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Thread: Can we have a war?

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    that depends on the ants, normal ants, fireants or the great war ant or what ever tehy are called

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    The answer is 'one'.

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    Originally posted by Shakkles

    Watch this...

    "By the power vested in me, and by those I represent in Omni-AF Omni-Pol and Omni-Admin, I hereby declare war on the clans! Take no prisoners!"

    War is on.

    If they want to argue that it ISN'T then I want my last 7 months subscription back on the grounds of saying "Players control the story" is false advertising.

    Omni's military has declared war on the clans.
    Omni's policing force have declared war on the clans.
    ALL the clans are at war with us wishing they could rip our guts out.
    Virtually everybody is in on it, and if you tell me now that there isn't any war just because they're tieing our hands then piss on this and piss on you.
    Shakkles, 1 time in my life ive agreed with you
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    OOC, hmm think this is my first post,not sure , hehe

    Well the problem is that FC dont whant a war, since everytime we start a fight in 25% the server CRASH,, a few weeks ago CAS and Apoc attacked Omni HQ, i was like OMFG 30sec ping, this happends every time, maybe becouse of all the GMs runing around trying to stop us from actualy winning a battle, but this Game cant handle a war, ppl just get tired of the lag and heads out to do something else, Like BS missions, bah.
    And i dont whant Tir to become 25% we are already laging to death as things are now, when the 14, 5 patch came out it was hell since they had placed Brock inside Tir, afther 2 hrs Tir whent down becouse of 17% of rubikas population was there most trying to talk to him at the same time, and i dont think there will be any bether whit 100 omnis entering the grid at the same time.
    I think Tir need some remodeling, i dont know what they was thinking about, i meen there are doors behind walls, you need to climb it to get in, WHO the hell makes a place like that, since COT is gone why not let us blow it all apart, to many textures in Tir and you need like 50% of it. it may help if they added a new Gird locaton there, or make the gird location so smal you remove the crowd.

    My toughts.

    It cant be my PC or my connection since that is way faster than normal users.

    And i hate that FC droped so many fun storyes in the game.

    Typo alrert ,,, BAH

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    As much as i would love to reclaim the lands that rightfully belong to OT, i find that declaring war now would only cause us more harm then good in the long run. The moment we begin rightfully taking back our land and putting an end to these evil clanners threat, ICC would revoke OT's claim on Rubi-Ka and we would have to leave. Meaning the next organization to come along would freely have claim of our planet without any problems from the clan.

    No, we need to have ICC see the truth of the matter, that the clans are a problem that needs to be solved now, before this garbage spreads to other planets and sow's there seeds of discord. Once ICC realizes this, then we are the elephant in the glass house. We bring the mother down...

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    I like that "run over some squirrels" Idea! When do we start?

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    Originally posted by Shakkles
    "By the power vested in me, and by those I represent in Omni-AF Omni-Pol and Omni-Admin, I hereby declare war on the clans! Take no prisoners!"

    "By the power vested in my I hereby declare you a bozo and subject to revocation of insurance rights and permanent termination. Have a nice day, make a new character."

    See the silliness? My "player-control of the story" is every bit as valid as your's. Is that what you truly want?


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