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Thread: OOC: Meeting times

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    OOC: Meeting times

    Ok, it seems all the posting of upcoming meetings on are not seen by the Events staff and some confusion has since resulted.

    We have, since March of 2007, had a schedule of Atlantean CoT meeting at 1800 GMT on the last Saturday of the month and the Rimor meeting is always the follow day at 1800 GMT (even if that day is then the 1st of the next month). This arrangement was made in consultation with Devdas back at that time. Meeting announcements and agendas are posted each month and are also on the sites' calendar. GMT is taken by doing F9 or /played and using the 'GMT' time listed therein. This keeps every player around the globe on the same schedule.

    Until this December's meeting, every Council session since last March I have attended has been at 1800 GMT as the game shows me. We are hearing now that some people think these meetings have been happening at 1900 and that the time shifts season to season. My understanding was that the point of using GMT was to lock down the time in a universal fashion regardless of how various municipalities change their clocks at certain times of the year.

    We can start posting meeting times here the same as we do on the CoT website but would appreciate some input from staff as to this meeting time issue.

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    You may have to start posting here because ARK'll tell you they're not allowed to visit 3rd party sites.

    I also thought they were at 19:00 but I'm Omni, so what do I know about Clan meetings...
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    We can roll with either always 18:00 gmt or changing meeting time according to daylight saving times.

    Currently we change the times for OAM and NLC according to the European daylight saving times.

    About posting the meeting calls here too, it would allow to attract a wider audience, possibly dragging in some more people?

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    OK, we'll set to 1900 GMT/RST to stay in lock-step with RK1 (but still Sunday). As long as a player can, in both December and July, look at F9 for RST time and know they are due at meeting at 1900, things should be as simple as they can get.

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