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Thread: [ALL] OOC: ARK Events - Player meeting

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    [ALL] OOC: ARK Events - Player meeting

    OOC ARK Events - Player meeting

    Hello everyone, its that time of the year again.
    We will be holding the annual OOC meeting between
    us (the ARK Events Team) and you (the current and future
    roleplayers of AO)

    The meeting will take place on

    Sunday, March the 2nd at
    15:00 GMT (DNW)
    17:00 GMT (Rimor)
    19:00 GMT (Atlantean)

    in the Reets Retreat "Fireplace Room".
    The meeting will take 2 hours per server,
    therefore please see that you send a limited amount
    of representatives for your org and be aware that
    in order to keep in time we will enforce moderation.

    (Moderation means that everyone gets a turn to speak,
    if you have a questions or comment you can say a ? or !
    and will be called up when the time is right.
    To speed things up you can type ahead or even send us a tell
    with the question)

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    Shall we RSVP so you know who will be attending?

    If so;

    Trousers & Cylie - The Organization formerly known as Omni-Trans
    OTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTO|||||||||||||||||||||Serve Omni-Tek

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    I look forward to hearing Devdas' plans for world domination.
    GorgeFodder4 / Skeletawe
    Anti-Miner / Miner
    Omni-Mining / NLF Remnant?

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    Say there will be punch and pie!
    More people will come if they think there will be punch and pie!
    Point Blank

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    Rimor Log: part 1

    [Vicinity] Devdas: Good evening
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: hello
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: Hello everyone
    [Vicinity] Sabreclaws: Hello.
    [Vicinity] Neloo: greetings
    [Vicinity] Caitie: Hezzo!
    [Vicinity] Feynrose: Hi guys.
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: Hi
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: smiles
    [Vicinity] Devdas: not many people here yet.
    [Vicinity] Sabreclaws: MSome more are coming
    [Vicinity] Devdas: 5t, can you hear me over there?
    [Vicinity] Devdas: Dalory, can you hear me over there?
    [Vicinity] Dalory: Yeah
    [Vicinity] Devdas: excellent, than we can all hear each other
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: two more are on their way here
    [Vicinity] Devdas: nods
    [Vicinity] Trousers: Sorry to disappoint, but I remembered to come
    [Vicinity] Devdas: oh well, we hoped till th last moment you would not.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: still people coming in, lets wait noter 5 minutes forltecomers
    [Vicinity] Neloo: chuckles
    [Vicinity] Severrn: Hello.
    [Vicinity] Severrn: smiles.
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: smiles as the crowd filters in
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: go go teleport perk
    [Vicinity] Denaliblade: waves in greeting
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: hi Hark
    [Vicinity] Trousers: 5 minutes? Juice run!
    [Vicinity] Trousers: is afk
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: smiles
    [Vicinity] Caitie: Is crowded.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: Now that he is gon we can start
    [Vicinity] Neloo:
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: laughs
    [Vicinity] Pheats: sighs
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: thinks IT'S A TRAP
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: grins ever so sweetly
    [Vicinity] Severrn: Hahaha.
    [Vicinity] Severrn: Cute.
    [Vicinity] Severrn: winks.
    [Vicinity] Trousers: is back
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: keeping Devdas's feet warm for him Sash?
    [Vicinity] Caitie: coughs.
    [Vicinity] Feynrose: I didn't want to say it first.
    [Vicinity] Caitie: Heh.
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: hmm
    [Vicinity] Devdas: alright, log is on and everyone seems tobe seated.
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: I will refrain from commenting
    [Vicinity] Devdas: So, we will start with soem quick qeustions from our site before you can ask us stuff.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: There have been more LTC's out there attempting to get involved with the day to day life on Rubi Ka. Have you encountered any? Do you attempt to role play with them? Any good or bad comments on the LTC interactions?
    [Vicinity] Severrn: TURMS
    [Vicinity] Caitie: Turms doesn't like coffee...
    [Vicinity] Severrn: takes a non-mechanical breath.
    [Vicinity] Trousers: !
    [Vicinity] Cylie: !
    [Vicinity] Severrn: lol?
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: !
    [Vicinity] Severrn: !
    [Vicinity] Dalory: ?
    [Vicinity] Devdas: yes trousers?
    [Vicinity] Trousers: I've seen most of the active ones. In general, they're all doing a stand up job. Shake their hands for me.
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: !
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: smiles
    [Vicinity] Devdas: thank you
    [Vicinity] Devdas: cylie?
    [Vicinity] Cylie: Well at first I was going to say Turms is kinda boring cause all he does is breath
    [Vicinity] Denaliblade: is afk
    [Vicinity] Cylie: BUT
    [Vicinity] Denaliblade: is back
    [Vicinity] Severrn: chuckles.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: could be worth, he could not breath. or would that be better? who knows....
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: laughs
    [Vicinity] Cylie: Things seem to be moving on so not boring anymore. I have to say Im rather impressed with all the LTCs, I try to interact with all of them. So I say good job with all of them
    [Vicinity] Neloo: !
    [Vicinity] Cylie: If he didnt breath Devdas he would die
    [Vicinity] Trousers: pulls cylie back into her seat
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: thinks maybe not Turms is superhuman
    [Vicinity] Cylie: Thats all
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Could be seen as more exciting
    [Vicinity] Devdas: pevarnj?
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: They are all great, though I would like to see some of the legacy/departmental leaders on more. Tell all the people who play the characters great job. It's nice to see them out and about, and they do a great job playing the characters.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: nods
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: Oh, and tell them tahnk you for putting up with my computer problems
    [Vicinity] Devdas: severrn?
    [Vicinity] Severrn: I see Cuggles alot, and Heuris plays a nice character, in the way that she is scary... But, they help keep RP alive and interesting, so good job to all of them.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: thank you. dalory?
    [Vicinity] Dalory: Dont have any comments
    [Vicinity] Dalory: Except all of them do a good job
    [Vicinity] Devdas: glad to hear
    [Vicinity] Devdas: foosball33?
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: What are these LTCs you talk of?
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: no really, I would like to say they are doing a great job
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: looks at Foosball
    [Vicinity] Trousers: slaps foos with a trout
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: and I would like to point out characters like Tinker and Cuggles I think are great with promoting RP
    [Vicinity] Severrn: nods.
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: becasue people that are new to the game don't need to know a lot of backstory and what not
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: just really need to want to talk about being clean and where to get nice footwear
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: chuckles
    [Vicinity] Severrn: laughs.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: Excellent point
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: smiles
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: all I got
    [Vicinity] Devdas: neloo?
    [Vicinity] Neloo: I enjoy talking to the LTCs immensely as well. They really liven up the place, and im very grateful they take time to interact with all of us, including poor fr00bs like myself.
    [Vicinity] Severrn: nods.
    [Vicinity] Neloo: i guess the rest has been said, and Foos had a great point about promoting RP
    [Vicinity] Devdas: nods
    [Vicinity] Devdas: next question
    [Vicinity] Devdas: Have you taken part in any events in the last year? which ones do you like? which ones did you not like? What would you like to see more of?
    [Vicinity] Severrn: !
    [Vicinity] Sabreclaws: !
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: !
    [Vicinity] Cylie: !
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: !
    [Vicinity] Devdas: severrn?
    [Vicinity] Severrn: I recently, as Xsnipe took part in the OAM meeting, and, its exciting, but makes ya nervous. But, I think it adds a more realistic feel to it, I mean, like in real life, Bosses are scary and demanding.
    [Vicinity] Severrn: So, realism FTW
    [Vicinity] Devdas: awe come one, Rita is such a lovely girl
    [Vicinity] Severrn: :P
    [Vicinity] Severrn: Yes.
    [Vicinity] Severrn: wait
    [Vicinity] Severrn: No
    [Vicinity] Severrn: EVA
    [Vicinity] Severrn: :P
    [Vicinity] Severrn: Rita scared me.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: sabreclaws?
    [Vicinity] Neloo: !
    [Vicinity] Sabreclaws: I'm not very active, I did manage to partake in this Omni-AF march in Borealis a month or two ago. As clanner... Was fun to observe and partake in the fighting
    [Vicinity] Devdas: nods
    [Vicinity] Devdas: foosball33?
    [Vicinity] Sabreclaws: PvP events are always allot of fun, but... It
    [Vicinity] Sabreclaws: Hm, wasn't done. Sorry.
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: I've been enjoying the events so far, I find Im' liking the more confusing ones, like the muggings better
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: all are good but some I can see comeing a mile away, I think there might be a log of me saying "don't do anything stupid at the meeeting tormorrow"
    [Vicinity] Severrn: chuckles.
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: but one question about events, how come sometimes players get flagged when shooting arks, and other times they dont?
    [Vicinity] Devdas: that happens when we defend against flagges players
    [Vicinity] Caitie: Ahh...
    [Vicinity] Devdas: its like a plague, one player has it, we spread it
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Yes when a character attacks a flagged player, they get flagged and thus anyone shooting them gets flagged
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: nods
    [Vicinity] Pheats: We do try to avoid it when possible, but its not always easy
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: Sometimes we want to kill you and sometimes.. we show pity
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: smiles
    [Vicinity] Cylie: haha
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: giggles
    [Vicinity] Severrn: chuckles.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: if foos is done. what was the other part sabreclaws?
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: yes when I get crit hitted on the first shot by a soli with a bow, I can tell
    [Vicinity] Sabreclaws: I forgot. =P Joking
    [Vicinity] Sabreclaws: The whole battle, it felt orchestrated. I think PvP events have allot of potential to give roleplay something to buzz about, hell, you all know that
    [Vicinity] Nulion: hopes nobody noticed
    [Vicinity] Severrn: looks at Nulion, making a sign with his eyes saying "I saw you."
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: slaps Nulion for being late
    [Vicinity] Sabreclaws: Do more of that, like the muggings. I'd prefer battles though. Announce it in advance so people can prepare, it adds a bit of tactics and strategy
    [Vicinity] Sabreclaws: And it could involve pvp-ers in roleplay. Just my two cents
    [Vicinity] Severrn: <--- gimp. will die
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: is more gimp
    [Vicinity] Sabreclaws: is done
    [Vicinity] Denaliblade: <--- lowbie. Will also die
    [Vicinity] Devdas: Doubt we will ever anounce something like those.
    [Vicinity] Severrn: agreees with Pev.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: Next up is cylie
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: wonders how sev can be more gimp than himself
    [Vicinity] Severrn: Is not psychic, so shush
    [Vicinity] Severrn: Oops
    [Vicinity] Severrn: ./me*
    [Vicinity] Cylie: Well Ive been in a few events this past year. So far I have to say Ive enjoyed myself. But I have one comment/suggestion
    [Vicinity] Cylie: One of the things that I think can pose a problem for us getting to interact with the events is time zones. For instance, there was an Omni Trans event but it was held at 2pm EST when most of us who are in EST are at work/school
    [Vicinity] Cylie: I can stress to people to email you guys and let you all know what time zones they are in, so you can have an idea of who will be online for a certain event
    [Vicinity] Devdas: Timezones have been a problem around summer last year, but by now it should be more evenly spaced again. unfortunately there is no timeframe that really fits americans and europeans.
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: is afk
    [Vicinity] Severrn: Or Asians.
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: is back
    [Vicinity] Devdas: throws stuff at Meldrek
    [Vicinity] Severrn: <-- Asian.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: And dont even mention the australians
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: grr
    [Vicinity] Severrn: G'day mate!
    [Vicinity] Devdas: gmt+alot is even worse
    [Vicinity] Cylie: Okay I wont
    [Vicinity] Cylie: But...
    [Vicinity] Cylie: They are important too
    [Vicinity] Cylie: grins
    [Vicinity] Pheats: We try to space things out when we can
    [Vicinity] Pheats: But its not always possible
    [Vicinity] Nulion: loves kangaroos
    [Vicinity] Cylie: I trust you guys will do your best
    [Vicinity] Pheats: as we have limited resources
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: that never stops Dyna he's on a lot
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: we not only have to balance when you are available, bu also when our storytellers and producers are available
    [Vicinity] Cylie: I understand its hard for your end as well
    [Vicinity] Pheats: We do try to announce when things are happening when we can at meetings and such but so few people go to them or don't pass things on
    [Vicinity] Devdas: pevrnj will be next
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: I have been absent for a lot of things, but I have gone to quite a few affiliate meetings. They're great, though I wish more assignments were given. The one assignment I've gotten, the ARK logged on once a LONG time ago, and then hasn't logged on at all since then.
    [Vicinity] Severrn: chuckles.
    [Vicinity] Severrn: "Been a long time, son."
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: gives Sev a wierd look

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    Rimor Log: part 2

    [Vicinity] Devdas: neloo?
    [Vicinity] Neloo: I think i have missed all the big events sadly (my own fault though, for being on RK4) but i also REALLY like all the small events. I remember one incident about a little girl being harassed in Bor by some big mean types, that one was really fun, and managed to get half of the population going against the bullies. Its those small things that make it feel more like a real place.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: nods
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: nods
    [Vicinity] Neloo: but thats not to say i wouldnt mind taking part in the big ones (im not signed up to particpiate again, hope it stays this time
    [Vicinity] Neloo: (err nonsense. i AM signe up now.
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: grins evily
    [Vicinity] Devdas: pre last question: Do you read the articles in Editor News? Are they helpful to you in following storylines?
    [Vicinity] Codenaam: !
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: !
    [Vicinity] Neloo: !
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: !
    [Vicinity] Trousers: ?
    [Vicinity] Nulion: makes his sock puppet, Mr. Fabric-Softener, nod vigorously
    [Vicinity] Severrn: just lol'd.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: codenaam?
    [Vicinity] Codenaam: I think they're great. They don't only keep me (I'm not online that often, so I miss lots of events) informed about things, but they also help making this world feel like a real world.
    [Vicinity] Codenaam: It's too bad, though, that I, as a non-payer, cannot post comments on them
    [Vicinity] Codenaam: But I don't think you can do anything about that
    [Vicinity] Codenaam: That's it.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: no, not really. but you can discuss about them ingame. which is even better if you ask me
    [Vicinity] Devdas: foosball33?
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: I have to say yes they've been helping me follow the storylines, and give clues to upcoming events...
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: I thought I had something more but I don't sorry..
    [Vicinity] Devdas: hehe, neloo?
    [Vicinity] Neloo: well codenaam summed it up for me very well. I also read them when im not able to play for longer periods of time, and they are almost always the reason i get back. also as code, i REALLY wish i could make comment on that forum
    [Vicinity] Neloo: err nothing more
    [Vicinity] Devdas: pevarnj?
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: They are all GREAT. They do a great job keeping me informed, and I don't even want to consider how lost I would be without them.
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: Great job with Editor News
    [Vicinity] Severrn: mumbles abuot the smugness of paying players.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: thank you
    [Vicinity] Devdas: trousers ?
    [Vicinity] Trousers: Obviously we read it, but I need to ask. Does your team read what's posted? Because it seems to me that they don't.
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: smiles
    [Vicinity] Devdas: we do
    [Vicinity] Devdas: read them
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: I think we all read them...
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: We love the debates
    [Vicinity] Neloo: !
    [Vicinity] Feynrose: nods
    [Vicinity] Trousers: I ask because several Legacys seem to act with disregard to what is said in that forum
    [Vicinity] Devdas: which legacys?
    [Vicinity] Trousers: Toog, Baljian, and to a lesser extent, MAX.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: The later are omni tek directors, they do as they please. In regards to toog, what article would that have been?
    [Vicinity] Trousers: His apointment of a terrorist to his council just slapped me in the face as having no clue what gets said on the forums.
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Hello.
    [Vicinity] Codenaam: nods at Gux
    [Vicinity] Codenaam: Gus*
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: stares at the person coming in late
    [Vicinity] Severrn: wants to show Gus wht happened to his chicken.
    [Vicinity] Caitie: Hush!
    [Vicinity] Devdas: well, so far that 'terrorist' did not act against the council, as has (oh surprise) been the only applicant for a year. *shrug*
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: and a one persons terrorist is another persons hero many times.
    [Vicinity] Trousers: Still, it shows clear disregard
    [Vicinity] Neloo: is afk
    [Vicinity] Neloo: is back
    [Vicinity] Devdas: good timingneloo, you are next
    [Vicinity] Neloo: It could be very interesting to see some LTCs perhaps take part in those discussions. Ive always considered the Editors news forum to be some public gridfeed for RK, and very much part of the game
    [Vicinity] Neloo: im not sure if its an invite to let no RPers flame it all, but could be interesting to see
    [Vicinity] Pheats: LTC's do not have access to the forums, and is not something we can do
    [Vicinity] Neloo: nods
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: but it doesnt say if you are a reporter, you can interview them maybe
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: nods
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Or just discuss it with them when you see them in game
    [Vicinity] Neloo: true
    [Vicinity] Devdas: Interesting idea, would require some substantial work and tinkering out the best way to make it possible. maybe at some time, but not in the near future.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: And with that we come to the last question from our side: How many of you take part in the CoT, NLC or OAM meetings? What comments would you like to make about those meetings?
    [Vicinity] Nulion: !
    [Vicinity] Severrn: !
    [Vicinity] Devdas: yes nulion?
    [Vicinity] Cylie: !
    [Vicinity] Nulion: I've been in the Council meetings for a long time, and am not about to stop...And the last meeting was really pretty full, which was surprising. I know a lot of them weren't people we admitted through the process of applications and such, but it was nice to have so many there. But....yeah, I guess more people could be at all these things, and it's something we always try to do. Sorta.
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Erh...end? Over? Done? *presses the not-talk button*
    [Vicinity] Devdas: severrn?
    [Vicinity] Severrn: I noticed that you should never make a 3 page report... >.< Anyway, like I said, realism rocks. Almost had a heart attack. But, the OAM meetings have an integral part in RP.
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: !
    [Vicinity] Severrn: Board meetings are always needed.
    [Vicinity] Severrn: It also keeps us up to date.
    [Vicinity] Severrn: Also, it makes you have homework.
    [Vicinity] Severrn: >.<
    [Vicinity] Severrn: looks at Gus.
    [Vicinity] Severrn: whispers to Gus "You said It'll be fine..."
    [Vicinity] Devdas: cylie?
    [Vicinity] Nulion: !
    [Vicinity] Cylie: Well there for a while the OAM was getting scarce for people and topics. But it looks like were going to have a nice turn out. However alot of would like more Projects assigned to us at the meetings.
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Agreed.
    [Vicinity] Cylie: Last meeting we spent most of the time on two topics
    [Vicinity] Severrn: nods.
    [Vicinity] Cylie: We's like to get some assignments, to give usmore to talk about, argue about
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: agrees with assignments
    [Vicinity] Vinwooke: agrees too
    [Vicinity] Cylie: AND
    [Vicinity] Cylie: We'd like to see ALL the leaders say atleast something
    [Vicinity] Devdas: yes the task part has prooven toberather difficult, but we will not stop working on it.
    [Vicinity] Cylie: nods
    [Vicinity] Cylie: Thats all
    [Vicinity] Devdas: foosball33 ?
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: well I have to go to the CoT and NLC meetings, thank god I don't have a seat at the OMA, but I've been seeing them pick up latey
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: at least with the newland meetings
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: I think the CoTs are run pretty smoothy and the legeacys are rather funny at times
    [Vicinity] Devdas: I miss seing red at the cot
    [Vicinity] Nulion: 's sock puppet nods
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: Newlands are up and down, but i feel that more player fault then events
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: oh and rollerrats should be at the start of every meeting
    [Vicinity] Severrn: laughs.
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: laughs
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: grins.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: smiles
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: OMA needs to stop being the only ones attacked before their meetings
    [Vicinity] Vinwooke: !
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: grins
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: I wish to make a comment on the assignments. There was a considerable amount of time spent on the Omni trans assignment. We could not hold up things because of what happened. We are trying to give some assignments.. for instance security and such.
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: or the OAM, them too
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: be careful what you wish for Foosball
    [Vicinity] Severrn: laughs at Nina's comment.
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: Yes it might come true
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: is still waiting to be turned into a frog
    [Vicinity] Severrn: will expect some rollerrats at the next meeting.
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: laughs
    [Vicinity] Devdas: nulion?
    [Vicinity] Nulion: ....oookay. Lemme hit "enter".
    [Vicinity] Nulion: About the Council meetings, and I'd just thought of this...There has to be a way to get people involved OUTSIDE of the Board Room, or the Council Hall, or the...uh...Newland Council Dance Floor. Thing. I mean, I love it when I see legacy leaders online at off times, outside of a Council setting...I love seeing RP'ers I don't normally get to do things with...And it seems like almost everybody who goes into the Council meetings is ONLY there for the Council meetings, never anywhere else. Legacy leader showings outside of the meetings seems to draw them out, and it would also go a long way towards the Councils/BoD's/Etc's feel like real entities....boy, that was long-winded. Oh, and where's Radiman? o.O *done*
    [Vicinity] Severrn: Spam.
    [Vicinity] Trousers: @ Sash - Then why does it take 8+ weeks for an E-mail to get answered when we send the mail asking the Legacy about the events and asking for something to do?
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: chuckles
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: !
    [Vicinity] Severrn: laughs.
    [Vicinity] Nulion: and the sock puppet both agree not to spam again
    [Vicinity] Devdas: Thank you windguard...erh nulion
    [Vicinity] Cylie: !
    [Vicinity] Caitie: lol!
    [Vicinity] Severrn: laughs.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: vinwooke?
    [Vicinity] Nulion: ...:P
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: I think also you should take a pro active stance. We are not here to direct all your rp
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Of course, I don't expect that.
    [Vicinity] Vinwooke: Thanks. I'm sure many people here have had far more experiance of the NLCC than I have, but in my opinion, the informal and friendly nature of the meetings sometimes lead to long, endless chats, which make me sleepy. Obviously again, this is just my opinion, but I think the more formal way in which the OAM is conducted makes people more alert
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Neither do I, but it would help in creating more settings.
    [Vicinity] Vinwooke: ( Done )
    [Vicinity] Devdas: well, neutrals are more friendly and chatty that omnis
    [Vicinity] Devdas: smiles
    [Vicinity] Severrn: chuckles.
    [Vicinity] Severrn: I may be the exceptino...
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: yup
    [Vicinity] Severrn: exception*
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Depends on the Omni.
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: glares before realizing Devdas is right
    [Vicinity] Devdas: next up is foosball33 again
    [Vicinity] Caitie: thinks someone just got Owned...
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: oh just wondering, what would we as players have to do to get Newland a city hall maybe
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: kind of sucks having meetings in sand and rain storms
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: laughs
    [Vicinity] Vinwooke: Never rains in Newland..
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: and just be outside being asked for buffs
    [Vicinity] Severrn: lol
    [Vicinity] Severrn: "Xsnipe, FG pls?"
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Heh.
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: Well we could move it to the hot tub
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: laughs
    [Vicinity] Severrn: Nice...
    [Vicinity] Devdas: initiate a big gathering and multiple events gathering resources and money. think the replacement of the warr thugs
    [Vicinity] Severrn: dreams on.
    [Vicinity] Nulion: 's sock puppet loves hot tubs
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Damn, now I wish I was Neutral instead.... Hot Tub plx
    [Vicinity] Caitie: loves Devdas.
    [Vicinity] Vinwooke: facepalms
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: nods. sleep with game director
    [Vicinity] Severrn: laughs.
    [Vicinity] Severrn: Gus is up for that.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: cylie?
    [Vicinity] Severrn: Riiiiight?
    [Vicinity] Severrn: shuts up.
    [Vicinity] Vinwooke: laughs
    [Vicinity] Cylie: I have a comment on Shash' rebuttle, I just wanted to wait for everyone to finish their comments
    [Vicinity] Cylie: I do realized that you guys worked hard for the Omni Trans event, however
    [Vicinity] Devdas: you are the last in line
    [Vicinity] Cylie: You had the event, at 2pm in the afternoon for us. We were at work. So we cant help it if we cant go to an event designed for us if were not home.
    [Vicinity] Neloo: looks down and sees hes naked
    [Vicinity] Angelmed: laughs.
    [Vicinity] Severrn: laughs.
    [Vicinity] Cylie: And yes we should be proactive
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: you were on strike at the time anyway.. so what did it matter what time it was at?
    [Vicinity] Cylie: Still
    [Vicinity] Vinwooke: lol
    [Vicinity] Cylie: The executed the event anyway
    [Vicinity] Cylie: Trousers and I both emailed Devdas times we are online
    [Vicinity] Cylie: AND you all knew we were on strike
    [Vicinity] Cylie: Yet you went and did the event anyway
    [Vicinity] Trousers: Cylie, from Nina's answer and Pheats' tells there is a clear disregard for communication. I suggest you drop it.
    [Vicinity] Cylie: Fine
    [Vicinity] Devdas: now lets come to some questions from you people, who would like to ask us something?
    [Vicinity] Caitie: coughs.
    [Vicinity] Severrn: Umm...
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Before we move on, would just like to say something about a couple of points that have come up
    [Vicinity] Nulion: and the sock puppet think...
    [Vicinity] Vinwooke: Hmm...
    [Vicinity] Pheats: first, the events participation form
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: shoots the sock puppet before he can think anything
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Please sign up if you can, it really does help us. Many of you here are signed up, but many arent.

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    Rimor Log: part 3

    Vicinity] Neloo: !
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: nods
    [Vicinity] Trousers: ?
    [Vicinity] Caitie: ?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: I know there have been problems with it
    [Vicinity] Angelmed: ?
    [Vicinity] Cylie: ?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: but I beleive it has now been fixed, as such please all check that you are signed up
    [Vicinity] Neloo: nods
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: signs
    [Vicinity] Denaliblade: ?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Yes neloo?
    [Vicinity] Neloo: well you answered my question. I have signed up at least 20 times, and was always ticked off again, but if you say it works now, then no problem
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok Trousers
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: looks at his account and is shocked he's still signed up
    [Vicinity] Trousers: I have several questions all about ARKs, I will ask one now, then come back to others after other people get a chance to speak
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: ?
    [Vicinity] Trousers: First question. ARKs are forbidden from using 3rd party tools and websites. TO get a definition on this. Are they banned from 3rd party sites where they can interact? Or Can your team use a resource setup by players to show information to you. Like just a static page of information so we don't have to send you tons of E-mails
    [Vicinity] Lysandrel: ?
    [Vicinity] Devdas: We are not allowed to interact on any 3rd party sites
    [Vicinity] Pheats: We cannot actively take part in such things, but we can read through them if we happen to come across them
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Unfortunatly many sites and such require membership and as such we don't get access to them
    [Vicinity] Trousers: So, a static webpage where information is displayed from a databased, such as Character information or events information we're planning, is ok?
    [Vicinity] Denaliblade: is afk
    [Vicinity] Devdas: We are allowed to have accouts on 3 specific 3rd party sites to read non public forums (being cot/oam/and german boardforum)
    [Vicinity] Denaliblade: is back
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: so if we had player background stuff or a list of girdshows you could view and comment on them in game? sorry for butting in
    [Vicinity] Devdas: We can access all public information
    [Vicinity] Nulion: ?
    [Vicinity] Trousers: nods
    [Vicinity] Trousers: This question is answered. Thank you.
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: as long as the information is PUBLIC.. not requirning a memebership
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: Many of us also read what you put on the buzz
    [Vicinity] Devdas: caitie?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Although the best way to go about things is directly mail it to us, it may not get a direct response but we read EVERYTHING that arrives in the inbox
    [Vicinity] Caitie: Kate forgeted question...
    [Vicinity] Caitie: Err... I forgot.
    [Vicinity] Trousers: ?
    [Vicinity] Devdas: Well, questions and short term infos are good via mail. long term stuff has proofen tobe troublesome in mail systems
    [Vicinity] Devdas: angelmed?
    [Vicinity] Angelmed: A question about the events setting in the account control panel... I'm a bit apprehensive about ticking this, as I don't quite understand how this all works. Basically, my primary RP character is also my main in-game. I keep getting the idea that I'll vanish in the middle of an inferno mission and leave my team to die, or something like that. How exactly does this work?
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: laughs
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Basically ticking it means we can see when your online and then can act upon this
    [Vicinity] Pheats: We generally take in to account what your doing BEFORE involving you
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: nods
    [Vicinity] Pheats: As such if your in the middle of a beast raid you wont get randomly kidnapped mid fight
    [Vicinity] Devdas: You will be relative save in inferno (nothing is 100% though). But if you sign on you are expected to react and not bail out.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: but if your just walking through town, you may end up getting attacked
    [Vicinity] Severrn: !
    [Vicinity] Neloo: chuckles
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: or something good might happen to you
    [Vicinity] Angelmed: Makes sense.
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: smiles innocently
    [Vicinity] Devdas: cylie?
    [Vicinity] Cylie: I have several short questions
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: thinks to Devdas comment about being taking with cybering with that hot opi chick a while back
    [Vicinity] Cylie: First, Philip Ross, can we RP that he is dead for good?
    [Vicinity] Caitie: ...
    [Vicinity] Devdas: reads Foosball33's mind
    [Vicinity] Pheats: He is not dead
    [Vicinity] Vinwooke: cheers
    [Vicinity] Devdas: he last article about his status can be found on the editor's news (he is in coma and got transferred back to prime for better treatment)
    [Vicinity] Cylie: Ok just wanted to make sure
    [Vicinity] Devdas: denaliblade?
    [Vicinity] Denaliblade: It's okay, my question already got answered in your reply to Angelmed.
    [Vicinity] Cylie: ?
    [Vicinity] Devdas: foosball33 ?
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: my question is in reguards to the AO fourms, would it at all be possible to get an OOC child section added to Rimor Buzz, so player can plan and give feed back about events, in stead of them being moved to LoR and ending up 3 pages down do to who looted the beast last
    [Vicinity] Devdas: I will forward the question to the forum admins
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: thank you
    [Vicinity] Nulion: and the sock puppet would love that
    [Vicinity] Devdas: nulion?
    [Vicinity] Nulion: I was going to ask a question similar to Angelmed's...Basically, how do you guys use the RP sign up form? I mean, does it deposit our names into an online list of potential targets that you choose from, or...something else? I was always curious about what exactly it does on your end.
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: grins
    [Vicinity] Pheats: It puts you in a list
    [Vicinity] Pheats: That may or may not say "Targets" in big red letters at the top
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Must be a *huge* list, hehe.
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: chuckles.
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: giggles evily
    [Vicinity] Pheats: It basically shows us who's online and wants to be involved
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Its not that big, wich is why i brought it up, as not all of you are on it
    [Vicinity] Pheats: smiles
    [Vicinity] Devdas: Next up is pheats.
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Just re-signed up, myself. Thanks
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok I just want to make sure theres no more questions on the Participation thing
    [Vicinity] Pheats: If there is please give a ! now
    [Vicinity] Denaliblade: is afk
    [Vicinity] Denaliblade: is back
    [Vicinity] Pheats: I guess thats it cleared then, I just wanted to make my other point
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Wich is about the OAM
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: listens intently.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Please make sure that if you want to participate in the OAM that you have applied for affiliate membership officially by mailing us
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: hides under the couch
    [Vicinity] Pheats:
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: ?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Has all the info you need to apply
    [Vicinity] Trousers: frowns
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: ?
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: ?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: I bring this up because we've had a large number of people trying to get in that is not on our list, and have had to turn them away
    [Vicinity] Devdas: are those 3 ? is that about pheats comement?
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Yes.
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: nods
    [Vicinity] Devdas: ok, gustavis then
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: not mine, just in general
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: If my organization was registered, then am I correct in assuming that any of my org members are allowed to go?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: No
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Only those that we have had mails about
    [Vicinity] Severrn: is afk
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Well, the thing is, the second affiliate I registered hasn't been online.
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: So will I have to resend the form?
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: throws something at Sev
    [Vicinity] Devdas: one of the listed reps can inform omni-admin that someone else will be present this time. with that the rep will take full responsibility of the guests actions
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: nods.
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Thank you.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Please make sure to send a mail before the meeting mind or such
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Will do.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: pevarnj?
    [Vicinity] Severrn: is back
    [Vicinity] Pheats: and before the meeting doesnt mean 5 minutes before
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: Is there a way you could publish a full list of those who are permitted access?
    [Vicinity] Nulion: ?
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Yes; that would be nice.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: we will consider it. sounds like reasonable idea
    [Vicinity] Devdas: though you can still use the list on
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: coughs
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: It's not up-to-date at all
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Nope...
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Lots of oold affiliates who are no longer around are on the list.
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: old*
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: Especially considering ARKs no longer interacting with the site
    [Vicinity] Severrn: I didn't find my name...
    [Vicinity] Severrn: :P
    [Vicinity] Devdas: yes, many people on our list that are not active anymoretoo
    [Vicinity] Trousers: ? @ Websites
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: You at least do have everyone though, more than can be said about the list at ot-affiliates
    [Vicinity] Devdas: we could do it togther with a little purging of the list...
    [Vicinity] Devdas: anyways, lets move on before the time is up
    [Vicinity] Devdas: trousers, its your turn anyways
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Actually our list is about similar to the one on that list, but try to get your mails in and we can add you and such
    [Vicinity] Trousers: Last year you mentioned "One Project to rule them all" that you were working on. What's up with that? And I still have my other question ready to ask.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: canned, dumbed and trashed
    [Vicinity] Trousers: SAY IT AIN'T SO!
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: ./sadface
    [Vicinity] Severrn: lol's
    [Vicinity] Nulion: thinks they threw the project into Mt. Doom.
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: breaks out in tears
    [Vicinity] Severrn: tears.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Actually we just filed it away in Omni-teks paperwork...
    [Vicinity] Severrn: lol
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: smirks
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: laughs
    [Vicinity] Caitie: Ouch.
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: How could you?!
    [Vicinity] Devdas: yeah, unfortunately it did not work out as planed, and we had to can it before it was brought to live.
    [Vicinity] Vinwooke: C'mon crats! Find it!
    [Vicinity] Trousers: nods
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: goes to the big records room that is the size of a planet and starts searching for it
    [Vicinity] Devdas: your other question?
    [Vicinity] Trousers: I know Pevarnj touched on this briefly, but I wanted to ask about Legacy Online Time. The LTCs have been doing a bang up job with being online, but the vast majority of the legacys are lucky to log 3 hours a month, and the majortiy of those hours are 'behind closed doors' and cannot interact with the players. We brought this up last year and nothing has changed. How do you plan to address this issue this year?
    [Vicinity] Devdas: the answer from the last 5 meetings is still valid, we are working on it
    [Vicinity] Pheats: We have been planning on making the legacys pop up a bit more since last year
    [Vicinity] Pheats: however due to circumstances things havn't gone quite as planned
    [Vicinity] Trousers: I know some of the Clans have been doing better. Playing poker in comelot or something, but It hasn't been the case for Neutrals and Omni
    [Vicinity] Devdas: toog and hekakt have done a lot of rounds through town, not intlast 3months though
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: It would be nice to bump into a drunk Sergeyich in a bar.
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: ...Or maybe not.
    [Vicinity] Severrn: laughs and takes out bottle.
    [Vicinity] Vinwooke: Sergeyich is never/always drunk
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Sergeyich can handle his vodka
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: again .. be careful what you wish for.
    [Vicinity] Trousers: That answers my question. Thank you.
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: grins
    [Vicinity] Trousers: ?
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: wondering is they can make Toog super big like Omnni and Clan leaders
    [Vicinity] Devdas: the problem with legacys is that they are under more restrictions than normal ltcs, therefor it involves more people o bring them out just for fun
    [Vicinity] Devdas: severrn?
    [Vicinity] Severrn: Nothing, question answered.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: cylie?
    [Vicinity] Cylie: Just a suggestion but I think it would be neat to have some events centered around the shadowlands..
    [Vicinity] Severrn: mumbles again about paying players.
    [Vicinity] Cylie: Myabe some Unredeemed LTCs
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Already being planned and implemented
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: It would, but what about the froobs?
    [Vicinity] Cylie: Great, and
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Problem.
    [Vicinity] Severrn: <-- frooby, take pity.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: there have been (very very few, incldudingoen ltc) there will be / are some more
    [Vicinity] Cylie: Alos
    [Vicinity] Cylie: ALso*
    [Vicinity] Cylie: When talking about the gods, do they have a gender?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: What gods?
    [Vicinity] Cylie: Like Trak, Shere, etc? Do they have a gender
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: Well I am female
    [Vicinity] Devdas: But froobts is one reason we do not put too much effort into sl stories
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Im male
    [Vicinity] Severrn: laughs.
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: laughs
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: grins
    [Vicinity] Pheats: And devdas can be considered an it
    [Vicinity] Severrn: LOL
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: laughs
    [Vicinity] Caitie: lol!
    [Vicinity] Feynrose: grins
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: snickers quietly
    [Vicinity] Angelmed: laughs
    [Vicinity] Vinwooke: Which one spawns all the aliens?
    [Vicinity] Nulion: and the sock puppet laugh, even the sock puppet having a gender

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    Rimor Log: part 4

    [Vicinity] Caitie: sniffs Devdas.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: more correctly would be 'THE' though
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: starts whistling innocently
    [Vicinity] Cylie: The God?
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Yes.
    [Vicinity] Caitie: The It?
    [Vicinity] Cylie: Alright that works
    [Vicinity] Cylie: The It? I dont think the gods are killer clowns
    [Vicinity] Devdas: foosballthreethree?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Well there is a bit of extra story coming out from funcom via quests about those factions that you may need to find out before going about calling them anything
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: yes?
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: oh yeah I had a questions and forgot.....
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: Nuetral ids
    [Vicinity] Devdas: well I m a killer and a clown, not a killerclown though, though somtims a clownkiller...
    [Vicinity] Severrn: lol
    [Vicinity] Cylie: I knew it!
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: if players want them how to they get them other then coming to meetings
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: :O
    [Vicinity] Devdas: currently by coming to meetings or stumble over toog/hekkat
    [Vicinity] Severrn: flashes his Official Omni-Pol Identification Card - Detective
    [Vicinity] Severrn: Heheh.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Thats not a valid ID Severrn
    [Vicinity] Severrn: I know.
    [Vicinity] Severrn: Its a joke.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: smiles
    [Vicinity] Trousers: I can haz OT ID?
    [Vicinity] Severrn: :P
    [Vicinity] Severrn: Rotten Gus' Favorite Fried Chicken
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Would be nice to have an OT ID, though.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Im sure Ivan will see the joke in it aswell
    [Vicinity] Severrn: No you can have this Pants
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: note to self make krysknife script for Severrn
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Or special IDs for Affiliates
    [Vicinity] Devdas: if we have some time left after all questions are done we will hand some out
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: nods.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: There is plans for a more public method for the 3 id's to be handed out, but we cannot comment on it as of yet
    [Vicinity] Severrn: nods.,
    [Vicinity] Devdas: trousers is up next if you question is answered foodball33
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: yes it is
    [Vicinity] Devdas: yes, I m hungry.
    [Vicinity] Trousers: Omni-Tek Question. In the past, Affiliates have had quite a few Epic Failures and punishment seems to be a bit lobsided. I believe I've been subject to some of the harshest punishment from the Board (Getting fired for an event of a player event) while others fail at Tasks of the Legacy Leaders are are permitted to work on the next assighment. What do you plan to do give the Omni-Tek Board of Directors teeth to support their bark and to hold players accountable for their actions/failures?
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: Your always hungry
    [Vicinity] Devdas: well, you did the biggest failure.
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Ouch.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: the problem with the punishment are mostly ooc concerns
    [Vicinity] Trousers: I failed to deliver cargo to Last Ditch and got fired =p
    [Vicinity] Devdas: you pisted of 2-3 directors
    [Vicinity] Trousers: I'm not upset at having been fired. I'm glad such drastic action was taken.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: removing people from the affiliate list, will over some time result in an empty list and exlcude those people from the meetnigs
    [Vicinity] Trousers: I expected to of been perma killed for calling out Eva
    [Vicinity] Vinwooke: !
    [Vicinity] Pheats: We do try to sort out punishments and such
    [Vicinity] Pheats: but many times after we do our punishments you players seem to disregard it and go about your normal misbehaviour
    [Vicinity] Devdas: makes a note: trouserd wants real results t his continued bad mouting of omni tek and its leaders.
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: nods
    [Vicinity] Pevarnj: volunteers to execute trousers
    [Vicinity] Pheats: eyes Vinwooke
    [Vicinity] Vinwooke: shivers
    [Vicinity] Trousers: If the players disregard the LTCs, then why continue to allow them to RP with them?
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: aims his rocket launcher at Trousers
    [Vicinity] Trousers: RP is a two way street. Players need to be ready to assume responsibility for their actions.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: yes vinwooke?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Because if we start removing people from such things, it becomes harder for us to actually do events and such
    [Vicinity] Trousers: Then mearly suspend them. Fireing is extreme, but i think it must happen sometimes
    [Vicinity] Vinwooke: Not sure if Trousers was being serious about the permakilling, but surely if that were to happen the player would need to sent Events a proposal?
    [Vicinity] Vinwooke: Also, I don't know if he did that or not, just a point that I wanted to make
    [Vicinity] Vinwooke: Done
    [Vicinity] Devdas: yes perma killing is a bit drastic, and would require player approval, like gettign jailed for some days.
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: as much as we would like to sometimes, we cant go about just killing off players. Espeicially permakilling
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: thinks Events doesn't permakill only tortures
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: grins at Foosball33
    [Vicinity] Pheats: We can only permakill if we've been in contact with the player and made sure its ok with them
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: Torturing is so much more fun
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: can read minds too
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Thats Reforming Sash
    [Vicinity] Devdas: alright, meeting is over.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Not torture
    [Vicinity] Vinwooke: wonders when she should run
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: oh but what about reforming players?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: We do that
    [Vicinity] Pheats: But again generally with player consent
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: Just would like to say.. it has been a joy interacting with all of you people. Keep it up and we will continue to try and keep you entertained
    [Vicinity] Neloo: grumbles
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: yes but do you need player consent?
    [Vicinity] Devdas: thank you all for attending, unfortunately I need to head over to RK1. Pheats will stay a bit longer
    [Vicinity] Neloo: thanks for your time Devdas, and keep up the great work
    [Vicinity] Cylie: Thanks for the meeting Dev and team
    [Vicinity] Pheats: If you have any questions you would like still answering or such
    [Vicinity] Caitie: Kate like Chips...
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: I mean if you were to mind wipe a character, to where they could no longer their set storyline, that's almost like perma-lilling
    [Vicinity] Neloo: oh and the rest of ya ofc
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Was hoping to ask a question to Pheats about those ID chips, if you could?
    [Vicinity] Devdas: If you have any unanswered questions please mail them to us at
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: waves
    [Vicinity] Devdas: thank you all for attending
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Take care guys, nice seeing you
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: gets a distant look in her eyes, and starts to fade away.
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: cya thanks
    [Vicinity] Gustavis: Take care.
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: Have fun all
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Sure Nulion
    [Vicinity] Feynrose: Have fun guys.
    [Vicinity] Harkonenn: Many Thanks Devdas
    [Vicinity] Foosball33: later Dev and Team people
    [Vicinity] Devdas: summons a sunset and vanishs into it

  9. #9

    Atlantean Log: Part 1

    [Vicinity] Welcome to AnarchyOnline.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: Hoi there Fraoch!
    [Vicinity] Keanne: But it's OOC-mark. "Generally accepted"
    [Vicinity] Devdas: Hello everyone
    [Vicinity] Kotts: ruh roh
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: nm
    [Vicinity] Keanne: it's a Devdas!
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: Hi Devdas
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Hello
    [Vicinity] Agrestus: Hello Devdas
    [Vicinity] Johnsoni: Hey!
    [Vicinity] Eeod: waves
    [Vicinity] Devdas: sorry that I m a bit late.
    [Vicinity] Rennja: hello
    [Vicinity] Gridfeed: Greetings, sir.
    [Vicinity] Reiseiji: tosses a pokeball at the Devdas
    [Vicinity] Keanne: We'll let you live this time
    [Vicinity] Gimpeline: Hello
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: I didn't even notice
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: Greetings to you.
    [Vicinity] Vedia: Hi
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: Hey Ninanna
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: smiles
    [Vicinity] Devdas: but this way we can start right away and dont have to wait for straggls as I m the last one
    [Vicinity] Devdas: smiles
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: Hey Feynrose
    [Vicinity] Feynrose: Hullo guys.
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: Hey Sashanka
    [Vicinity] Reiseiji: Oh, oh... it's for at once. Must be the apocalypse.
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: Hello everyone
    [Vicinity] Reiseiji: four even
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Hi
    [Vicinity] Devdas: Ok, we will start with some quick questions from our side and then answer all of your questions we can squeeze in
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: nods
    [Vicinity] Devdas: There have been more LTC's out there attempting to get involved with the day to day life on Rubi Ka.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: Have you encountered any? Do you attempt to role play with them? Any good or bad comments on the LTC interactions?
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: !
    [Vicinity] Devdas: yes, thegenerator?
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: I ran into one today, neutral fixer. I forgot the name. he threw away my card
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: giggles
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: laughs
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: It's not funny
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: Well at least you intereacted.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: anyone else who has comments on ltcs for us?
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: !
    [Vicinity] Vedia: I had one a few months ago in Boreais
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: I think I'm already known for interacting with LTCs
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: done
    [Vicinity] Keanne: !
    [Vicinity] Devdas: kairileska?
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: I'm quite fond of Tink, et. al and how we see her sometimes seemingly casually, and then at events
    [Vicinity] Devdas: nods
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: Also, I love to hate Lonare
    [Vicinity] Devdas: hehe
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: done
    [Vicinity] Devdas: keanne?
    [Vicinity] Keanne: I haven't had any interaction with a LTC since.. I don't know when.
    [Vicinity] Vedia: !
    [Vicinity] Reiseiji: Boo! Lonare has way more personality than that annoying neuty terrorist!
    [Vicinity] Keanne: done too
    [Vicinity] Devdas: hmm.. a shame
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: !
    [Vicinity] Devdas: Vedia?
    [Vicinity] Gimpeline: !
    [Vicinity] Vedia: I had one in Borealis a few months back. Some ARKS were setting a schene and eventually allowing themselves to be killed, but there was an interesting side show
    [Vicinity] Vedia: which involved smuggling something I think
    [Vicinity] Devdas: nods
    [Vicinity] Vedia: There was some interaction as I followed him, and we had a convesation in a Backyard, but it just ended there, which was extremely frustrating
    [Vicinity] Vedia: that could have been amplified to include others later,
    [Vicinity] Vedia: done
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: !
    [Vicinity] Devdas: sounds more like an event not a ltc. events are mostly run by one time throw away character, so called STs
    [Vicinity] Devdas: lonewulf?
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: /! off
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: Yo Pheats
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Sorry Im late
    [Vicinity] Pheats: What we done so far?
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: It's been over a year since I last interacted with a LTC, but it was one of my most enjoyable playing experiences in AO.
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: You only missed the fun stuff, boring part is next
    [Vicinity] Devdas: hmm...
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: I was interacting on the occasion with the Legionnaires, and then it came to my attention that the staffing for that project was replaced.
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: dam slow zoning xD
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: I was most disappointed with the way they were put to end, because not once were any members from my previous organization allowed in when many in the RPing realm would believe they had ties to them.
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: To further elaborate... I believe their demise was planned in a particular dungeon room.
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: Done.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: nods
    [Vicinity] Zenobite: is afk
    [Vicinity] Devdas: gimpeline?
    [Vicinity] Zenobite: is back
    [Vicinity] Gimpeline: Think I see 2-3 a week. One of those I remember best is a lady in Newland that I welled to after she kicked Brb
    [Vicinity] Kotts: !
    [Vicinity] Gimpeline: But it is always fun to meet them.
    [Vicinity] Gimpeline: Done
    [Vicinity] Devdas: kotts?
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: !
    [Vicinity] Kotts: I only really run into LTC at scheduled events like the CoT. and after aranging a meeting afterword maybe... other then that I never see any
    [Vicinity] Kotts: done
    [Vicinity] Devdas: playboyfixeR?
    [Vicinity] Keanne: Oh right, BoD.
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: i kinda like the new LTC's i see often in OA
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: those neutral ones that is, that just walk around for some sightseeing or so
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: only "prob" if u can call it is, they came kinda sudden for us
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: so it's kinda hard to start conversation with them, not knowing what to start talking about
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: i noticed calmi kinda vanished though
    [Vicinity] Devdas: use one of yourpickup lines for starters
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: i did
    [Vicinity] Reiseiji: I usually go with hi, how's you, do you prefer leather or silk?
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: the neut wanted me to run to the cup & back for a prize
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: and he vanished
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: laughs
    [Vicinity] Devdas: must have been one of your pickup lines indeed
    [Vicinity] Pheats: snickers
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: but other than that it's nice to see there's more to RP now than just meeting someone to go kill omnis
    [Vicinity] Reiseiji: giggles helplessly and whispers, "I should do that."
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: chuckles
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: might also be good to see the legacy ones now & then inspecting city or troops or so
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: done
    [Vicinity] Devdas: ok, next question
    [Vicinity] Devdas: Have you taken part in any events in the last year? which ones do you like? which ones did you not like? What would you like to see more of?
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: !
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: !
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: !
    [Vicinity] Kotts: !
    [Vicinity] Devdas: yes, lonewulfe?
    [Vicinity] Gimpeline: !
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: !
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: !
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: I have already explained the last ARK-related events I have involved myself in...
    [Vicinity] Devdas: thegenerator?
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: I remember one with leet fights in newland, was a little chaotic, the leets were being healed by spectators so it took forever for them to finish. I don't much like the events I was in in Borealis. they always endup getting me flagged and killed.
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: What I liked most about it was the actual player-LTC interaction.
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: The fact that what we did actually influenced the progressing storyline...
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: that's it for now
    [Vicinity] Tethien: !
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: That was a very rewarding experience. I have heard of future RP events held by the ARKs, and they were quite different.
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: They were more scripted and mechanical, and allowed for little fluidity.
    [Vicinity] Agrestus: !
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: I understand wanting to follow a pre-planned plot, but it does not have to be carried out word-for-word. When it is, it feels unnatural.
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: Rather, it should be done extemporaneously: you plan an event and the general plot, but the dialogue and interactions are carried out without any strings.
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: There should always be room for interesting surprises.
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: Done.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: thank you. kairileska?
    [Vicinity] Tethien: spam...
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: I enjoy the combination of the three types of encounters: the LTCs that are in predictable places, the seemingly "chance" encounters, and the full fledged events... Considering how much ARK involvement there was on Neutral Rights Day, I guess you might consider that an ARK event? I very much enjoy feeling involved in the storyline. In that case,
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: although knew a schedule for the day, much of what each party was going to do was unknown to the other parties, which made it very fun for everyone, I think.
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: !
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: Regardless of what types of encounters we see in the future (and I hope it's as much as it's been recently), I hope that it continues to be some random, and some continuing along storylines
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: I too, am disappointed to see some threads die
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: Done
    [Vicinity] Devdas: nods
    [Vicinity] Devdas: kotts?
    [Vicinity] Kotts: The last large event I was in was when Portman was busted out of prison...
    [Vicinity] Kotts: it was one of the best I've been apart of. It didn't really have a set rigid feel, but there was a goal at the end, and a feeling of risk that if we fail we'd blow the whole thing
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: is afk
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: is back
    [Vicinity] Kotts: Really hard to sum i t all up but it was a lot of fun. I know there must have been a ton of planning involved but if more events like that could be done that be great
    [Vicinity] Kotts: done
    [Vicinity] Devdas: Well, Portaman is still free. I guess we can expect more from her.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: gimpeline?
    [Vicinity] Kotts: Hope so
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: smiles
    [Vicinity] Gimpeline: Was kidnapped. Talked alot to the protesters in Newland, Was at the robot picknik. Seems like every ark event ends in PVP. Would be nice to have one without it as many of us are not pvp'ers. and the protesters story line could have been so much more. One day phasefront was there and the protesters was gone
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: we have already
    [Vicinity] Gimpeline: done
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: !
    [Vicinity] Devdas: yes. playboyfixer?
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: same as gimpeline really, it seems alot of events tend to lean to pvp, kill omni, get thingie, end event
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: maybe we could get longer-running events
    [Vicinity] Devdas: nods

  10. #10

    Atlantean Log: Part 2

    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: like for example
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: boltgun and i are hosting an event now
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: that will run for months or years (if people show intrest & do some work to solve stuff)
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: and it's mostly based with puzzles, clue solving, talking to someone to get a riddle that will lead u to a next puzzle
    [Vicinity] Devdas: portman, tinkerbots, quite long runnign stories actually
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: and from time to time maybe kill some random mobs for a drop that that type of mobs can give, like ql 123 monster parts or so
    [Vicinity] Devdas: ans some that just started
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: yes, and i really like portman's stuff, but some say it's too much pvp oriented
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: smiles at Playboyfixer
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: right now as we speak the first event part of our player based event is busy still, but no one seems to find the clue yet
    [Vicinity] Devdas: well, its Portman. but the others are less pvp oriented.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: We do try to balance between pvp and social events, and its been pretty much cut down the middle for a while
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: and who knows, we might be able to integrate it with ARK events in due time
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: so we could have npc's spread clues or so, but i dunno how far you guys can go
    [Vicinity] Pheats: And many of the long storys have both social and pvp events in
    [Vicinity] Devdas: sweet, dabblez is up next
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: it would be good to have a set of "rules" what we can expect or ask from event ark
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: done
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: I've been to a few of the TInkerbots and Retoolkit events, the robot junk drive and robot parade. It all pretty good, very likeable LTCs, Of course I am partial to the robot theme... Done.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: smacks Thegenerator with his stick
    [Vicinity] Devdas: hehe, guess you are
    [Vicinity] Devdas: tethien?
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: grins
    [Vicinity] Tethien: nods.
    [Vicinity] Tethien: Several at hand, actually.
    [Vicinity] Tethien: First, the arrest of thieves in borealis. that one was pure fun.
    [Vicinity] Tethien: loved the setup, liked how the ARK-policemen acted and accepted support from us.
    [Vicinity] Tethien: that one was really nice.
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: (ps: my talking was also a bump to the players to wake up & try some stuff with what boltgun said on buzz )
    [Vicinity] Tethien: second thing was the first action of red freedom since a while. turning up at the event in borealis.
    [Vicinity] Tethien: the idea was find, but the execution apparently was not so great.
    [Vicinity] Tethien: bringing in people with 100% reflect and enough reflect damage that somebody can kill himself with reflect in no time was, hmm, suboptimal in that situation.
    [Vicinity] Tethien: some other method would have had to be prefered there.
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: (we talked to an ark about that after the event)
    [Vicinity] Tethien: players usually get frustrated if they get taken down in a "you never had a chance, we never wanted to give you one" way.
    [Vicinity] Tethien: third thing on my mind is the next action we had with red freedom.
    [Vicinity] Tethien: protecion of an omni-trans outpost wich turned into a fight against RF.
    [Vicinity] Tethien: that one was fun again.
    [Vicinity] Tethien: all in all, we again did not achieve victory but only prevented an even worse catastrophy.
    [Vicinity] Tethien: but the way it was handled, we were able to act in a sensible way, it worked out.
    [Vicinity] Tethien: so, that one again was quite good.
    [Vicinity] Tethien: that was all from my side.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: lonewulfe?
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: Thank you, Kairilseka, for refreshing my memory. I also should mention that I too took part in the Neutral Rights Day event, and though I believe it was more of a player cooperation than an ARK event, it was very well coordinated; that is something that was mostly done right.
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: i agree, omnis need to be killed instantly
    [Vicinity] Tethien: while claners have to be tortured to death over several months, aye.
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: smiles gratefully at Lonewulfe
    [Vicinity] Reiseiji: blows a sarcastic kiss to Kotts
    [Vicinity] Devdas: Yes that was a player run event. we only assisted at some stages.
    [Vicinity] Kotts: catches it and puts in in his pocket
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: We couldnt' have done it without you
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: And so perhaps this type of arrangement, where the ARKs get involved in planned player events, may also be something to look into in the future.
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: Done.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: come to us with a good plan and we will do what w can. kairileska?
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: I would just like to say that I'm definitely not much of a PvPer, and I can say that I found the events that ended in PvP, such as the Legionaries and Neutral Rights Day, etc. turned out to be very fun and exciting, and ARKs seemed to maintain the level of challenge well so that it was still a challenge at any level, even though each of those situations were apparently handled differently from each other.
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: Some of the smaller events (seemingly chance encounters) have had no fighting and are also enjoyable. Also I agree with Playboyfixer about having a better idea of what interaction we can hope for with ARK Events. I'd also like to see more from the Borealis Freedom Fighters.
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: Done
    [Vicinity] Devdas: more borealis freedom fighters, eh? that is SO noted.
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: smiles
    [Vicinity] Devdas: next question: Do you read the articles in Editor News? Are they helpful to you in following storylines?
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: winks
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: When do we get to really kill Tinkerbots?
    [Vicinity] Agrestus: ! - You forgot me!
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Oh great you encoruaged him...
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: snickers
    [Vicinity] Devdas: ok, agrestus, didnt see you
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: glares at Thegenerator
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: !
    [Vicinity] Pheats: looks at Thegenerator and smiles
    [Vicinity] Agrestus: I love the way that in a few of the latest events, the LTC's have left various little items or links for a person to pick up on. For example in the latest announcement in Borealis, when Tinkerbots was shot, she dropped a little book onto the floor and one person took notice of it. It's great that it rewards those players that are paying attention to the little details, however I think that dropped book may have been forgotten. I hope not, if you can remember who picked up these various items
    [Vicinity] Devdas: smiles
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: smiles
    [Vicinity] Agrestus: So I hope you can add some more links in various other things so that players can feel involved, as they have a part of the story in their pocket
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: !
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: !
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: Keep your eyes open
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: !
    [Vicinity] Agrestus: And of course, don't forget about the other items that the players have picked up in the past
    [Vicinity] Agrestus: done
    [Vicinity] Devdas: lonewulfe?
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: I also want to mention that I would like to see more action from the Dust Brigade. I do read the editor news frequently, and even during my hiatus from the game I still kept reading the editor news. It's important that the most recent news is posted for the players to see within AO, especially if the headlines are particularly tempting to read.
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: The editor news is basically the board where everyone should have a ballpark idea of what is going on in the game. It would also be much more interesting to read, if prominent organizations were cited more frequently in the news as well.
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: Done.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: playboyfixer?
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: about the editor news really, i try to read it all
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Depends if there involved in the news article or not lone
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: but i feel it leads us to metagaming
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: like we got 2 separate dimensions ooc, rimor & altantean
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: nods at Pheats
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: yet both dimensions reply in the same news threads ic
    [Vicinity] Devdas: well, stuff that wepost there ca be considered public knowledge.
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: The globel stories are related to both dims
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: even when it says atlantean only, gets talked in by rimor ones
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: i know
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: !
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: but how can i reply to something an RK2 omni said, as if he said it in RK1
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Whos to say they dont also play on dim1 though?
    [Vicinity] Devdas: well, take it as a random nickname on the grid if its from the other dime
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: without metagaming pretending i can talk to other dimensions
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: it would be better to have 2 separate editor news
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: like we got atlantean & rimor buzz too
    [Vicinity] Devdas: we already have 2 seperate editor news
    [Vicinity] Devdas: one english one german
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: yes, for germans
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: but that's fora 3rd dimension
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: i'm talking about both english dimensions
    [Vicinity] Devdas: nah, dont think that will happen
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Well as devdas says, think of it as an online news forum, if RK2 players are replying to RK1 or Global news, think of them as just some random person on the internet
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: so random
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: and what if i say "meet me in tir arena tomorrow"
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: he can't come, cause he's RK2 yet i talked to him as if he's RK1
    [Vicinity] Devdas: find it out
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: You can always choose not to read the other dimensions news if you are worried about that
    [Vicinity] Devdas: either he will make an alt or chicken out
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: lol i mean global too
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: and most of those storys there are dealing with issues global to both dimensions.
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: and they talk in RK1's sections too
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Well then you just roleplay it that the person never showed up
    [Vicinity] Pheats: and get on with your life
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: lol
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: done i guess then
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Just think of it as being stood up on a date
    [Vicinity] Devdas: thegenerator?
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: I was just wondering what happened to investigator McAlistair and/or Mckallen. he was supposed to get back to me. I'm still running around with this Golden Noose not knowing what'll happen. It's a pretty lame death threat when it takes a year..
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: You would think investigators would hurry up more with an investigation
    [Vicinity] Devdas: it has been a year you were constantly afraid and on your toes
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: shrugs
    [Vicinity] Devdas: we will look into it.
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: nods
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: easily fixed, just kill him now
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: done
    [Vicinity] Reiseiji: Oooooh, so that's why you wear that gaudy yellow necktie, captain.
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: i'll do it for u xD
    [Vicinity] Devdas: kairileska??
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: I definitely find the news helpful. Yes, it helps me keep up with what's going on, but it also helps new people (or those who've been away) catch up, stay in touch, and feeds us with more material to work with. I also especially appreciate it as a great and important source of history. When I'm planning something, whether for my org or for an event, I can do some research.
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: Done
    [Vicinity] Devdas: smiles
    [Vicinity] Devdas: lonewulfe?
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: Brief suggestion... Perhaps to make it more clear between Rimor and Atlantean events, they can be color-coded in the editor news somehow?
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: Because despite Playboy's presentation of the matter, I still do believe it's somewhat significant.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: in the title?
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: Yes, the title. At least some sort of simple marker to differentiate the two.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: we will look into it
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: Because even though more keen players will read, there are those who don't pay attention so clearly.
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: Done.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: Last question from me: How many of you take part in the BOD or COT meetings? What comments would you like to make about those meetings?
    [Vicinity] Keanne: !
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: !
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: points at Tethien and Themajor
    [Vicinity] Trgeorge: !
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: i can't comment on it simon would kill me
    [Vicinity] Kotts: !
    [Vicinity] Devdas: keanne?
    [Vicinity] Themajor: !
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: !
    [Vicinity] You feel the core of your being shift, as the source makes room for a divine presence. 'Lordran' has reached enlightenment.
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: !
    [Vicinity] Keanne: Forgot BoD on the LTC-part. I'd like the board to pay more attention to player-run things, other than SoS, too.
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: (gonna try anyway )
    [Vicinity] Keanne: In general, they are ok and settle the right atmosphere for me at least.
    [Vicinity] Tethien: BoD here till january. then i switched department and another representative of OP is going there.
    [Vicinity] Keanne: But players focus on player-run events, and it would be good if ltcs would support that as suitable.
    [Vicinity] Keanne: done
    [Vicinity] Devdas: the easiest way to ensure that is to bring it up as topic at the meeting itself
    [Vicinity] Keanne: !
    [Vicinity] Devdas: in response?
    [Vicinity] Keanne: What if it's something we don't want to talk about IC-wise
    [Vicinity] Keanne: like say.. some shady business in org.
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: and also e-mail us.. becuase we would need to know it is happening
    [Vicinity] Keanne: That's a fair point
    [Vicinity] Keanne: You could use your ARK-mindreading powers
    [Vicinity] Keanne: done
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: It is difficult even for us to read minds
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Well unless its brought up, theres generally no way for the LTC's to know whats happened
    [Vicinity] Devdas: then you cant, and if the director dont get to hear about it ... there is only so much meta gaming we can do

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    Atlantean Log: Part 3

    [Vicinity] Kotts: aww
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: giggles
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: they got no such powers keanne, or they'd be washing their minds with soap reading mine ;p
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: chuckles
    [Vicinity] Keanne: ARK-soap does wonders?
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: Ohh we know what is on your mind PBF
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: You're saying you actually think pbf? :O
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: lol
    [Vicinity] Devdas: except ninanna, she would be just bored
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: lol
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Anyway back on topic I think
    [Vicinity] Devdas: trgeorge?
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: ninanna would just orbital me
    [Vicinity] Kotts: haha
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: grins
    [Vicinity] Trgeorge: I rarely go to CoT meeetings, time doesn't suits me really. Not that it matter nows with restrctions. However I found it funny how on last meeting I attended there were no legacy leaders, however Red dawn raiding some Omni place at same time.Done
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: When was your last time?
    [Vicinity] Trgeorge: dunno, 4 to 6 months ago?
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: r u sure?
    [Vicinity] Devdas: erh...ok. I wasnt aware of that one. maybe some timechange issue?
    [Vicinity] Trgeorge: sure on time? no, sure on legacy and Omni raiding? yes
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: i haven't heard of red dawn in ages
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: cancels her !
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: and that's like even before i became clerical, only seen that old blonde chick in meetings once or twice
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: but from my view legacies as good as show up every time
    [Vicinity] Pheats: We try not to let that sort of thing happen, but bear in mind the people doing the raid may not have been the same people that Are legacys
    [Vicinity] Devdas: hmm.. odd. well all I can say is that this is not supposed to happen.
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: i think that's before u became boss dev
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: They were all on vacation in lush hills resort good times ... good times
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: maybe even before lorna became one
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: That may have been the problem with the time. But I can assure you there has been a legacy at every meeting for well over a year
    [Vicinity] Devdas: anyways, time is ticking. moving on,. kotts?
    [Vicinity] Kotts: Er... Attending CoT, yes. Done
    [Vicinity] Devdas: right, themajor?
    [Vicinity] Themajor: The BoD is a great IC means to refer assignments to us. I think I speak for all of OP who have taken part in those (the Omni-Trans assignment most recently) that they have been stacks of fun! Personally, I enjoy military style scenarios and receiving clear orders from such illustrious personae as the department heads is extraordinary! In addition, the last one took a surprising turn at the end that I truly didn't expect. Good job! The meetings themselves are a lot less lengthy than they used to be, too.
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: nods
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: !
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: is afk
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: is back
    [Vicinity] Devdas: lonewulfe?
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: Well I felt my quick answer to your original question wasn't so important... I cancelled the !, but in a word... no. I haven't ever attended BoD or CoT meetings.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: playboyfixer?
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: Though I have been very curious about them. I don't think I'd be allowed in to either, due to my alignment..
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: Done.
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: Great place to learn what is happening and as TheMayor mentioned.. to get involved with some events.
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: obviously i attend every CoT meeting, but partly on the LTC question too
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: i think the Legacies should take their predetermined roles more closely
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: like silverstone is pro-war, and hell knows who else is too
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: yet all they seem to do is let it all happen by others, pretending there's no war
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: none seem to know that OT can just decide to bring down unicorns from somewhere in space, and push forward into clan lands
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: there should now & then maybe be an event involving the legacies too, like an "underground" event with sentinels
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: so he does something, yet no omnis or neuts will know it was them
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: done
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: (aka in short: it could get boring if it's only red freedom doing dirty jobs non-stop)
    [Vicinity] Devdas: dabblez?
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: I think the BoD is a wasted opportunity. It's a private club for the 4 Omni players who regulalry attend, which is nice, it doesn't do much for the community as a whole ( other than Omni-POl, apparently ). I think it should be more open, more public and sexier. I imagine it is a big commitment from the Event team, it really should be used effectively. Done
    [Vicinity] Keanne: yay for private clubs
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: sexier ;D
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: w00t omni-pol
    [Vicinity] Devdas: nods
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: just join us dabblez
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Not dissing OP :-)
    [Vicinity] Kotts: CoT kinda feels that way too. Prolly why so few even show up
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: so dabblez, ur saying the BoD is a dark backroom?
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: sighs
    [Vicinity] Eeod: !
    [Vicinity] Devdas: yes eeod?
    [Vicinity] Eeod: Make the BOD open to the public. exclusively own faction ofcourse. try to make it like a parliment.. let the audience react to its opinions...
    [Vicinity] Eeod: done
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: rolls eyes
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: !
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: !
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: It is basically open, people just need to apply.. it is unfortunate to see so few in attendence. We do encourage the rpers out there now.. go get some players to attend
    [Vicinity] Reiseiji: I respectfully disagree, and would like to say the lack of people in the BoD is not the ARKs fault but the players.
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: !
    [Vicinity] Devdas: the public part does not go well with omni. but we will see how to get a) more people in and b) use them to carry the rp out to the masses.
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: agree with devdas, it's not omni-tek like
    [Vicinity] Devdas: lonewulfe?
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: bleh, u kinda said part of what i was gonna say dev
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: Agents are granted a good ability to already shapeshift into various professions...
    [Vicinity] Tethien: yea. business as usual. the evil attracts the people, and the good omnis get badmouthed...
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: However, if I wanted to sneak into a CoT or BoD meeting, that simply wouldn't be possible I could imagine.
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: u can sneak in CoT kinda, as the door is "open"
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: as for BoD u get warped in
    [Vicinity] Keanne: better security?
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: I was wondering if there's any possibility to make the agent profession even more interesting, by adding a nano program for highly skilled agents to temporarily change their alignment's apperance.
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: ... that's the difference between omni and clan ...
    [Vicinity] Devdas: to sneak into the oam would require out express clearance, as we are the bouncers there. cot, well depends on the mood of the present legacies if we see you ornot
    [Vicinity] Devdas: isnt there something like taht already lone?
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: yes
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: some kind of item
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: thatl ets u change factions, and even back to neut
    [Vicinity] Pheats: theres the Agent faction form
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: Interesting...
    [Vicinity] Devdas: there you go, doesnt help with oam though, but brings you into the cot
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: Thank you for letting me know; I will have to look into that further.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: dabblez?
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: The sign up for the BOD is a serious barrier to attendance. Very few people approach a video game with the notion that the need to be online at a set time on a set date. It goes against the grain. An open BoD means that anyone who is aroiund at the time and is in the mood and can attnend rahter than the two formally selected delegates who are inveitably the two people not online that day. I was at the Newland Council today, it was in Newland Backyard. We had no hecklers, it seemed to work quite well. Done
    [Vicinity] Devdas: nods
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: undercover kit
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: that's the item
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: Description: This kit is a very handy tool used by agents to change their side to another side without loosing Side Merit points.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: Its hard to find a good line between plausability and continuityof thlore and comfortability
    [Vicinity] Devdas: playboyfixer ?
    [Vicinity] Reiseiji: !
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: lol i forgot what i was gonna say xD
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: let someone else go first
    [Vicinity] Devdas: reiseiji then
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: ah yes
    [Vicinity] Trgeorge: too busy cyboring...undercover kits can only bring you so far tho
    [Vicinity] Reiseiji: Perhaps a merge of the public and private could occur? I don't know, a public forum first for the masses to show up, without betraying any critical info...
    [Vicinity] Tethien: below lv. 200 only, those kits. so, no use for many.
    [Vicinity] Reiseiji: ...and then a private secretive forum for the more delicate information we don't want everyone to see? Done.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: doubtful we can manage that, good idea though
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: me now i guess ;p
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: pats Reiseiji's head
    [Vicinity] Devdas: go ahead
    [Vicinity] Reiseiji: mewls
    [Vicinity] Boltgun: hi hi
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: Howdy, Boltgun
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: as u partly said before, we should try players + ARK's to bring the CoT / BoD / newland council meetings more to the masses
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: i'm sure there are alot of clan rpers running around bewildered, and knowing of the CoT could help them get in touch with other rpers of their side too
    [Vicinity] Pheats: There has to be a limit on how many can be in a meeting mind else it goes on for 6 hours or stupid amounts of times like that
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: maybe some LTC spreading word of so
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: or billboards
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: only prob is, as players can't bother ark's non-stop, u'd need players to be free to get talked to by intrested people
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: like for clan that could be me and all, but people would have to know they can ask me for info
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Well I think we need to move on, the general response seems to be more public meetings?
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: done
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: anyone can direct people to the forums where they can find the information to apply
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: more public, and let the masses know more about them
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: in or out of character
    [Vicinity] Devdas: Alright, that concludes our QA part, now its yours. Who here has a question for us?
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: !
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: i'm thinking of posting general info out on buzz about cot, what it is & all, maybe if u guys make an NPC or so that informs ppl, u could use thatl ink then
    [Vicinity] Devdas: ys lonewulfe?
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: (!/?)
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: I have heard about the rigorous path it takes to become a member of the ARK events team.
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: What I believe, is that you are required to set aside a good portion of your time, and help with customer service and solving game issues, etc.
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: That is true of any ARK. Not just events arks.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: Yes, ARK's primary duty is petition service
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: And once you reach the events team, not only must you help coordinate events, but you are required to cooperate with the typical ARK tasks as well.
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: Could you shout that lonewulfe? you're too far from me
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: The time you put out to cater to this playerbase, when it is likely a lot of you have your own jobs, families, friends, and/or are studying in school is impressive, considering you aren't paid a cent for this.
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: they're paid in natura
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: I was wondering if perhaps the ARK positions could be divided more evenly, so each member could focus entirely on his/her team alone?
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: (i'm so gonna die )
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: (And can someone explain this to thegenerator across the room....)
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: Or are there not enough volunteers to begin with?
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: not enough
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: Then what can be done to encourage more volunteers?
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: people already complain petitions take too long ;p so everyone's go to chip in
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: better Fc customer support
    [Vicinity] Devdas: nope, ARKs primary objective is to help players with there petitions. Doing events is only a perk
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: instead of non-stop "we can't help"
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: We just get used to eating sandwiches at the keyboard
    [Vicinity] Feynrose: nods
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: You get to eat?
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: lol
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: and not sleeping much
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: pouts
    [Vicinity] Feynrose: I don't remember the last hot meal I had.
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: it shows
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: What if we have players who want to volunteer to AO's events team exclusive of other typical ARK responsibilities?
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: haha
    [Vicinity] Devdas: Not going to happen.
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: wouldn't work ;p
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: !
    [Vicinity] Devdas: But you can create events as player too.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: sometimes even way better than as ark
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: And ask for ARK assistance...
    [Vicinity] Devdas: possible that too
    [Vicinity] Devdas: is your question answered?
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: I just don't think it's fair to the ARKs that you have so much responsibility on your hands, and you have a responsibility to coordinate events on top of that. Events alone is a burdening task.
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: That is all, thank you.
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: smiles

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    Atlantean Log: Part 4

    [Vicinity] Devdas: thank you. kairileska?
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: It's true. I feel that possible events are only limited by how much work I, or we the players, wish to invest into it (and, of course, limited by FC and storylines).
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: The Events team has been responsive and enthusiastic about ideas that we've contacted them about (even ones they couldn't participate in). So, thank you very much to the Events team!
    [Vicinity] Devdas: we have a lot fun doing it
    [Vicinity] Feynrose: nods
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: I do hope others realize that if they have ideas, it couldn't hurt to write to the Events team and you never know!
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: we do
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: smiles
    [Vicinity] Devdas: Are there any other questions we can answer?
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: Thanks again, and done
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: yes
    [Vicinity] Devdas: go ahead
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: what's ninanna's comm number?
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: grins
    [Vicinity] Pheats: sighs
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: laughs
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: or pheats
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: winks
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Your not my type
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer:
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: Heehee!
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Any other questions?
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: but anyway, is there some way we can know how much we can ask / expect from events team?
    [Vicinity] Keanne: ?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Go ahead Keanne
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: so if we think up of events, we know what we can embed
    [Vicinity] Keanne: Do you have any plans (apart from what may have sprout in your minds today) to further improve BoD?
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: pbf: email events!
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: i have gen
    [Vicinity] Devdas: yes, we had also some good feedback on rk2 which we will look into ans see what we can do.
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: but it gets bad when most u ask gets turned down due to storyline or whatever
    [Vicinity] Keanne: Rimor meeting was before this?
    [Vicinity] Devdas: yes
    [Vicinity] Keanne: Right, mistimed. Thanks.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: and before that dnw
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: then you're not asking the right things
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: I agree, it would be nice to have a general run-down posted somewhere about their limitations, PBF
    [Vicinity] Kotts: I gotta split. Later guys gals and Atroxi
    [Vicinity] Devdas: bye kotts
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: always with the gridding...
    [Vicinity] Devdas: ok, next up is sashanka
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: is afk
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: is back
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: I wanted to ask Kotts this also.. unfortunate he left.. but Keene maybe can answer
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: ask me
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: i'll tell him
    [Vicinity] Keanne: If Keene is me, I can try
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: lol
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: keene xD, that's so gonna follow u
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: I must admit we have had some trouble with interaction with ltc's here. We dont get as much. We do try but people dont really talk to them. Do you know where to find the ltc's? Maybe it is a time issue
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: Omni Ent by1
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: grins
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: stalk their homes
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: old athens, passing me
    [Vicinity] Keanne: It's partly that, and also my own fault: on Keanne, I'm a Director, and won't be running on small-time errands.
    [Vicinity] Keanne: I'd like to see an LTC or character I can't brush off, IC-wise.
    [Vicinity] Boltgun: newland by the whompahs ?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: I was going to ask a similar thing, theres been many LTC's on dim1 but they all seem to have trouble getting interaction on this dimension, namely due to lack of finding people and when finding people all they do is look, leet themselfs and follow us
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: lol
    [Vicinity] Trgeorge: borealis and outside newland is bad..period
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: !
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: Borealis seems to be a good crowded spot most of the time, especially in front of Free Trade or in front of the grid.
    [Vicinity] Keanne: Currently, I can do whatever I want, without any fear of say... Omni-Intern-Ops to come asking. But yes, it's my own character-type, not the LTCs that are to blame for the most part.
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: But there are indeed a lot of PvP oriented people there. Just thinking of good spots with crowds.
    [Vicinity] Agrestus: You just have to get the timing right, many a time i've been looking for some interaction, and i've seen a few come to me with items they need to talk to an ARK about, so we go out searching quite a bit
    [Vicinity] Pheats: The problem is Keanne, lack of interaction is putting off those that play the LTC's so they don't come to this dim as much
    [Vicinity] Pheats: So how do you lot think would be the best way of getting more LTC interaction?
    [Vicinity] Reiseiji: Hrrm... well, if it's a well known LTC, perhaps their arrival could be heralded by the IRRK news channel?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Other then them coming directly at you
    [Vicinity] Keanne: I mean: I need a reason to interact with other people, doesnt' matter if it's LTC or another player.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: LTC's are just normal folk Reiseiji
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: Part of the reason, is timing alone.
    [Vicinity] Agrestus: Well, i've always added LTC's to my buddy list, so I can know exactly when to start looking for them
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: There seems to be two major groups of players: those on either side of the pond.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Thegen you had a comment?
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: I try my best to keep in contact with LTC, when I see a new one I try to talk to him/her. I have like 10 LTCs in my friendslist (though I have tinkerbots and retoolkit in there and I don't talk to them much which is more of an IC thing and also I hate Borealis). As for Omni LTCs I talk to alot of them and I go to omni ent and rompa's regularly
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: !
    [Vicinity] Pheats: I see
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Dabblez?
    [Vicinity] Trgeorge: !
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: !
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Trgroerge and Khuri have help add the names of LTC to CHannel42's notify list
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: So in theory the Ch42 users should see when one of these is signed in
    [Vicinity] Pheats: I see
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: I can't say I've seen that many of late though
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: I beleive dim2 has a similar thing
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: We copied them
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok Trgeorge
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: I went to a meeting on Rimor and that is where we got the idea
    [Vicinity] Trgeorge: As Baddlez said. Problem is that while we all know names of LTc, we aren't sure on their nicks all the time
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: really done
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Baddlez?
    [Vicinity] Trgeorge: also, most short time chars aren't widely known
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Well we keep a list of them on the forums, and it generally shows the nick
    [Vicinity] Trgeorge: sorry typo
    [Vicinity] Pheats: but yeah I understand you might have problems
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: There is a list of LTC's on the forums and also the cities they can be found most often
    [Vicinity] Trgeorge: maybe it would also help to have character profile for them
    [Vicinity] Agrestus: !
    [Vicinity] Trgeorge: like regular hang-outs and their mod/character portrait
    [Vicinity] Devdas: no, the idea is that you guys find out what they are about
    [Vicinity] Trgeorge: so interaction would be easier
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: !
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: I was about to mention that devdas, that would take away the need to talk to them to find out who they are
    [Vicinity] Pheats: The best way to do it is just keep your eye out, and perhaps make it known where you all hang out so we know where to go
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Kairileska your next
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: you'd be saying "he's omni med, I don't need that right now"
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: I guess I'm a little discouraged when so many of the smaller encounters don't go anywhere at all. The hour is up, and nothing every comes from it. Someone gets talked into doing some delivery or errand, the show's fun, and people wind up waiting for something else to come of it down the line
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Well many LTC's are just there to talk and be a person
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: There have been things related to Omni-Med in the past that didn't go anywhere, other plots, long and short, just gone
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: some are part of a bigger thing, but that doesn't mean there effect is going to be noticed straight away
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: Understandable, and those I'd expect
    [Vicinity] Trgeorge: !
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Many times nothing will happen simply because you didn't interact with the LTC or you did but got bored and wandered away and never tried again
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Agrestus?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Agrestus? you had a comment?
    [Vicinity] Agrestus: I think that the players need to get a good kick in the right direction too, it's not just ARK's fault. Although it would be nice if on the rare occasion it wasn't just the players trying to find them
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: !
    [Vicinity] Devdas: looks at his watch (yes take it as subtle hint)
    [Vicinity] Agrestus: end
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Indeed, although LTC's will generally never search players out, it would be helpful if there could be a post on the forums like dim2 about where you hang out so we know where to wander by
    [Vicinity] Pheats: And yes dev I have one more point after this and thats it
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Lonewulfe?
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: The chiming in of many people a bit back confused me a little, so I apologize if I spoke out of turn...
    [Vicinity] Reiseiji: whispers, "It must mean we have plenty of time!"
    [Vicinity] Rowenael: hurry!
    [Vicinity] Trgeorge: checks Dysfunctional Wristwatch. Pleanty of time to go
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: But I want to clarify my point about people being around the globe here.
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: To get players to cooperate with the LTCs, perhaps it's best to arrange them to appear at two different times.
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: So both people on either side of the pond have a good chance to catch them.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Thats not really what the LTC program is about though Lonewulfe
    [Vicinity] Pheats: The LTC program is just average joe walking around the town
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: And LTCs do appear at all times.
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: Sorry.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: and even if we did that, not everyone is in the same timeframe and such
    [Vicinity] Pheats: But as I said, perhaps you lot could sort out a post so we know when and where people are?
    [Vicinity] Agrestus: nods
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: smiles
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Trgeorge your turn
    [Vicinity] Trgeorge: on bigger part's hard to see anything, since different players attend different events and there's usually no news on it even. As for interaction, it goes both way. LTC has a story to tell? He/she needs to wake interest, not just fishing for handle. Done
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Indeed, and many LTC's that are coming around now will be doing there own thing, but it still needs people actually talking or trying to interact with them at the same time
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: nods
    [Vicinity] Pheats: But it seems you lot all want more LTC's demanding interaction
    [Vicinity] Pheats: smiles
    [Vicinity] Pheats: So we'll put it on the list of points
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: nods
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok Thegen
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: to Agrestus: I have gotten messages from many different LTCs asking me to do stuff, assemble a team on omni-pols and come help or something like that. Of course you have to be known by the LTC
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: done
    [Vicinity] Agrestus: !
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: Yes, they cant contact you unless they already know you for what ever reason.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Yes, once we get players known by LTC's we can start doing stuff with them, although not all LTC's will do such. But its all a point for interacting when you can
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok Agrestus
    [Vicinity] Agrestus: Perhaps we could sort a topic out stating where to meet people, and people that the LTC's are guaranteed to get an interaction out of
    [Vicinity] Pheats: This will be the last comment as I still have 1 more point I would like to say and are running over
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: *cough* metagaming *cough*
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Well dim 2 has a post detailing where there roleplayers hang out, and with this we know where to walk around
    [Vicinity] Pheats: So perhaps you players can arrange a thread like that, just so we know where too atleast look
    [Vicinity] Pheats: This all leads me on to my last point
    [Vicinity] Keanne: We tried to discuss about that, but there was no results about general hangaround-places.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Events Participation form on the accounts page
    [Vicinity] Trgeorge: doesn't work for years
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Please sign up, it helps us alot when we are getting events going and such
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: Is it fixed?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: There was a problem a while back but thats been sorted out now
    [Vicinity] Pheats: I know a few of you here are currently signed up
    [Vicinity] Agrestus: nods
    [Vicinity] Pheats: But its best for you to check
    [Vicinity] Pheats: as its the only real way we have of involving you directly in events and such
    [Vicinity] Keanne: Can you give us any details how does it work? I mean, do you see who around has signed or not?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Im sure some of you will know that you've been signed up due to some of the events you've been involved in lately
    [Vicinity] Pheats: It works by adding you to a list we have access to
    [Vicinity] Pheats: And it shows us who's online and where they are and such, so we can plan events involving you and such

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    Atlantean Log: Part 5

    [Vicinity] Trgeorge: so to get involved, you need to be involved? bit of a catch42
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Well to get involved in certain events
    [Vicinity] Pheats: You will need to sign up
    [Vicinity] Pheats: else we take it you don't want to be involved in that sort of event
    [Vicinity] Pheats: But we still run events that don't require signed up, but these wont directly involve your character
    [Vicinity] Keanne: wow, it really did stay signed up even after logging out
    [Vicinity] Trgeorge: but just singing up doesn't put you on a list?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: signing that form allows us to use your character directly
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: (Same, Keanne lol)
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Yes signing it puts you on the list
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: signs up again
    [Vicinity] Pheats: And allows us to pick people off when we need
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: "Pick off"???
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: giggles
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: grins
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: hides
    [Vicinity] Feynrose: Pheats has the list on his wall and throws darts at it.
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: I think he meant "pick on"
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Erm I mean, get involved with in a nice happy fluffy bunny style way
    [Vicinity] Pheats: smiles
    [Vicinity] Agrestus: I feel it would be useful under your signed name to have a little sentence describing whatever characters are like under your account, say if you needed agents for instance, or a detective or even a plumber
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: giggles
    [Vicinity] Keanne: Doesn't really matter, but how fast does the list update?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: One moment
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: nods at Agrestus
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: every 3 days
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: by then it's full of dart holes
    [Vicinity] Trgeorge: I volunteer PBF as plumber, he likes to keep his cheeks exposed
    [Vicinity] Pheats: How fast does the list update in what fashion?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: As in update once you've signed the form or?
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: not in that way
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: plumbers don't dance non-stop
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: lol
    [Vicinity] Playboyfixer: stripper though ;p
    [Vicinity] Keanne: If I sign on it, how fast you know I've signed... and vice versa, if I sign off from it, when will you stop picking me?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Well we will always check the list before involving
    [Vicinity] Agrestus: Then with a little bio for your characters under your signed name, the ARK's would know just the right people needed for whatever assistance required
    [Vicinity] Pheats: and im pretty sure its almost instant
    [Vicinity] Keanne: nods
    [Vicinity] Pheats: and Agre we use the LTC interaction and what we read on boards to know what your characters are about
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok any more comments?
    [Vicinity] Keanne: But isn't the signing for whole account, not per character?
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: Correct.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Yes its for the entire account
    [Vicinity] Keanne: Well, I'm sure you know what you are doing...
    [Vicinity] Devdas: that would be a first
    [Vicinity] Agrestus: Ooh, thats a thing, we all need to post in a bio's post on the forum *poke*
    [Vicinity] Pheats: But if we know your character through other means it draws our eyes to it when we see it and such, although we do involve everyone.
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: is afk
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: is back
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Anything more?
    [Vicinity] Eeod: sofar for getting me involved in anything...
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: ?
    [Vicinity] Eeod: j/k
    [Vicinity] Trgeorge: but since players mostly use one char (main) for RP, what good is if they are on alt?
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: Are you still stuck in that hole Eeod?
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Well then there alt may get involved, it may not
    [Vicinity] Eeod: it seems im in ther for a while..
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: Trgeorge: you see them on your alt, you log your main
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: !
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: (small comment)
    [Vicinity] Pheats: We will generally aim for the more apparent names but we will go for anyone signed on the list
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Kairileska?
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: Please forgive me if it's already been mentioned, but will you be posting logs or summaries of the meetings? I'd be interested in knowing what was discussed at the RK2 meeting as well.
    [Vicinity] Keanne: !
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Im not sure, that would be upto devdas
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Lonewulfe?
    [Vicinity] Devdas: RK3 and 2 logs are already onthe forum RK1 follow once I can log out.
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: Thanks very much!
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: About getting picked on your alt, you could also get creative with that alt too. Why just have one main RPing character when all your characters can potentially RP?
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: Once I came across a player event on my bureaucrat mule, so I improvised the best I could.
    [Vicinity] Devdas: Roleplay is a lot about improvisation.
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: Needless to say, he turned into a gimp banker. It's all about improvisation.
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: Done.
    [Vicinity] Pheats: Ok and Keanne
    [Vicinity] Keanne: I want to be amazed by AO and roleplaying in here, in previously unseen ways.
    [Vicinity] Keanne: With something I can't even imagine now.
    [Vicinity] Keanne: Up to you what it is.
    [Vicinity] Keanne: done
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Ps. But no pressure
    [Vicinity] Keanne: None at all, of course.
    [Vicinity] Feynrose: Careful what you wish for with Nina and Sash around.
    [Vicinity] Feynrose: grins
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: smiles
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: giggles
    [Vicinity] Keanne: I'll take my chances
    [Vicinity] Pheats: All I can say is just hang around public places on your characters then, we can't involve you in the middle of a beast raid, but we can always see your character if its online in a public place and signed that form
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: Shock and awe us, with something horrible. *smirks*
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: and more robots
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: laughs
    [Vicinity] Devdas: shows lonewulfe a picture of playboyfixer
    [Vicinity] Pheats: thats the Shock atleast Dev
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: is shocked
    [Vicinity] Thegenerator: poor poor lonewulfe
    [Vicinity] Keanne: The RUR robots are horrible enough as it is.
    [Vicinity] Lonewulfe: shrieks like she saw a filth flea
    [Vicinity] Pheats: but yes, we try to get you invovled, and signing that form and hanging around on your character is the best bet
    [Vicinity] Pheats: but letting us know where else and what else your doing via forums or such is never amiss
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: I do enjoy reading all the RUR stuff.. and other stories you guys churn out
    [Vicinity] Ninanna: nods
    [Vicinity] Sashanka: keep that u
    [Vicinity] Devdas: alright...
    [Vicinity] Devdas: Are there any questions left? no? in that case the meeting is offically over. Thank you all for attending, we got some very good feedback and idea.
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Thanks for hosting
    [Vicinity] Kairileska: Thanks very much, Events Team!
    [Vicinity] Devdas: summons a sunset and vanishs into it.

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    Thank you all for attending!
    We got this time a lot of good and useful feedback,
    even in a timely manner.
    We will do our best to implement them for everyone's enjoyment.

    (For that are interested in it, the logs from the RK3 (german) meeting can be found here: )
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    Ugh, I am so terribly disappointed I could not make it. My computer had a meltdown due to a room cleaning incident and was unable to attend.

    =( However, without as much as a reading of the entire document posted above, I wanted to tell the ARK's that things have gone a rather nice upswing lately. I am enjoying the roleplay alot more than I have in the past. Kudos to all who are active and keep the rest of us interested, especially in the political ring, which I must admit I have a bit of a softness for intrigue. Thanks to ARK for bringing more to us every day.
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    Thanks for the log. Read it at work on my down-time. Sounds like things are on an upward swing, and I look forward to getting involved again.
    Bastian "Feyde" Wolfgang ((Rimor))
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    No punch and pie...
    But you could definitely feel the <3
    Point Blank

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubbacrush View Post
    a room cleaning incident
    What did you do? lol

    Couldn't make it myself either, but the arks have been better at those random encounters and not just massive ark pvp battles! Keep up the good work ARKS!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Devdas View Post
    [Vicinity] Devdas: We are allowed to have accouts on 3 specific 3rd party sites to read non public forums (being cot/oam/and german boardforum)
    That was a surprise to read

    Sorry I couldn't attend, parenting comes first
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    Keep up the good work guys. Your all utterly brilliant
    RK would be dead without you!
    Major "Nyadach" Prabel
    Neutral and proud of it!

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