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Thread: [ALL] IRRK: Newland Militia to Increase their Patrols

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    People who wish to make a point follow up their claims with substance. I stand behind my comments and would like to see you provide grounds to question them.
    First change of guard in Newland
    Second change of guard

    So, what Clan aggression on Newland? Omni-Tek did what? I'll grant you that Warr was employeer of OT, but she was acting as mercenary. This was one of reasons why Ross had to stood by watching neutrals kick her butt instead of ordering her to leave. Another one, and one that might explain why he payed for it is here:

    Omni aggression in Newland?
    "War may be Hell....but it's good for business!"
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    (( balme me for necro or whatever but I would like to see Trousers response ))
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    “I do miss Newland City, it was quite a nice place. I especially miss them swims in the lake outside, the ocassional bite or two from all them fishes in the water. Hopefully with this new initiative…true justice will be prevailing in Newland City.” “Riotsmurf”, a General of clan Leet, stated recently.
    I also miss the lake!

    Hate that stupid shop!

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