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Thread: ChitChat magazine, edition 18

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    ChitChat magazine, edition 18

    Mysterious events of a strange occurance unfolding

    Recently, some of our most trusted contacts have been reporting strange things are happening, both in Clan, Omni and Neutral side. These events have thus far not been unveiled, nor did our contacts seem to know, or willing to tell what it involves.

    Some theories say it involves yet another R.U.R. experiment gone haywire, but on a massive scale, others say it is once more Keanne embezzling and killing witnesses, and even other sources claim this time the clans might be up to secret dark deeds... whatever it is, it seems to be something BIG!

    It is also claimed this might have to do with reports of people that they couldn't leave Jobe main platform, nor by whompas, teleporters or source-warping...

    As usual the loyal reporters of ChitChat inc. will keep you posted with any more info and details we might receive, so keep your eyes out for more editions!

    Are the Omnis up to no good? Have the Neutrals finally grown some spine? Or do the Clans have some new doomsday device against OT? Read it all in future ChitChat magazines!

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    OOC: i need orgs of any faction, or even indidivuals that might want to co-operate in building up a big puzzle RP event, send me a tell in-game to know more
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