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Thread: A benefit to Land Control (Idea for Devs)

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    A benefit to Land Control (Idea for Devs)

    Filched from inside the "What area do you want to control thread:
    Just venturing a guess/making some suggestions (YO! DEVS!!) as to what this could be:

    1. Controlling one or more good spawn points in the zone -> your own hunting grounds for the furthering of your guild members skills.

    If we control an area, we should be able to build a "hunting preserve" populated with a specific type/level range of mobs.

    Want a leet farm? Pay X credits, have a tower of X rating and control it for X time period.

    Want a mutant/technoscavenger village on your trash pile? Pay 4X credits, have a tower of 4X rating and control it for 4X time period.

    Want an eremite breeding and research facility? Pay metric arseloads of money, etc. . .

    This would *rock*, especially if you could allow or disallow members of other guilds or unguilded players of your faction.

    Player controlled hunting grounds would not only make hunting more viable (save terms nearby, etc), but would allow guilds to make a real change in the landscape of Rubi-Ka.

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