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Thread: [Rimor] ARK Events RP Class

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    [Rimor] ARK Events RP Class

    Hello everyone that is interested in RP.
    In order to help people getting starting in RP we (the ARK Events Team)
    will try and hold a RP Class, covering some basic resources and common understandings that have developed over time between the roleplayers of AO.

    While this Class is geared towards people that are new to roleplay and AO,
    veterans are also welcome to sit in.

    The Class will be held on Monday, March the 17th at 18:00 GMT in the Fireplace Room of Reets Retreat.

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    Nice idea. Have held one of these before for my previous org, but maybe an ARK version will help put us all more on the same page. Looking forward to attending if I am available.

    Here's a link I've left running for a while now that covers some of what I've gone over for Bravo Unit. Maybe it will serve as additional ammo for you, or maybe you can straighten out any misconceived ideas I may be running on.

    Misunderstandings or other conflicts ppl have regarding storyline would be great to cover as well, if time allows.
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    Good idea. It's great to see events giving out tips to players.

    Only thing I can't help but feel, are we that bad? XD

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    I can't contain my happiness. This is a GREAT idea, and I'm sure it will help out new RPers a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FoosballX View Post
    Good idea. It's great to see events giving out tips to players.

    Only thing I can't help but feel, are we that bad? XD
    (( lawl ))
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    Will there be a public posting of the Scripts used, or a pre-written overview of the topics covered?

    The Class is in the middle of the workday for us US'ers, and if left unchecked we may metagame ourselves to death before we can make a class.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trousers View Post
    The Class is in the middle of the workday for us US'ers, and if left unchecked we may metagame ourselves to death before we can make a class.

    *falls over laughing

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    Yeah, 1800 on a weekday will be hard for US players. I can try and point some prospects to this thread but attendance will probably be Euro-heavy.

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    [Sashanka] 18:07:46 GMT Sashanka: If you, for some reason, do not have the time to complete it all, you are free to leave and rejoin us at a later time.
    [Sashanka] 18:07:56 GMT Sashanka: Before we start, I would like to go over a few things to make this run as smoothly as possible and keep the class within the timeframe.
    [Sashanka] 18:08:05 GMT Sashanka: Please do not interrupt when I talk, between each section there will be breaks for questions and comments. If you have a question or comment please send tells to me with ? for questions and ! for comments.
    [Sashanka] 18:08:16 GMT Sashanka: Now it seems everyone is settled so letís start..
    [Sashanka] 18:08:22 GMT Sashanka: Is everyone here?
    [Sashanka] 18:08:31 GMT Feyde: Grab Cylie if you haven't yet.
    [Sashanka] 18:08:33 GMT Cylie joined the group.
    [Sashanka] 18:08:34 GMT Kehmer: Here
    [Sashanka] 18:08:38 GMT Dagget: yeah, though Lassie might pop in a bit late
    [Sashanka] 18:08:48 GMT Dagget: Lassiee*
    [Sashanka] 18:08:49 GMT Cylie: Hello everyoine
    [Sashanka] 18:08:54 GMT Sashanka: that is fine we can add her
    [Sashanka] 18:08:55 GMT Trousers: Might want to ask if everyone in in the group in Vicinity
    [Sashanka] 18:08:55 GMT Feyde: lo
    [Sashanka] 18:08:57 GMT Bubbacrush: hihi
    [Sashanka] 18:09:18 GMT Sashanka: To get a better grasp of what events are, let's share a few experiences first. Who here has been involved in a roleplaying event on their character before?
    [Sashanka] 18:09:24 GMT Bubbacrush: btw if im silent for a while, its because im getting ready
    [Sashanka] 18:09:48 GMT Sashanka: I think just about all of you have
    [Sashanka] 18:10:01 GMT Sashanka: There are a couple faces that are new to me
    [Sashanka] 18:10:01 GMT Dagget: yeah
    [Sashanka] 18:10:09 GMT Denaliblade: Uh... noob question if I'm allowed.. what counts as an "event"?
    [Sashanka] 18:10:18 GMT Atryda: several times
    [Sashanka] 18:10:23 GMT Denaliblade: Is it just RPing in general or something else?
    [Sashanka] 18:10:45 GMT Tocha: doh I missed th efirst few lines, had the channel routed to a bad window ^^
    [Sashanka] 18:10:48 GMT Kehmer: I participated in 1 or 2 events
    [Sashanka] 18:11:02 GMT Tocha: I used to participate all the time on Dim1 when I was in the mockers
    [Sashanka] 18:11:15 GMT Sashanka: Well there is interactions with the ltc and then there are events that pop up from time to time involving Storyltellers and a specific event
    [Sashanka] 18:11:35 GMT Sashanka: Well great Tocha I hope you continue to be involved
    [Sashanka] 18:11:45 GMT Sashanka: Feyde you wanted to say something
    [Sashanka] 18:12:28 GMT Feyde: Nono, was just answering your question.
    [Sashanka] 18:12:58 GMT Sashanka: well good glad people are active
    [Sashanka] 18:13:04 GMT Sashanka: Lets move on shall we
    [Sashanka] 18:13:11 GMT Sashanka: I would also like someone to tell me what roleplaying is for them.
    [Sashanka] 18:13:26 GMT Bubbacrush: !
    [Sashanka] 18:13:31 GMT Bubbacrush: =)
    [Sashanka] 18:13:47 GMT Sashanka: GA Bubba
    [Sashanka] 18:13:58 GMT Sashanka: ahh GA is ling for Go ahead
    [Sashanka] 18:15:00 GMT Bubbacrush: to me roleplay is skit style impromtu interaction between folks, often involving a critil element or subject that is the focus of the interaction, the intent of the roleplay is to stay in character and have fun (even if there is a negative outcome)
    [Sashanka] 18:15:36 GMT Feyde: !
    [Sashanka] 18:15:38 GMT Foosball33: !
    [Sashanka] 18:15:43 GMT Dagget: !
    [Sashanka] 18:16:01 GMT Sashanka: Nice summery
    [Sashanka] 18:16:15 GMT Ninanna: *nods
    [Sashanka] 18:16:46 GMT Sashanka: when you are done say done.. so I dont go on to someone else
    [Sashanka] 18:16:57 GMT Bubbacrush: oh, done... my bad
    [Sashanka] 18:17:09 GMT Sashanka: GA Feyde
    [Sashanka] 18:17:12 GMT Feyde: In a more general sense, RP (to me) is a form of acting or storytelling. Can be done in-game or forum wise, depending on preference. (done)
    [Sashanka] 18:17:40 GMT Sashanka: GA Foosball33
    [Sashanka] 18:18:07 GMT Lassiee joined the group.
    [Sashanka] 18:18:27 GMT Lassiee: hello
    [Sashanka] 18:18:40 GMT Foosball33: Role Playing to me, is acting within a predefinded storyline with a character. Or better yet at time like writing, driecting and acting in a TV show, sometimes things are ablib other times they follow a stick script
    [Sashanka] 18:18:56 GMT Foosball33: done
    [Sashanka] 18:19:10 GMT Sashanka: GA Dagget
    [Sashanka] 18:19:39 GMT Dagget: the same as the descriptions above but with the stipulation that it is 'separete' from typical in-game stuff, such as current toewr fighting or buffing, etc...
    [Sashanka] 18:19:42 GMT Dagget: done
    [Sashanka] 18:20:03 GMT Sashanka: Thatís a very good definition, letís formalize it a bit more.
    [Sashanka] 18:20:09 GMT Sashanka: Roleplaying is taking over the role of a virtual character, in an artificial environment, and portraying them in their world for a certain amount of time.
    [Sashanka] 18:20:19 GMT Sashanka: And what is the roleplayer's enemy?
    [Sashanka] 18:20:23 GMT Sashanka: It is what we call "OOC". This abbreviation stands for "Out of Character". Here is an example of an OOC situation:
    [Sashanka] 18:20:33 GMT Sashanka: Person: Hey d00d, how r u? BRB the stupid phone is ringing
    [Sashanka] 18:20:39 GMT Sashanka: Who can spot what is wrong with this sentence?
    [Sashanka] 18:20:45 GMT Tocha: the whole thing
    [Sashanka] 18:21:05 GMT Bubbacrush: in an RP sence, the person who doesnt ignore this person is wrong
    [Sashanka] 18:21:08 GMT Sashanka: Yes basically
    [Sashanka] 18:21:38 GMT Tocha: well I guess the "hey dude how are you" is ok .. but that part after it has to go ^^
    [Sashanka] 18:21:53 GMT Sashanka: Try to stay in play as much as possible to gain the full in character effect, including the emotions involved
    [Sashanka] 18:22:18 GMT Sashanka: well yes if your character is a hey dude kind of character then I guess that would be okay
    [Sashanka] 18:22:33 GMT Sashanka: Good job, let me sum it up a bit more.
    [Sashanka] 18:22:39 GMT Sashanka: L33t Speak - Use formal English instead.
    [Sashanka] 18:22:46 GMT Sashanka: Abbreviations - Use formal English instead.
    [Sashanka] 18:22:53 GMT Sashanka: Smileys - Smileys are a no-go too; use /me emotes instead.
    [Sashanka] 18:23:00 GMT Sashanka: OOC talk Ė We do not recommend going OCC more then highly necessary and if you do need to go OCC use ((text)) which is the standard recognized form when going OOC.
    [Sashanka] 18:23:14 GMT Sashanka: Please do remember that ARK Events characters, during events or on LTCs do never go OOC. We will come back to that a bit later.
    [Sashanka] 18:23:24 GMT Sashanka: If you make a typo while you roleplay donít bother correcting it, that would be going OOC. Typos happen and sometimes words don't come out in the right order. Just realize that and accept we all make mistakes. Trying to correct them will throw off the flow of the roleplay.
    [Sashanka] 18:23:40 GMT Sashanka: Any questions about exactly what roleplaying is?
    [Sashanka] 18:23:49 GMT Feyde: !
    [Sashanka] 18:23:58 GMT Sashanka: GA Feyde
    [Sashanka] 18:24:24 GMT Feyde: For typos, sometimes I've used that RPwise that I got tongue twisted trying to say something.
    [Sashanka] 18:24:42 GMT Bubbacrush: im guilty of typos, i often correct myself out of habit.
    [Sashanka] 18:24:43 GMT Feyde: done
    [Sashanka] 18:24:59 GMT Sashanka: I have noticed that.. I think that is a very good in play way to correct yourself
    [Sashanka] 18:25:26 GMT Ninanna: When we get tired.. we misspeak.. our characters can as well.
    [Sashanka] 18:25:34 GMT Sashanka: If I may give an example and pick on Foosball a bit
    [Sashanka] 18:25:47 GMT Sashanka: He might cough and say excuse me
    [Sashanka] 18:26:00 GMT Sashanka: That is perfectly fine
    [Sashanka] 18:26:19 GMT Sashanka: any other comments on that?
    [Sashanka] 18:26:31 GMT Bubbacrush: none from me
    [Sashanka] 18:26:36 GMT Sashanka: Good roleplaying requires proper use of emotes and scripting, proper spelling and punctuation. Good emotes include things like using "laughs" for hehe or LOL, "smiles" for , and "you" for "u"...
    [Sashanka] 18:26:49 GMT Sashanka: Also another good hint, while roleplaying, people's character info does not exist, and neither does the character name above their head.
    [Sashanka] 18:27:00 GMT Sashanka: The best way to know their identity is by asking for their name or their ID.
    [Sashanka] 18:27:11 GMT Sashanka: Letís move on and talk a bit about the use of emotes and power playing.
    [Sashanka] 18:27:22 GMT Sashanka: Good emotes involve actions, and things people can see or observe. Bad emotes allow other players to become mind readers, or provide them with no way to react (in other words: powerplaying).
    [Sashanka] 18:27:36 GMT Sashanka: An example of a "mind-reading" emote would be: /me thinks that it's time to go home.
    [Sashanka] 18:27:47 GMT Sashanka: As long as you don't say out loud "it's time to go home", the people around you aren't supposed to know what's on your character's mind.
    [Sashanka] 18:27:59 GMT Sashanka: Lets take some time here and explore one of the other big nonos in roleplaying, and that's Power gaming.
    [Sashanka] 18:28:05 GMT Denaliblade: !
    [Sashanka] 18:28:08 GMT Dagget: !
    [Sashanka] 18:28:11 GMT Sashanka: Powergaming is when a person presumes or declares that his or her own action, against another player character, is successful without giving the other person's character the freedom to act on his own prerogative. This may include, but is not limited to:
    [Sashanka] 18:28:23 GMT Sashanka: Declaring another character's actions for himself, without that person's permission.
    [Sashanka] 18:28:33 GMT Sashanka: Stating what happened to another person without the person's consent.
    [Sashanka] 18:28:37 GMT Bubbacrush: !
    [Sashanka] 18:28:43 GMT Sashanka: Presuming that your own attack or physical action against another person was successful without giving the person the chance to dodge or react otherwise.
    [Sashanka] 18:28:55 GMT Sashanka: Imposing emotional reactions on other characters and 'thoughtposing,' or posing your thoughts on a given person, thus giving that person no chance to react.
    [Sashanka] 18:29:07 GMT Sashanka: Conversely, declaring that all actions taken against your character have no effect.
    [Sashanka] 18:29:18 GMT Sashanka: Bad example: Leetzilla grabs <target> and breaks his arm in 38 places, then throws him to the ground and knocks him unconscious with a kick to the skull.
    [Sashanka] 18:29:31 GMT Sashanka: Devdas can do that. You cannot.
    [Sashanka] 18:29:37 GMT Sashanka: Good Example: Leetzilla punches at <target>. <target> sidesteps and launches a kick at Leetzilla Leet ducks under the kick and runs.
    [Sashanka] 18:29:49 GMT Sashanka: Any questions regarding mind reading and powerplaying?
    [Sashanka] 18:29:54 GMT Dagget: !
    [Sashanka] 18:29:58 GMT Denaliblade: !
    [Sashanka] 18:29:59 GMT Bubbacrush: ill wait my turn on that one
    [Sashanka] 18:30:05 GMT Foosball33: !
    [Sashanka] 18:30:19 GMT Sashanka: I know that was a long part I will take some questions on that
    [Sashanka] 18:30:30 GMT Sashanka: GA Denaliblade
    [Sashanka] 18:30:43 GMT Denaliblade: I have 2 questions, one about the /me <thoughts> thing and the second about the fight example you've given just there
    [Sashanka] 18:31:28 GMT Sashanka: Sure
    [Sashanka] 18:31:58 GMT Denaliblade: I often use long descriptions in /me to explain why my character says or does something. I'm used to an RP environment where what peole write is more of a small part of a multi-authored novel, so my instinct is to be as descriptive as possible... should I cut back on that?
    [Sashanka] 18:32:07 GMT Denaliblade: people*
    [Sashanka] 18:32:17 GMT Ninanna: In most cases yes
    [Sashanka] 18:32:35 GMT Ninanna: You emote should be showing your action. or your expression.
    [Sashanka] 18:32:43 GMT Denaliblade: But nothing more?
    [Sashanka] 18:32:57 GMT Ninanna: Much more than that... makes the other people mindreaders.
    [Sashanka] 18:33:11 GMT Ninanna: And I dont think any of us can read minds even on Rubi-Ka
    [Sashanka] 18:33:18 GMT Denaliblade: Okay. Thanks for clearing that up.
    [Sashanka] 18:33:48 GMT Sashanka: The /me with your thoughts.. now that is something you should limit unless of course it is something you can see.. you might see the expression on someones face .. insted of /me thinks about that you might try /me looks thoughtful
    [Sashanka] 18:33:59 GMT Sashanka: Do you see the difference there?
    [Sashanka] 18:34:03 GMT Denaliblade: *nods*
    [Sashanka] 18:34:49 GMT Denaliblade: Feyde... you wanted to use an example? I can wait before making the second comment
    [Sashanka] 18:35:03 GMT Sashanka: And you can be very descriptive about that just realize.. it would be something another player is seeing verses reading your thoughts
    [Sashanka] 18:35:15 GMT Sashanka: GA Feyde
    [Sashanka] 18:35:50 GMT Feyde: Instead of saying "/me thinks its time to go home" you can say "/me looks at his/her watch impatiently" (in emotes of course)
    [Sashanka] 18:36:08 GMT Ninanna: *nods
    [Sashanka] 18:36:10 GMT Sashanka: yes exactly
    [Sashanka] 18:36:14 GMT Denaliblade: *nod*
    [Sashanka] 18:36:15 GMT Sashanka: great example
    [Sashanka] 18:36:29 GMT Sashanka: Denaliblade you have another question?
    [Sashanka] 18:37:08 GMT Denaliblade: Yep, and then I'll stop rambling, heh. About that example fight: could you instead use something like /me attempts to punch <person> in the face, and then stop and let them type a reply?
    [Sashanka] 18:37:18 GMT Denaliblade: That gives them a chance to decide if they want to be hit or not
    [Sashanka] 18:37:26 GMT Denaliblade: And at the same time throw a counterblow if they so wish.
    [Sashanka] 18:37:50 GMT Sashanka: Yes, words like attempts, tries, those give an out for the recieving player
    [Sashanka] 18:38:19 GMT Denaliblade: *nod*
    [Sashanka] 18:38:23 GMT Sashanka: That is a good point there
    [Sashanka] 18:38:23 GMT Denaliblade: Okay I'm done.

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    [Sashanka] 18:38:37 GMT Sashanka: GA Dagget
    [Sashanka] 18:38:39 GMT Dagget: what, if any, is the distinction between 'Powergaming' and 'Metagaming'?
    [Sashanka] 18:38:54 GMT Dagget: done
    [Sashanka] 18:39:20 GMT Ninanna: Basically the same thing.. I believe.
    [Sashanka] 18:39:26 GMT Sashanka: Well Powergamming is doint those things we discussed like in the fight situation. Metagamming is using information your character does not know
    [Sashanka] 18:39:50 GMT Sashanka: say you heard something with your other character.. you should not know that with your alt
    [Sashanka] 18:40:00 GMT Sashanka: understand?
    [Sashanka] 18:40:04 GMT Dagget: yes, thank you
    [Sashanka] 18:40:20 GMT Sashanka: GA Bubba
    [Sashanka] 18:40:45 GMT Sashanka: I think you were next
    [Sashanka] 18:41:47 GMT Sashanka: One other point I will make on metagamming when Bubba is done
    [Sashanka] 18:42:22 GMT Bubbacrush: I have always been iffy about emoted combat... i think its hard to trust people in a RP sense to begin, so my stance lately has been to avoid it. In terms of actual combat, i must say the new dueling system will hel alot more, and i intend on using it if and when its appropriate. I somewht in the recent past had an emoted combat with an ARK who played one of simon's men, Ninanna should remember this one because you had to send me tells to confirm his ID.
    [Sashanka] 18:42:57 GMT Ninanna: Yes I remember that well.
    [Sashanka] 18:43:03 GMT Sashanka: I must agree with you there
    [Sashanka] 18:43:15 GMT Bubbacrush: it was a stretch for me because i wasn't sure if i was in proper form, so naturally i try to avoid it if possible.
    [Sashanka] 18:43:21 GMT Sashanka: I used the fight as an example, lets do a different one
    [Sashanka] 18:43:34 GMT Sashanka: Say Omni Pol is comming to arrest you
    [Sashanka] 18:44:05 GMT Sashanka: emote says /me slams you into the table and handcuffs you
    [Sashanka] 18:44:35 GMT Sashanka: say rather /me attempts to slam Bubba into the table and handcuff him
    [Sashanka] 18:45:14 GMT Bubbacrush: as a general rule i learn from larps, when using physical actions, dont do it unless you have express permission from the other player..
    [Sashanka] 18:45:21 GMT Ninanna: Unless you had arranged ahead of time for a successful arrest.. which sometimes is the case.. the second example is better
    [Sashanka] 18:45:30 GMT Ninanna: Exactly
    [Sashanka] 18:45:40 GMT Sashanka: then Bubba the all powerful /me kicks the OPer in the groin, knocks the gun out of his hand and makes a miraculous escape on his hands and knees
    [Sashanka] 18:46:02 GMT Bubbacrush: ew, that would go completely against my code on that one.
    [Sashanka] 18:46:12 GMT Cylie: ?
    [Sashanka] 18:46:26 GMT Sashanka: soo think what might be plausable and agreeable.. like Ninanna said.. sometimes it takes some OOC arrangement ahead of time
    [Sashanka] 18:46:41 GMT Sashanka: but action and reaction is the key to rping a situation
    [Sashanka] 18:47:00 GMT Sashanka: Any other questions?
    [Sashanka] 18:47:05 GMT Dagget: !
    [Sashanka] 18:47:08 GMT Foosball33: I had a few comments
    [Sashanka] 18:47:10 GMT Cylie: !
    [Sashanka] 18:47:13 GMT Foosball33: !
    [Sashanka] 18:47:15 GMT Bubbacrush: as a side note to this, i also come from teh school of, if someone you know is actively attempting to powerplay you, go along with it, and take it up later with said storyteller or GM... never proper to make a scene or get rowdy
    [Sashanka] 18:47:38 GMT Bubbacrush: if some omnipoler would shoot me in the face... i go with it
    [Sashanka] 18:47:55 GMT Sashanka: Good point..sometimes just go with the flow
    [Sashanka] 18:47:58 GMT Bubbacrush: even though its in poor context.
    [Sashanka] 18:48:23 GMT Sashanka: GA Cylie
    [Sashanka] 18:48:38 GMT Cylie: I have a question on the powergaming example you gav
    [Sashanka] 18:48:44 GMT Bubbacrush: (done.. but sadly i must take my leave )
    [Sashanka] 18:48:57 GMT Valedilene joined the group.
    [Sashanka] 18:49:04 GMT Bubbacrush: later gang
    [Sashanka] 18:49:04 GMT Sashanka: It was nice having you Bubba
    [Sashanka] 18:49:08 GMT Dagget: cya Bubba
    [Sashanka] 18:49:18 GMT Kehmer: Cya
    [Sashanka] 18:49:19 GMT Denaliblade: Bye Bubba
    [Sashanka] 18:49:37 GMT Tocha: take care big fella
    [Sashanka] 18:49:39 GMT Cylie: Lets say a few of us are in an event. And someone power games me and does not ask me, how would you say would be a proper way to handle it at the same time keeoping the event going smoothly
    [Sashanka] 18:49:43 GMT Bubbacrush left the group.
    [Sashanka] 18:51:21 GMT Cylie: To give an exmple, if someone did /me kicks Cylie to the ground knocking her unconscious but did not ask me first, that would make it hard if I have to be concious for the rest of the event. Basically what if a proper way to counteract a metagame in your opinion
    [Sashanka] 18:51:24 GMT Sashanka: It is a tricky situation sometimes... Like Bubba mentioned.. you might want to go witht the flow and try to straighten it out in an in play manner. On the other hand if something gets too out of hand send an OOC tell. Either way, educate the person when everything is over. Nicely of course
    [Sashanka] 18:52:04 GMT Sashanka: I would do something like /me quickly regains concousness
    [Sashanka] 18:52:09 GMT Sashanka: then you are back in
    [Sashanka] 18:52:21 GMT Cylie: Good point. THanks Im done
    [Sashanka] 18:52:47 GMT Sashanka: GA Foosball33
    [Sashanka] 18:53:02 GMT Foosball33: Okay, let me type this sorry
    [Sashanka] 18:53:33 GMT Sashanka: Valedilene are you here?
    [Sashanka] 18:53:38 GMT Foosball33: First on mind reading, it's good to keep in mind a lot of players might do colorful thoughts for humor's sake
    [Sashanka] 18:54:04 GMT Valedilene: yup, hi, forgot to say
    [Sashanka] 18:54:15 GMT Sashanka: wanted to make sure
    [Sashanka] 18:54:25 GMT Foosball33: for example "Ninanna wonders was foos would look like in a tutu" I might not react at all, or might say "why are you looking at me like that, what are you thinking"
    [Sashanka] 18:54:53 GMT Ninanna: And yes many players do that sort of thing, but the LTCs and storytellers will not.
    [Sashanka] 18:55:08 GMT Foosball33: and other times I would think it's acceptable if there really no other way to describe
    [Sashanka] 18:55:12 GMT Tocha: !
    [Sashanka] 18:55:21 GMT Sashanka: Yes I think that is fine but you must realize as the player on the other end should not be reacting to what you say just the look on your face, like you said
    [Sashanka] 18:55:36 GMT Foosball33: like you get caught looking at someones butt
    [Sashanka] 18:55:44 GMT Foosball33: and they do /me notices
    [Sashanka] 18:56:07 GMT Ninanna: that is not mindread.. and yes we do notice when you are looking at someons butt.
    [Sashanka] 18:56:07 GMT Sashanka: yes but they can follow you gaze
    [Sashanka] 18:56:24 GMT Foosball33: just talkinjg from example
    [Sashanka] 18:56:33 GMT Sashanka: like /me follows Foos gaze and slaps him upside the head
    [Sashanka] 18:57:28 GMT Foosball33: and as far a powergaming, a good example would be when Bubba passes out from Tinker's cloud change thing... I sent him a tell ooc asking if it was okay to sedate him before I did
    [Sashanka] 18:57:54 GMT Sashanka: yes that can be done in tells
    [Sashanka] 18:58:05 GMT Sashanka: just remember the ltc's cant do that
    [Sashanka] 18:58:09 GMT Foosball33: but lasty I would like to say powergaming for me, depends a lot on the player or ARK that's doing it
    [Sashanka] 18:58:40 GMT Sashanka: I hope the arks are not doing or we will have to smack them
    [Sashanka] 18:59:04 GMT Sashanka: GA Tocha
    [Sashanka] 18:59:31 GMT Dagget: !
    [Sashanka] 18:59:31 GMT Tocha: Ok mines an off question. I've been away for almost 2 years. Who are are these "LTC" ?
    [Sashanka] 18:59:49 GMT Sashanka: LONG Term Charaters
    [Sashanka] 19:00:08 GMT Ninanna: The people you see with blue names who are NOT quest giving NPCs.
    [Sashanka] 19:00:09 GMT Tocha: Ahh so ARKs that play a permanent character in-game?
    [Sashanka] 19:00:12 GMT Sashanka: They are played by arks and can be identified by a blue name.
    [Sashanka] 19:00:33 GMT Ninanna: They are long term characters.. vs the storytellers that may only exist for one or two events
    [Sashanka] 19:00:40 GMT Lassiee: they usually have a story they are following or building for themselves too
    [Sashanka] 19:01:03 GMT Tocha: Interesting
    [Sashanka] 19:01:09 GMT Sashanka: Sometimes they are involved in stories, sometimes not
    [Sashanka] 19:01:30 GMT Ninanna: There are many who are just 'social' characters.. to bring life to Rubi-Ka
    [Sashanka] 19:01:43 GMT Sashanka: I will take one more question from Dagget then we will move on
    [Sashanka] 19:01:48 GMT Sashanka: GA Dagget
    [Sashanka] 19:01:53 GMT Dagget: I think I have a simple example of the difference between Powergaming and Metagaming: Powergaming is like playing chess and moving the other persons' pieces, while Metagaming would be like playing poker and reading everyone's hand.
    [Sashanka] 19:02:02 GMT Dagget: done
    [Sashanka] 19:02:19 GMT Ninanna: Good example Dagget
    [Sashanka] 19:02:33 GMT Sashanka: yes good example
    [Sashanka] 19:03:20 GMT Sashanka: Was going to mention with metagamming also.. just realize what you as the player knows and what your character knows are two different things
    [Sashanka] 19:03:31 GMT Sashanka: keeping it seperate is important
    [Sashanka] 19:03:38 GMT Sashanka: okay lets move on
    [Sashanka] 19:03:48 GMT Sashanka: Lets move on and talk a bit about what you can do if things don't go as you expect and you need some time, in other words stalling.
    [Sashanka] 19:04:01 GMT Sashanka: Stalling is sometimes needed when you roleplay or run your own little event when things suddenly take an unexpected turn, and you need more time to maybe get a person into place or make some other change.
    [Sashanka] 19:04:14 GMT Sashanka: Stalling is done by doing something that fits your character, that takes a little time, but doesn't say or do anything important.
    [Sashanka] 19:04:26 GMT Sashanka: Here is a good example for stalling:
    [Sashanka] 19:04:35 GMT Sashanka: Player1: This device doesnít seem to be working, maybe it's defective? Player2: You are just doing it wrong, give it to me! Player1 gives Player2 an angry look
    [Sashanka] 19:04:45 GMT Sashanka: Player1: No, I am trying to fix it let me just adjust the settings.Player2 reaches for the device. Player2: You are going to break it, give it to me. Player1: See, now it works again
    [Sashanka] 19:04:56 GMT Sashanka: Does anyone have any questions about stalling?
    [Sashanka] 19:05:18 GMT Sashanka: Good we will move on
    [Sashanka] 19:05:21 GMT Sashanka: Now letís move on to a different aspect of roleplaying, the creation of a character and what is important when making one.
    [Sashanka] 19:05:32 GMT Sashanka: Can someone give me a good concept for a roleplaying character?
    [Sashanka] 19:05:50 GMT Trousers: !
    [Sashanka] 19:05:59 GMT Sashanka: GA Trousers
    [Sashanka] 19:06:40 GMT Trousers: A Director for a transportation company that spans the entire universe who does their job well and still has time to interact with the employees who get the job done every day.
    [Sashanka] 19:06:49 GMT Lassiee: I am sorry i must leave thank you for the class
    [Sashanka] 19:06:55 GMT Trousers: Done
    [Sashanka] 19:07:07 GMT Sashanka: Take care Lassiee
    [Sashanka] 19:07:40 GMT Foosball33: ?
    [Sashanka] 19:07:43 GMT Sashanka: Great example.. and we are fortunate with AO that we have a great history that you can use to create a character

    [Sashanka] 19:07:54 GMT Sashanka: GA Foos
    [Sashanka] 19:08:12 GMT Denaliblade: ?
    [Sashanka] 19:08:16 GMT Foosball33: did you want an example on how to make a character, or what would be a new character?
    [Sashanka] 19:08:40 GMT Lassiee left the group.
    [Sashanka] 19:08:54 GMT Sashanka: well we are going to talk more about making characters,, my question is what it is your idea of a good one
    [Sashanka] 19:09:10 GMT Feyde: !
    [Sashanka] 19:09:30 GMT Sashanka: would you like to comment on that Foos?
    [Sashanka] 19:09:42 GMT Foosball33: sure
    [Sashanka] 19:10:41 GMT Foosball33: I would say a character that can stand alone and just interact as well as being caught up in the thick of things with an event or others characters. A good character should really need others to help push their story to much, for the most part.
    [Sashanka] 19:10:59 GMT Foosball33: *shoudn't
    [Sashanka] 19:11:17 GMT Sashanka: good example
    [Sashanka] 19:11:28 GMT Sashanka: GA Denaliblade
    [Sashanka] 19:12:09 GMT Denaliblade: Just wondering... about that AO history, is there a place where we can go to read up about some of it besides the timeline on the website? For example, I hear people talking about other planets where colonizers to Rubi-Ka came from, or places like Omni-Prime, but I don't know where or what those planets are. If I did it might help me trying to figure out character histories because then I'd have a place to start from. This character for example isn't native to Rubi-Ka, she wasn't born here. I have yet to decide which planet she comes from because I don't know what I have to chose from. Are you allowed to make up your own planets and to what extend are character histories limited in what you can come up with or are allowed to claim?
    [Sashanka] 19:12:17 GMT Denaliblade: Sorry for spam.
    [Sashanka] 19:13:03 GMT Sashanka: Yes the timeline.. late on I will give you the url
    [Sashanka] 19:13:27 GMT Trousers: Denal, Foos and I are going to be working on a project for just this problem.
    [Sashanka] 19:13:27 GMT Sashanka: also there is an online book Prophet without Honor in which the game is based
    [Sashanka] 19:13:41 GMT Denaliblade: *nods to all repliers* Ok
    [Sashanka] 19:13:56 GMT Sashanka: GA Feyde
    [Sashanka] 19:13:57 GMT Foosball33: ! on Denal question
    [Sashanka] 19:14:58 GMT Feyde: There's a lot of leeway for creating story/character, as long as it stays within the confines of the existing storyline AO has already written...
    [Sashanka] 19:15:17 GMT Sashanka: Very good point there

  11. #11
    [Sashanka] 19:15:21 GMT Feyde: ...also should stay within the confines of your own personal storyline, so you don't contradict yourself later on...
    [Sashanka] 19:15:55 GMT Feyde: regards to planets and such, there isn't much info on things off Rubi-Ka and SL except for the occassional Omni-Prime mention.
    [Sashanka] 19:16:26 GMT Feyde: ...There's tons of planets out there, so feel free to make one up. That's what I did in my recent forum RP. (done)
    [Sashanka] 19:16:33 GMT Sashanka: There is talk of Earth and Jupiter moons, so you can incorporate that
    [Sashanka] 19:16:57 GMT Sashanka: GA Foos then we will move on
    [Sashanka] 19:18:38 GMT Sashanka: I think he wanted to make a comment to you Denali, about finding information. He might be afk
    [Sashanka] 19:18:50 GMT Foosball33: oh well pretty much what Feyde said, there isn't much info on other planets. However if you keep in line with the story line, most people won't give you too much hassel on what you're preseting them. as long as you're not saying something about reclaim on another planet, becuase it doesn't exist anywhere else. And yes Sotto and I, along with others are working on something to help
    [Sashanka] 19:19:24 GMT Denaliblade: *nods again* Thanks for the info, all.
    [Sashanka] 19:19:31 GMT Foosball33: done
    [Sashanka] 19:19:48 GMT Sashanka: I think I lost my place so if I repeat myself ignore it
    [Sashanka] 19:19:51 GMT Sashanka: First thing when creating a character is to decide on what kind of character you want to be. Good, evil, greedy or maybe a saint, itís all up to you.
    [Sashanka] 19:20:03 GMT Sashanka: Everyone needs a motivation in life; here are some very commonly used groups for motivation. Keep in mind that this is not a definitive list, just some basics that are commonly used.
    [Sashanka] 19:20:15 GMT Sashanka: 1) Driven by laws/ideals/morals. This speaks for itself. You play from a very recognizable set of rules and follow them to the letter.
    [Sashanka] 19:20:27 GMT Sashanka: 2) Driven by emotions/faith. These also strongly define your character, but the results can be very volatile, simply because they are emotions, not laws/ethics/codes.
    [Sashanka] 19:20:39 GMT Sashanka: 3) Driven by fate. This is something for the doomed heroes among us and requires a lot of groundwork to keep your character in action. This is hard to pull off when you do not have something going on constantly.
    [Sashanka] 19:20:52 GMT Sashanka: Use time to make a background for your character; where did they come from? Do they have any family? What circumstances guide their choices and decisions? The more detailed background you can give the character, the easier it will be to play it accordingly to what you had in mind.
    [Sashanka] 19:21:06 GMT Sashanka: Stick to the background you chose so there is consistency to your history, for example a character that is a pacifist and believes the conflict can be solved peacefully will not suddenly stand in the front line of the battle.
    [Sashanka] 19:21:21 GMT Sashanka: Of course sometimes changes can happen which make a person change their views on things, this also, of course, applies to roleplaying characters as long as the changes don't happen every second day.
    [Sashanka] 19:21:36 GMT Sashanka: And remember everyone has weaknesses even roleplaying characters, so allow yourself some weaknesses in your biography as it will make it easier for you later
    [Sashanka] 19:21:48 GMT Sashanka: Any questions so far on creating a character?
    [Sashanka] 19:22:06 GMT Sashanka: I will give you time to read through all that
    [Sashanka] 19:22:25 GMT Schultzy joined the group.
    [Sashanka] 19:22:44 GMT Schultzy: Hello
    [Sashanka] 19:22:50 GMT Feyde: lo
    [Sashanka] 19:22:52 GMT Sashanka: There is some good info in there for character creation, keep that handy
    [Sashanka] 19:22:58 GMT Sashanka: welcome
    [Sashanka] 19:23:03 GMT Sashanka: Now that we have a background story and motivation for a character what else do we need?
    [Sashanka] 19:23:08 GMT Sashanka: Growth and development of the character.
    [Sashanka] 19:23:14 GMT Sashanka: As time goes by, allow your character to develop and react to the world around him/her/it. Interaction and circumstance will help broaden your character. For instance, if your character experiences something, while interacting with a group or person, that goes against this character's nature or beliefs then it is natural and expected for your character to dislike this person or group in the future.
    [Sashanka] 19:23:29 GMT Sashanka: Donít keep your character a mystery for others, reveal to people who you are and what your motivations are.
    [Sashanka] 19:23:43 GMT Sashanka: If you feel you need to update your biography to reflect any changes to the character's personal views then do so.
    [Sashanka] 19:23:55 GMT Sashanka: Also if you have blind spots in the history that you fill in as time goes by, then update your biography so you donít give different people different histories.
    [Sashanka] 19:24:07 GMT Sashanka: Some final advice about creating your history, keep it real and within the borders of Anarchy-Online.
    [Sashanka] 19:24:19 GMT Sashanka: Donít make a history that involves ghosts or vampires; also please do not write storyline characters or groups into your character's biography.
    [Sashanka] 19:24:31 GMT Sashanka: People most likely will ignore you if you claim to have a personal relationships to Simon Silverstone, Zora or any other storyline character.
    [Sashanka] 19:24:44 GMT Sashanka: Before we move on, is there anything else you want to know about character creation?
    [Sashanka] 19:25:05 GMT Dagget: !
    [Sashanka] 19:25:06 GMT Denaliblade: !
    [Sashanka] 19:25:10 GMT Sashanka: I will give you some time to read that over
    [Sashanka] 19:25:15 GMT Sashanka: GA Dagget
    [Sashanka] 19:25:39 GMT Dagget: any chance of us getting some place to post backgrouds a bit separate from Buzz?
    [Sashanka] 19:25:48 GMT Dagget: like a catalog of backgrounds?
    [Sashanka] 19:26:33 GMT Sashanka: I do believe you can put something under your character with People of Rubi-ka link
    [Sashanka] 19:26:41 GMT Sashanka: maybe I am wrong on that
    [Sashanka] 19:26:47 GMT Dagget: sometimes hard and time consuming to research ppl or make them regurgitate their history to every new person they meet
    [Sashanka] 19:26:52 GMT Dagget: hmmm
    [Sashanka] 19:27:10 GMT Sashanka: But I dont see a problem with someone creating a forum entery in the Buzz
    [Sashanka] 19:27:29 GMT Dagget: a 'bio' link for each char would be ideal
    [Sashanka] 19:27:47 GMT Dagget: 90% leave it blank, the roleplayers fill it in
    [Sashanka] 19:27:55 GMT Sashanka: Dim1 has a very interesting long running forum post called "Meanwhile on Rubi-ka" where they say what they are doing form day to day
    [Sashanka] 19:28:45 GMT Dagget: well, I think what I am thinking of doesn't exist but maybe an item for 'suggestions' section
    [Sashanka] 19:28:53 GMT Dagget: done
    [Sashanka] 19:29:00 GMT Sashanka: Well sometimes in a way that is good and sometimes it is bad Dagget... knowing a person's complete history will cut down on the reaction with other players
    [Sashanka] 19:29:25 GMT Sashanka: Learn the information while rping.
    [Sashanka] 19:29:56 GMT Sashanka: That would be my answer but that is something you will want to talk to the rest of the rp community about
    [Sashanka] 19:30:00 GMT Dagget: well, each could post what they want, many would leave it bare bones, but 'something' there as an introcuction
    [Sashanka] 19:30:14 GMT Dagget: done
    [Sashanka] 19:30:37 GMT Sashanka: We can maybe look into creating an outline to help players build a character
    [Sashanka] 19:31:01 GMT Sashanka: Ga Denali
    [Sashanka] 19:31:26 GMT Denaliblade: Is it necessary/compulsory to write up a detailed bio for you character? I like to RP for the interaction, and part of what keeps it intriguing to me is learning about other characters through interaction; their personalities, likes, dislikes, histories, etc. Instead of knowing it all beforehand. Just like in the real world.
    [Sashanka] 19:31:37 GMT Denaliblade: Helps things feel more alive, if you see what I mean.
    [Sashanka] 19:32:19 GMT Sashanka: It is not mandatory no, but it is helpful to have an outline for your character. It helps with development
    [Sashanka] 19:32:30 GMT Ninanna: For your character, it is a good idea for you.. what you choose to publish or inform others about is up to you.
    [Sashanka] 19:33:00 GMT Sashanka: Okay lets move on to events
    [Sashanka] 19:33:03 GMT Sashanka: Okay, now letís talk about another exciting part of roleplaying which is one of the main things we in the ARK Events team do, creating your own event.
    [Sashanka] 19:33:04 GMT Denaliblade: Ah, I meant like if you already know what your character is like but others don't, heh.
    [Sashanka] 19:33:08 GMT Denaliblade: Sorry for the confusion.
    [Sashanka] 19:33:19 GMT Sashanka: The key to running a good event is good planning and always being prepared for the unexpected.
    [Sashanka] 19:33:29 GMT Denaliblade: (Done. Thanks again.)
    [Sashanka] 19:33:32 GMT Sashanka: Remember a good hint is not to make yourself the hero that saves the day. The more you manage to include people, the more fun it will be for everyone to participate.
    [Sashanka] 19:33:49 GMT Sashanka: When you start planning an event it is a good idea to sit down and do some brainstorming, find out what kind of events you want to do, or if you already have an idea sit down and write it down.
    [Sashanka] 19:34:05 GMT Sashanka: As you progress through your planning, take time to visit the areas where you want to stage your event. Check them out.
    [Sashanka] 19:34:19 GMT Sashanka: For example staging a peaceful demonstration in a 25% zone is not a good idea as you most likely will have someone start shooting.
    [Sashanka] 19:34:36 GMT Sashanka: Make sure that the items you may need for your event are easy to obtain. Planning an event and making the key item be something from Tara, when you donít have it, is not a good idea.
    [Sashanka] 19:34:53 GMT Sashanka: Include as many people as you feel are necessary to do your event. If you need a character that the people participating have to talk to, make a low level character yourself or have someone else play the role.
    [Sashanka] 19:35:11 GMT Sashanka: In roleplaying, the character is the most important, not the character's level.
    [Sashanka] 19:35:20 GMT Sashanka: If you have several people involved in your event use a private chat group or team chat to coordinate things with them. This will make it easier to, for example, trigger the right things at the right time.
    [Sashanka] 19:35:36 GMT Sashanka: Always be prepared for the unexpected, if something unexpected happens, use stalling as mentioned earlier to delay things and donít be afraid of changing things on the fly.
    [Sashanka] 19:35:52 GMT Sashanka: The only ones that will ever know that something was actually changed are the ones involved running the event.
    [Sashanka] 19:36:08 GMT Sashanka: From time to time the ARK Events team can help with small things during events like providing some effects, or a patrol at a convenient time. Unfortunately we canít help with larger events over a long time. We generally act in a reactionary way to your events, ie an Omni-Pol patrol sees someone mugging people on the street, they will react accordingly to the action.
    [Sashanka] 19:36:31 GMT Sashanka: If you want to check if we are available to assist you with something feel free to email us at and we will of course look into it.
    [Sashanka] 19:36:47 GMT Sashanka: Also as a last reminder please do not make events that will involve storyline characters, groups or happenings.
    [Sashanka] 19:37:02 GMT Sashanka: Of course things like attacking a city of your opposite faction is ok, doing it and claiming you did it for a storyline character is not good.
    [Sashanka] 19:37:17 GMT Sashanka: Any questions regarding creating your own event?
    [Sashanka] 19:37:33 GMT Schultzy: !
    [Sashanka] 19:37:35 GMT Feyde: ?
    [Sashanka] 19:37:40 GMT Denaliblade: !
    [Sashanka] 19:37:49 GMT Sashanka: GA Schultzy
    [Sashanka] 19:37:57 GMT Schultzy: thx and just a quick notice
    [Sashanka] 19:38:40 GMT Schultzy: I think it is a very good idea if you are the "gm" or coordinator of your friends or group rpg that u put some1 that is involved with the story in the team that is rping
    [Sashanka] 19:39:02 GMT Schultzy: and so u can see what is happening in there
    [Sashanka] 19:39:15 GMT Schultzy: oh and write down longer texts in advance and use macros
    [Sashanka] 19:39:21 GMT Schultzy: done
    [Sashanka] 19:39:30 GMT Sashanka: GA Denali
    [Sashanka] 19:39:58 GMT Denaliblade: Just as a quick comment on the making stuff up on the fly thing... might not apply to pre-planned events, I know, but just in general... making stuff up on the fly can be fun. Like I said, one of the aspects of RP I find most interesting is the interaction. When you've got multiple people playing multiple characters in a dynamic environment you never quite know what's going to happen next, and for me that's just part of the fun, heh.
    [Sashanka] 19:40:01 GMT Denaliblade: Done.
    [Sashanka] 19:40:39 GMT Sashanka: Well you cannot pre-determine other players actions
    [Sashanka] 19:40:53 GMT Sashanka: most of the time it doesnt go according to plan
    [Sashanka] 19:41:05 GMT Ninanna: We cant either. Sometimes how an event turns out is as much a surprise to us as everyone else.
    [Sashanka] 19:41:12 GMT Sashanka: and like you mentioned it is sometimes more fun to deal witht he unexpected
    [Sashanka] 19:41:32 GMT Denaliblade: Nope. But you're never sure what they're going to do. It's like in the real world where you can't read other peoples' minds... and yeah, the unexpected twist can simply make things more interesting.
    [Sashanka] 19:42:00 GMT Sashanka: And 9 times out of 10 it doesnt go as planned
    [Sashanka] 19:42:24 GMT Sashanka: but the players involved wont know that if you keep witht he flow and let things happen
    [Sashanka] 19:43:07 GMT Sashanka: I dont want to cut you off again.. are you done Denali?
    [Sashanka] 19:43:18 GMT Denaliblade: Heh, yep. I'm done.

  12. #12
    [Sashanka] 19:43:24 GMT Sashanka: GA Fayde
    [Sashanka] 19:43:24 GMT Denaliblade: Sorry for the ramble again, folks.
    [Sashanka] 19:43:27 GMT Feyde: What's the probability that LTC/ARKs will ever ask to become involved or otherwise react to a players' storyline? It seems most of what we have is either ARK/LTC working with each other, or players working with each other, but little interaction between the two groups.
    [Sashanka] 19:43:31 GMT Sashanka: It's fine
    [Sashanka] 19:44:17 GMT Sashanka: We have in the past and are willing to do so.. send us feedback and give us a good story to work with. We will do what we can
    [Sashanka] 19:44:26 GMT Tocha: !
    [Sashanka] 19:44:33 GMT Ninanna: We love working with you guys.
    [Sashanka] 19:44:40 GMT Feyde: If I may...
    [Sashanka] 19:45:27 GMT Feyde: Any likelihood that ARK/LTC will initiate an interest in joining something that has already begun, or do they just try to stay out of it unless someone asks them to get involved?
    [Sashanka] 19:45:50 GMT Tocha: -! (lost my train of thought)
    [Sashanka] 19:46:04 GMT Schultzy: !
    [Sashanka] 19:46:19 GMT Ninanna: It is usually going to involve you asking. We have MANY irons in the fire already
    [Sashanka] 19:46:29 GMT Sashanka: Yes we have already taken part in events that are player created.. If we feel that we can contribute to what is going on
    [Sashanka] 19:46:59 GMT Ninanna: But in almost all of those cases, it required the players to let us know what they had in mind.
    [Sashanka] 19:47:14 GMT Sashanka: Yes you have to tell us
    [Sashanka] 19:47:32 GMT Feyde: (begrudgingly done)
    [Sashanka] 19:47:47 GMT Sashanka: Cant promise we can take part but we will do our best to work with you
    [Sashanka] 19:48:12 GMT Sashanka: GA Schultzy
    [Sashanka] 19:48:29 GMT Schultzy: what is TLC sry I don't know
    [Sashanka] 19:48:55 GMT Sashanka: I will let you explain that one again Ninanna
    [Sashanka] 19:48:56 GMT Feyde: tender-loving-care. LTC is a long-term-character
    [Sashanka] 19:49:02 GMT Ninanna: Long Term Character
    [Sashanka] 19:49:06 GMT Schultzy: lol yeah sry
    [Sashanka] 19:49:18 GMT Schultzy: done ! thx sry worst memory
    [Sashanka] 19:49:19 GMT Ninanna: The people with blue names walking around who are not quest giving NPCs.
    [Sashanka] 19:49:46 GMT Lysandrel joined the group.
    [Sashanka] 19:50:20 GMT Sashanka: For all of you that do not Know.. I am the Storyline coordinator and Ninanna here is the LTC coordinator
    [Sashanka] 19:51:46 GMT Schultzy: ! (sry again quick question)
    [Sashanka] 19:52:00 GMT Sashanka: GA
    [Sashanka] 19:52:24 GMT Schultzy: is there a kind of webpage where I can check events or for example all the LTC ?
    [Sashanka] 19:52:43 GMT Sashanka: Yes and we will give you that
    [Sashanka] 19:52:53 GMT Schultzy: k done (thx)
    [Sashanka] 19:52:57 GMT Sashanka: Now lets cover something that time and time again is the source of misunderstandings, between players and the Ark-Events team.
    [Sashanka] 19:53:13 GMT Sashanka: The ARK Events team are responsible for running most events in Anarchy-Online. We do everything from small social events with leets, major conflicts that can pull in people from all factions to helping run larger storyline driven events for Funcom. We also run the LTC program which I will come back to shortly.
    [Sashanka] 19:53:30 GMT Sashanka: Our characters can be easily recognized by their blue names, they usually move (walk, not run) around talking to each other, to other players or sometimes be involved in a fight.
    [Sashanka] 19:53:46 GMT Sashanka: Keep in mind depending on what side of the conflict the characters you meet are on, they may not always be friendly, if you are not on their side.
    [Sashanka] 19:54:02 GMT Sashanka: We in the ARK Events team also, from time to time, give support to player events. This can be things like sending in guards or providing some effects to give the event the right impression.
    [Sashanka] 19:54:18 GMT Sashanka: We are asking you please not to request us to spawn things for you, as we are not allowed to do this. All items that are required for your event need to be obtained by you.
    [Sashanka] 19:54:31 GMT Tocha: ?
    [Sashanka] 19:54:35 GMT Sashanka: Unfortunately, due to limited manpower, we are unable to give large support for all your events.
    [Sashanka] 19:54:50 GMT Sashanka: Things that require a large amount of planning from our side, or things that run over long periods of time, we unfortunately are unable to support.
    [Sashanka] 19:55:06 GMT Sashanka: There are also a few things regarding storyline characters, groups and technology we ask you to respect.
    [Sashanka] 19:55:23 GMT Sashanka: Changes to storyline characters or groups which will result in them doing things that goes against their natural views and result in changes to the world of Rubi-Ka we are unable to support.
    [Sashanka] 19:55:41 GMT Sashanka: This also applies to changes or creations of new technology. These things require special permission from Funcom and have rules that even we, in ARK Events, have to follow.
    [Sashanka] 19:55:59 GMT Sashanka: We would also like to ask people not to excessively use the power that certain groups like Omni-Reform, Omni-Pol, etc. have, to force others to cooperate.
    [Sashanka] 19:56:17 GMT Sashanka: Please keep in mind whatís been mentioned earlier about powerplaying. These actions may actually result in reaction from the leaders of the group if you do something without their permission.
    [Sashanka] 19:56:36 GMT Sashanka: If you would like to ask for support or have other questions about an event you would like to run, please email us at and we will do our best to answer.
    [Sashanka] 19:56:51 GMT Sashanka: Any question so far about the ARK Events team?
    [Sashanka] 19:57:04 GMT Foosball33: !
    [Sashanka] 19:57:04 GMT Sashanka: GA Toucha
    [Sashanka] 19:57:06 GMT Tocha: I have one, I earmarked it above
    [Sashanka] 19:57:48 GMT Tocha: Ahh yes, you said you can not spawn items, we have to acquire rewards for our events or what have you ourselves, which is understandable, but what I am wonderin gis this
    [Sashanka] 19:58:05 GMT Tocha: Is it posible to have said obtained item renamed to fit approriately?
    [Sashanka] 19:58:32 GMT Sashanka: I dont think we really can do that no
    [Sashanka] 19:58:36 GMT Ninanna: That requires action on Funcom's part, and is very unlikely
    [Sashanka] 19:58:53 GMT Tocha: darn such a simple implement to =/ since bags can be renamed =(
    [Sashanka] 19:59:01 GMT Tocha: players should be able to rename it themselves ^^
    [Sashanka] 19:59:34 GMT Sashanka: GA Foos
    [Sashanka] 19:59:52 GMT Foosball33: just want to ask to make sure i'm on the right track
    [Sashanka] 20:00:39 GMT Foosball33: if setting up a new player group department type thing, is it easier to get aproval if we the players do all the leg work and persent to you,
    [Sashanka] 20:01:07 GMT Foosball33: for example, a newland police force, were when give you all the IC and OCC guildlines, and who is who
    [Sashanka] 20:01:11 GMT Sashanka: Depends on what kind of group or department you are talking
    [Sashanka] 20:01:29 GMT Foosball33: of corse as long as they follow within the storyline
    [Sashanka] 20:01:39 GMT Sashanka: That you can probebly arrange
    [Sashanka] 20:01:39 GMT Foosball33: that being a given
    [Sashanka] 20:01:54 GMT Foosball33: and one quick things on itemes
    [Sashanka] 20:01:56 GMT Sashanka: talk to your mayor
    [Sashanka] 20:02:18 GMT Ninanna: Though Hekkat may wonder what you think his Milita is.
    [Sashanka] 20:02:31 GMT Foosball33: Hekkat seemed hip to the idea
    [Sashanka] 20:03:20 GMT Foosball33: something about the militia doesn't make for good investagations sometimes
    [Sashanka] 20:03:39 GMT Ninanna: Yes and that is a possible example
    [Sashanka] 20:04:27 GMT Foosball33: but with items, does events have problems with some of the fake scripted items
    [Sashanka] 20:04:44 GMT Foosball33: show them tom's wallet Sotto hehe
    [Sashanka] 20:04:55 GMT Sashanka: I am not sure what you mean
    [Sashanka] 20:05:08 GMT Foosball33: Removed Link
    [Sashanka] 20:05:38 GMT Foosball33: sorry I lost my elbowpads for rift
    [Sashanka] 20:06:01 GMT Trousers: I'm sorry, what?
    [Sashanka] 20:06:31 GMT Sashanka: I dont have a problem with it as long as it dont have my name on it
    [Sashanka] 20:06:50 GMT Sashanka: Use common sense that is all
    [Sashanka] 20:06:57 GMT Foosball33: just making sure
    [Sashanka] 20:07:04 GMT Sashanka: and not for powergamming purpose
    [Sashanka] 20:07:14 GMT Foosball33: of course
    [Sashanka] 20:07:24 GMT Tocha: yeh no slapping me unconsious with yer wallet please.
    [Sashanka] 20:07:44 GMT Sashanka: hmmm thought we were almost done but seems we have alot to cover
    [Sashanka] 20:08:05 GMT Sashanka: I am going to put up these last parts and hold questions for the end
    [Sashanka] 20:08:08 GMT Sashanka: I briefly mentioned the LTC program earlier, LTC is short for Long Term Characters.
    [Sashanka] 20:08:25 GMT Sashanka: These characters are best described as reoccurring persons. They can be found almost everywhere on Rubi-Ka and do almost everything.
    [Sashanka] 20:08:41 GMT Sashanka: Some can be bartenders and are found in bars, others can be off duty guards wandering around or some can be criminals hiding from the law.
    [Sashanka] 20:08:59 GMT Sashanka: To make it easier to find them, most of them will walk around in the same area every time.
    [Sashanka] 20:09:08 GMT Feyde left the group.
    [Sashanka] 20:09:15 GMT Sashanka: So if you find them there once they will most likely show up there again later on.
    [Sashanka] 20:09:31 GMT Sashanka: These characters can also be recognized by the same blue names as the ones we use during events. They also sometimes show up during events.
    [Sashanka] 20:09:40 GMT Trousers: ?
    [Sashanka] 20:09:47 GMT Sashanka: Please remember that both characters during events and our LTC characters are considered as being citizens of Rubi-Ka and living in the world of Anarchy-Online.
    [Sashanka] 20:10:05 GMT Sashanka: This means they will actually never go out of character, and they will not answer questions you may have about petitions or other things outside the game and character.
    [Sashanka] 20:10:24 GMT Sashanka: Doing so you will probably either be ignored or they will be confused and not understand what you are talking about.
    [Sashanka] 20:10:42 GMT Sashanka: We do encourage everyone that is interested in roleplaying to approach these characters when you see them and have a chat with them. See what they have to reveal about themselves.
    [Sashanka] 20:10:58 GMT Sashanka: Does anyone like to ask any questions about the LTC program?
    [Sashanka] 20:11:06 GMT Tocha: ?
    [Sashanka] 20:11:16 GMT Sashanka: GA Trousers
    [Sashanka] 20:11:19 GMT Trousers: I haven't been paying attention, Did you cover the difference between an LTC and a Legacy Leader? And if not, could you for the sake of the younger ones?
    [Sashanka] 20:11:34 GMT Sashanka: Legacy are up next
    [Sashanka] 20:11:41 GMT Trousers: *nods* done.
    [Sashanka] 20:11:41 GMT Foosball33: !
    [Sashanka] 20:11:46 GMT Tocha: nevermind my question. I will talk with them and find out on my own
    [Sashanka] 20:12:40 GMT Sashanka: GA Foos
    [Sashanka] 20:12:42 GMT Lysandrel: !
    [Sashanka] 20:12:57 GMT Ninanna: If you still have a question on legacys later, I will be happy to address it.
    [Sashanka] 20:14:32 GMT Foosball33: I would just like to say on LTCs, from players I've read and been told talk about not knowing how to aproch them. As a player I have to admit I used to be very unsure of what to do around them as well at first. But then I realized that LTCs are in game for one reason only, and tha'ts to rp... so usualy walking up and just saying "hello, how are you" is a good place to start.
    [Sashanka] 20:15:03 GMT Sashanka: Thanks for making that point Foos
    [Sashanka] 20:15:07 GMT Foosball33: I did stalk joe around for a few days before I got the courage to talk to him. Done
    [Sashanka] 20:15:21 GMT Sashanka: GA Lysandrel
    [Sashanka] 20:15:40 GMT Lysandrel: Finding LTCs seems like it can somehow be the tricky part. The only ones I can really manage to find are the neutrals who are fairly predictable
    [Sashanka] 20:15:59 GMT Lysandrel: Am I missing the location of where any Omni-oriented LTCs would be, or is there simply an un-even balance of support for the factions with LTCs?
    [Sashanka] 20:16:12 GMT Sashanka: No but some are more active than others
    [Sashanka] 20:16:19 GMT Trousers: !
    [Sashanka] 20:16:38 GMT Lysandrel: I've seen the list of wher ethey log in at
    [Sashanka] 20:16:43 GMT Lysandrel: And like, the LTCs, where they're based
    [Sashanka] 20:17:01 GMT Sashanka: We are attempting to try an even out the LTC's with the different dims and factions
    [Sashanka] 20:17:01 GMT Lysandrel: I still can't manage to find any Omni LTCs other than heuris who I've only seen a couple of times
    [Sashanka] 20:17:06 GMT Lysandrel: Ok, thanks
    [Sashanka] 20:17:08 GMT Lysandrel: done
    [Sashanka] 20:17:26 GMT Ninanna: That depends on what is going on both with the character, and the ARK playing the character
    [Sashanka] 20:17:28 GMT Sashanka: But the ltc are volunteer and on their own time
    [Sashanka] 20:17:59 GMT Ninanna: Heuris is still around. SHe has been a bit busy.
    [Sashanka] 20:18:14 GMT Sashanka: GA Trousers
    [Sashanka] 20:18:34 GMT Trousers: I'm going to plug the existance of the RPNET bot on RK2. Omni LTCs should be in Omni Areas like Entertainent, Trade, and Rome. If you go out looking and find them you can report their locations using the bot for everyone else on the server to know.
    [Sashanka] 20:19:14 GMT Sashanka: Yes rpers found that helpful
    [Sashanka] 20:19:27 GMT Trousers: Done

  13. #13
    [Sashanka] 20:19:31 GMT Sashanka: We in the ARK Events Team are also responsible for the Board of Directors, Council of Truth and also strongly involved in the Newland Council.
    [Sashanka] 20:19:32 GMT Denaliblade: !
    [Sashanka] 20:19:39 GMT Foosball33: yes even though events can't use rpnet, it has proven to be very usful with finding events and LTCs
    [Sashanka] 20:19:47 GMT Sashanka: These are excellent places to get involved in roleplaying and get involved in politics in Anarchy-Online. Lets take a few minutes and go over each of them.
    [Sashanka] 20:20:03 GMT Sashanka: The Board of Directors is the board where Omni-Tek directors meet to discuss recent changes and happenings on Rubi-Ka, this can be everything from clan attacks to problems within a department.
    [Sashanka] 20:20:21 GMT Sashanka: This is where the political discussions within Omni-Tek are done, here you can raise issues and make reports to the directors about recent events.
    [Sashanka] 20:20:37 GMT Sashanka: Due to the structure of Omni-Tek with departments lead by a director who is in charge, the Board of Directors is controlled by us, the ARK Events team.
    [Sashanka] 20:20:54 GMT Sashanka: However, you can attend these meetings either as a representative for your department or as an individual and choose for yourself what department you would like to work for.
    [Sashanka] 20:20:56 GMT Sashanka: Also know as legacies
    [Sashanka] 20:21:09 GMT Sashanka: If youíre interested in joining the Omni-Tek Board of Directors please read the following thread:
    [Sashanka] 20:21:27 GMT Sashanka: This thread is the one from the Atlantean Buzz section on the Anarchy-Online forum, for those of you playing on Rimor do not worry as the procedure for applying is the same for both dimensions.
    [Sashanka] 20:21:47 GMT Sashanka: Ok next one is the Council of Truth. The Council of Truth or just called the CoT for short, is basically the same as the Board of Directors.
    [Sashanka] 20:22:04 GMT Sashanka: This is where clan members meet with clan legacy leaders like Alan Jacobi, Simon Silverstone and Aideen Landau to mention a few.
    [Sashanka] 20:22:20 GMT Sashanka: Here they meet to discuss politics and how to respond to Omni-Tek and others that either wish to speak with the council or even threaten them or their clan.
    [Sashanka] 20:22:36 GMT Sashanka: The Council of Truth is more player controlled then the Omni-Tek Board of Directors. This is mainly due to structure of the clans, where each member decides what legacy clan to follow.
    [Sashanka] 20:22:52 GMT Sashanka: There also often seems to be more discussion within the Council of Truth because of the various clans and their different political views.
    [Sashanka] 20:23:07 GMT Sashanka: Legacy characters are known storyline characters that are Directors and heads of the Clans.. also Newland's mayor and such
    [Sashanka] 20:23:11 GMT Sashanka: If you are interested in joining the Council of truth please visit:
    [Sashanka] 20:23:27 GMT Sashanka: Again please notice that even though the link to the thread is on the Atlantean Buzz section the procedure for joining is the same for both dimensions.
    [Sashanka] 20:23:43 GMT Sashanka: OK, our last part of this class is a list of resources that can help enhance your roleplaying.
    [Sashanka] 20:23:56 GMT Sashanka: The first one worth mentioning is the Editor News section on the Anarchy-Online forum, it can be found here:
    [Sashanka] 20:24:11 GMT Sashanka: All the latest news from things that happen around Rubi-Ka can be found here, itís one of the best resources to keep yourself updated on what happens from day to day.
    [Sashanka] 20:24:26 GMT Sashanka: ARK Events control the news agencies for all sides in the conflict, they are called OTPC, FJRK, IRRK and TAG.
    [Sashanka] 20:24:41 GMT Sashanka: TAG, short for The Art Gallery, is a magazine that has a long history on Rubi-Ka and is published on an unregular basis via a pdf file that contains lots of articles.
    [Sashanka] 20:24:57 GMT Sashanka: OTPC is short for Omni-Tek Press Corps and is the part of Omni-Tek that takes care of news reports and provides the latest news updates for the corporation employees.
    [Sashanka] 20:25:13 GMT Sashanka: They cover everything from recent attacks to important speeches from the CEO or other important Omni-Tek personnel, of course they cover it from Omni-Tekís very own perspective.
    [Sashanka] 20:25:28 GMT Sashanka: FJRK is the clanís news agency and FJRK is short for Free Journalist of Rubi-Ka, their job is very much the same as their Omni-Tek counterpart.
    [Sashanka] 20:25:43 GMT Sashanka: They cover all news reports from attacks to speeches and of course they do it from the clan perspective.
    [Sashanka] 20:25:57 GMT Sashanka: IRRK is the Independent Reporters of Rubi-Ka, it covers news reports from a more neutral perspective and doesnít really take any side in the conflict and is more in the interest in bringing news from all perspectives.
    [Sashanka] 20:26:16 GMT Sashanka: In addition to this we also have the freelance reporter program which is also published under IRRK, this is the thing for all those of you with a little journalist within you.
    [Sashanka] 20:26:32 GMT Sashanka: You can sign up for the reporter program which gives you a chance to submit and publish your own news reports about events happening around the community.
    [Sashanka] 20:26:50 GMT Sashanka: If you are interested in this you should read this thread: on how you can sign up.
    [Sashanka] 20:27:08 GMT Sashanka: We also recommend that everyone reads the threads that have been given sticky on top of the Editor News as these contain valuable information about roleplaying.
    [Sashanka] 20:27:26 GMT Sashanka: One of these contain info about all the legacy clans and Omni-Tek departments and what they do and stand for.
    [Sashanka] 20:27:42 GMT Sashanka: This is a recommended thread to read for those of you interested in the history of Anarchy-Online.
    [Sashanka] 20:27:58 GMT Sashanka: Any questions about the Editor News section?
    [Sashanka] 20:28:25 GMT Sashanka: We are going to move on to get you guys out of here
    [Sashanka] 20:28:27 GMT Sashanka: Next on the list of things I would like to mention as worthy of reading to enhance your roleplaying experience is the Buzz sections on the forum.
    [Sashanka] 20:28:40 GMT Sashanka: The Buzz sections are located on the main AO forum under the section for Atlantean or Rimor, they are called Atlantean or Rimor Buzz depending on dimension.
    [Sashanka] 20:28:57 GMT Sashanka: These sections of the forum are strictly in character sections where you can discuss everything from the conflict to anything else happening on Rubi-Ka.
    [Sashanka] 20:29:15 GMT Sashanka: There also are a few OOC posts that have been stickyed on the top of the forum once you enter, these contain valuable information that can enhance your roleplaying.
    [Sashanka] 20:29:33 GMT Sashanka: Any questions about the Buzz forum sections?
    [Sashanka] 20:29:44 GMT Sashanka: The Anarchy-Online website also has some exciting things for those of you that are really interested in learning the history of Rubi-Ka from the very beginning.
    [Sashanka] 20:29:57 GMT Sashanka: The Prophet Without Honour is not a required read to understand roleplaying within Anarchy-Online but this novel is written by one of the original creators of Anarchy-Online.
    [Sashanka] 20:30:14 GMT Sashanka: This is part of what the game is based upon and it can help give a better understanding of it all. Prophet Without Honour can be found here:,1006,1107
    [Sashanka] 20:30:35 GMT Sashanka: For those of you that really want the short version of it all I recommend the Anarchy-Online timeline which can be found here:,1006,1031
    [Sashanka] 20:30:56 GMT Sashanka: This timeline sums up all the most important happenings on Rubi-Ka from when the very first ship landed on the planet to the most recent happenings.
    [Sashanka] 20:31:09 GMT Sashanka: Again, you do not have to read it, but if you choose to, it will give you a broader understanding of the politics in the game.
    [Sashanka] 20:31:26 GMT Sashanka: If you ever come into the situation of giving a new player information about roleplay, Storyline and Events in Anarchy Online, you can point him to our Beginners Guide at:
    [Sashanka] 20:31:41 GMT Sashanka: Now I am about finished with this session, but before I conclude, I would like to mention a little bit about the events sign up and how it works.
    [Sashanka] 20:31:59 GMT Sashanka: If you log into your account from the main AO website at: you will see an area called "Event Participation"
    [Sashanka] 20:32:17 GMT Sashanka: This sign up allows us to interact more freely with you and involve you in some of the things we do.
    [Sashanka] 20:32:22 GMT Sashanka: with a button to change its status
    [Sashanka] 20:32:34 GMT Sashanka: Please do understand that due to the numbers of people signed up to this we can not guarantee involvement in events. This only allows us to act more freely in our interactions with you.
    [Sashanka] 20:32:52 GMT Sashanka: Before we end I am going to repeat the feedback address for the events team which is
    [Sashanka] 20:33:10 GMT Sashanka: If you have any questions or feedback about this class please don't hesitate in sending it to us. We rely on your views.
    [Sashanka] 20:33:27 GMT Sashanka: This of course also goes for any other feedback you may have about what we do.
    [Sashanka] 20:33:40 GMT Ninanna: And yes this class took longer than we expected, but then this is the first time we have rolled through the whole thing
    [Sashanka] 20:33:45 GMT Sashanka: Does anyone have any questions about these resources for roleplaying?
    [Sashanka] 20:33:59 GMT Denaliblade: ?
    [Sashanka] 20:34:06 GMT Sashanka: GA Denali
    [Sashanka] 20:34:37 GMT Denaliblade: Just a quick question... is there a list of all the RP bots/channels available for us to use and what each one is for? (IC or OOC, etc..) Aarp is the only one i know of so far.
    [Sashanka] 20:35:08 GMT Kehmer: I have to leave class, thanks Sashanka and Ninanna, cya in next RP events *smiles
    [Sashanka] 20:35:14 GMT Kehmer: cya all
    [Sashanka] 20:35:23 GMT Sashanka: We do not control the bots but I do believe there is information about them on the Buzz
    [Sashanka] 20:35:44 GMT Sashanka: You might want to ask Trousers there to give you information on his
    [Sashanka] 20:35:46 GMT Kehmer left the group.
    [Sashanka] 20:36:20 GMT Sashanka: I would now like to thank you all for coming here today. I am so glad to see so many new faces interested in roleplaying.
    [Sashanka] 20:36:29 GMT Sashanka: I wish you all the best of luck and safe travels across Rubi-Ka.
    [Sashanka] 20:36:57 GMT Tocha: no no thank YOU for being the only MMO with this much interaction with our beloved world
    [Sashanka] 20:37:19 GMT Denaliblade: Yes, thanks. This session was helpful.
    [Sashanka] 20:37:20 GMT Sashanka: Thanks we appriciate that
    [Sashanka] 20:37:46 GMT Tocha: take care gang. been awake for 28 hours - going to bed now ^^
    [Sashanka] 20:37:49 GMT Foosball33: will a log of this be posted on the forums?
    [Sashanka] 20:38:13 GMT Sashanka: Now Mr Foos you should have been logging this channel
    [Sashanka] 20:38:23 GMT Foosball33: cause there are some that really needed to hear what you had to say
    [Sashanka] 20:38:28 GMT Foosball33: I log everything
    [Sashanka] 20:38:33 GMT Dagget: I logged it
    [Sashanka] 20:38:35 GMT Sashanka: most likely not.. we will conduct more of these
    [Sashanka] 20:38:41 GMT Tocha left the group.
    [Sashanka] 20:38:50 GMT Sashanka: We will have these on a regular basis
    [Sashanka] 20:39:08 GMT Foosball33: good, some players really need to learn on why not to powergame
    [Sashanka] 20:39:09 GMT Ninanna: And hopefully we will get better at the class fitting in our expected timeframe
    [Sashanka] 20:39:19 GMT Ninanna: Oh.. believe me I KNOW that one.
    [Sashanka] 20:39:30 GMT Dagget: maybe hold on e in places like WA where the newbies arrive
    [Sashanka] 20:39:52 GMT Foosball33: I don't have too much of a problem with powergamers, if I'm outside I morph into dragon and show them what real powergaming is
    [Sashanka] 20:39:56 GMT Sashanka: We need all your help to direct new rpers to us
    [Sashanka] 20:40:05 GMT Sashanka: so we can torture them too
    [Sashanka] 20:40:10 GMT Atryda: good bye, thanks for lessons
    [Sashanka] 20:40:15 GMT Dagget: need to do this on weekends at different time slots
    [Sashanka] 20:40:30 GMT Sashanka: We plan on different times and days
    [Sashanka] 20:40:43 GMT Ninanna: we intend on that, this was just the first run of the class.
    [Sashanka] 20:41:12 GMT Ninanna: But weekends are also a VERY busy time for the event team already.
    [Sashanka] 20:41:17 GMT Sashanka: Have fun everyone
    [Sashanka] 20:41:27 GMT Dagget: you too
    [Sashanka] 20:41:29 GMT Valedilene: tyvm again
    [Sashanka] 20:41:41 GMT Atryda left the group.
    [Sashanka] 20:41:47 GMT Foosball33: bye Sashanka
    [Sashanka] 20:43:26 GMT Dagget: !leave
    [Sashanka] 20:43:29 GMT Dagget: !kick
    [Sashanka] 20:43:44 GMT Schultzy: excuse me but I had to afk a lil before the end
    [Sashanka] 20:43:48 GMT Trousers: I think it's '/leave groupname'
    [Sashanka] 20:43:55 GMT Lysandrel left the group.
    [Sashanka] 20:43:58 GMT You left private group: Sashanka
    OTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTO|||||||||||||||||||||Serve Omni-Tek

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    Excellent! Thanks to Events and RP'rs to help some of us RP monkeys a few extra bananas to toss around. =) Its helpful to know how you guys work.
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    Bump for this to get rooted.
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    I'll sticky it but also lock it. The details inside aren't needed for comment
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