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    Bs tl2

    i recently rolled a toon and remember TL2 BS matches were very populated back in the day i was woundering were the signup terminal is located and do they run very often

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    The 20-49 BS is in Borealis just north of the Newland Whompah.

    There are times when it is running. There's a clique of the usual types that hang out around there. But don't let that put you off.

    (RK2 perspective)

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    As far as i know, the tl2 bs on atlantian hardly runs
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    Quote Originally Posted by evanZback View Post
    As far as i know, the tl2 bs on atlantian hardly runs
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    At Rimor it runs smotly now. From few days i see like 10-15 ppl in "happy hours". Had few nice BSes, so I am happy
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