Today marked the first day the new ultra-stretch fabrics, used in nearly all garments produced since February 27th, were released to the retail locations. Today also marks the beginning of a new potential hazard.

Combat Safety Field Generators, a small device used for preventing death and any outside interference during combat training exercises, have come into public hands. I am unaware how this occurred but I am concerned about the radiation emitted by the tiny device, the small red glow from the anti-gravity system as the source for radioactive pollution.

I have no doubt that these units produce only a moderate amount of radiation, and are safe in limited use or in properly maintained areas such as military training grounds and equipment testing fields; Yet I cannot help to notice the sheer number of these devices littering Borealis and outside of Newland City. The immediate effects are unseen as of now in Borealis, however, in Newland, near the west gate, the effects are already markedly visible. Small patches of wilting grass and radiation burns on mosses point towards an over abundance of radiation leaking out into the environment at an unsafe rate.

I am concerned of the long term use of these devices and suggest to the Newland Council to look into the manufacturing process, limitations and possible penalties on the use of these such devices near populated areas immediately.