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Thread: Just Another Day of Disappointment

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    Just Another Day of Disappointment

    Sotto sat in his office on the 7th floor of the Omni-Trans building trying to pass the time by reading over some gridmails he had sent to Omni-Admin earlier in the week.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gridmail
    In light of recent news reported by Marion Vein and past actions of the Newland City Council spanning from Mayor Toog's bombing of Omni-1 to the dissenting over Borealis, I would like to humbly request from the office of corporate administration permission to levy the following embargoes against the city of Newland:

    Complete ban of weapons sales
    Complete ban of ammunition sales

    I would also like to levy the following tax increases:
    12.7% increase in customs on all imported goods not classified in the following categories: 'Food Stuffs', 'Clothing', 'Medicine'

    The 12.7% increase in taxes should more then compensate the Corporation for the loss of Gun and Ammo sales while still hitting Newland City where it can feel it most; its modest coin purse.

    All Embargos and taxes will be in effect for thirty calendar days once approved and I find valid justification to levy the approved sanctions. Should these actions not quell hostilities my office will petition the office of corporation administration again to reconsider sanctions and durations.

    With humble regards,
    Ambassador Sotto "Trousers" Mahoney
    “Impeccable” Trousers compliments to himself, “A regular masterpiece of heartless corporate oppression.”

    Re-reading this work did not quite satisfy his thirst for ego stroking so he scrolled down in his inbox.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gridmail
    With all due respect, I would like to ask the board to review this before the weekend so that I can be prepared for when the Newland City Council meet this Saturday.

    Also, in addition to my propositions, I would like to request the office of Administration request warrants of arrest be issued for "Anamelle" Marecki on charges of second degree murder and Beta "Foosball33" Cross for two charges of aggravated assault. If the warrants can be issued I will deliver them myself, along with a police escort on Saturday. If not, I will be requesting Newland to place them under arrest for their crimes and to expect extradition.

    Once again, I humbly thank you for your time while stressing the urgency of this matter.
    Sotto chuckles to himself, “The neutrals will finally pay for their arrogance. Now if only Admin would get back to me with the authorization so I can act on Saturday.”

    Looking away from his terminal he notices that a hyphen on one of his award plaques has fallen off and now read: “For recognition of years of dedicated work to this department and the corporation. From, Omni Trans Management” The missing piece begins to infuriate him. But before he has a moment to call for someone to be fired his terminal pops to life with a new incoming message, an it was from Omni-Administration.

    “This is it!” Sotto ejaculated. “At last I can give the Neutrals what they’re over due to receive!”

    With an anxious zeal he opened the gridmail.

    Quote Originally Posted by gridmail
    The actions of Miss Vein will be discussed at the next board meeting.

    slack jawed Sotto stood staring at the screen in disbelief.

    “I’m beginning to get the feeling I’m not getting the same effort out of this job that I’m putting in….” he muttered.

    Pressing on the commlink mounted to his desk he spoke, “Michelle … Hold the rest of my calls for the day … I think I’m going to go home early.” and with that Sotto left the office for the day.
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