the crapper. Why just the other day I was there doi.... just passing though and some careless citizen waltzed past and dumped a cola in the street, splashing onto my boot. Daily ritual that has become.
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    The question is, was it RUR.cola?
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    unlikely Dabblez, copperneedle didn't mention it ate through her boots too
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    Doomsday weapon? wheres your proof?

    *hides a delivery note*

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    Will, I think you've miss read the specs on this was "intended" to drop Borealis into the bottom of the lake by blowing out the supporting walls which hold the town up on the hill top. No walls, and splash!

    But anyhow, such a device was purely theoretical and no neutral organisation...past or present may of had anything what so ever to do with such a thing no matter what the press claim.
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    What I don't get is why people are reading this magazine and believing it...

    Its a trash news rag... I swear one of these days there going to run a "Opifex gives birth to King Cobra" story...

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    well Xenotric, everyone's entitled to their own opinion, it only pleases me though that among others you paid for a copy of this magazine too
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    Who said I paid for it? there using it as lavatory wipes in beers and booze
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    so you're saying you read magazines people wipe their ass with? says something about coming near you i guess
    Never knock on death's door, always ring the bell and run. Death really hates that.

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    I glanced at it before I wiped, thats about it

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